A few minutes on DownSize to Thrive  and you will see that the net is broad. 

Drilling down, however, to the deepest and most potentially life-changing issue beneath our human chaos, endless wars and stultifying disagreements about everything, we find the provocative question of the existence of other life forms of advanced intelligence and technology living among us. Aliens. UFO's.  Abductions. Here to help us.  Here to use us,  impregnate us, genetically manipulate us.... use us as an energy resource. Greys. Tall Whites. Reptilians. The story is huge and fascinating and becoming more and more visible to anyone of an inquiring mind. Is it a set up by Military Cabals? Is it the next phase of a story that has always been here but so twisted, repressed and manipulated that we may never know unless Disclosure occurs.  Isn't it reasonable o say it is both.

Interwoven in human story, from ancient texts, earliest paintings and carvings, Atlantis tales, unearthed cities, mammoth mounds, megaliths, pyramids, 800 stone  chambers found in the American Northeast which have not been properly investigated or entered into our archeological history... as well as creation stories all over the world. These unknowns and so many more, are issues of immense importance. THESE are the pieces of information that would wake up our students ad give them both the renewed interest in learning and new JOBS.

The topic of other life forms sharing our planetary space will prove to be most important topic of all as the years progress.   It's patently obvious that The Universe is far too large not to be inhabited by incontestably superior beings than we mere humans. We haven't been out of the dark ages for more than a snap of the finger and we're killers of our own at a rate that is incomprehensible. Power-driven psychopaths rule our world, so who is to say that other beings might not be as dangerous to us as we are to ourselves. Proof of this realization may be forthcoming in our lifetime and will be a game changer we cannot easily envision.

                                     Watch Richard Dolan at the Citizen's Hearing in Aptil of 2013 in D.C. He's as clear as a bell.
                                                 Try another short but brilliant Dolan speech in front of the Congressional Delegation.

It makes sense in many ways that we have been genetically manipulated to take the form in which we find ourselves ...and anyone who instantly scoffs at this concept either hasn't looked deeply enough, resists looking deeply enough or is just simply too fearful, lazy, religiously brainwashed or arrogant to study the material . The more a person believes that he knows, the less her mind is open, aware 
or truly intelligent. A high IQ or a lot of education does not a wise man make. To "have arrived" is to remain in place. 

The Alien/Abduction/UFO/Military Mind Control/Annunaki/Dark Energy/rabbit hole is very, very deep and effects literally everything that is happening on this planet and in our lives. And when you really start to "get it", it becomes increasingly complicated.  Dr. Karla Turner, one of the most intelligent, devoted and assiduous researchers (and experiencer)  of the human abduction experience puts it as clearly as it can be stated.

 We humans are all very, very programmed and stuck in our world views and comfort zones and utterly emotionally immature. Becoming aware is a hard, full time freaking job. What's at the bottom of our own personal passages through life? Why are some people willing to seek deeply, while many others shut the door as quickly as possible?  Perhaps, on an individual level, it's about consciousness and directions each of us must make at some point on the every changing space/time continuum of our multiple lives that exist simultaneously which is fundamental to Consciousness. Whew. 

Do we WAKE UP and do the job we came here to do (and that "job" may be nothing like we imagined), and live fully no matter where out paths wind?  Not being aware has a LOT of dire consequences too.  But because we have no idea what any future really entails, most humans prefer to keep their heads firmly in the sand and avoid that quintessential moment when you can't go back to sleep. However, they are sleepwalking, repetitive, dull, energy deprived and without deep pockets for dealing with great changes.  Everyone, however, has the chance to learn. Repeatedly. 

Bernard Gunther and Humberto Braga did a fantastic video on Aliens   and his interview is on The Cosmic Gnostic TV
PHIL SCHNEIDER's final film 
​before he was terminated in 1996.​

Phil's book is ON LINE FREE 

Phil's STORY

Reverse Engineering-Cape Girardeau,Mo Crash
Charles Hall and the Tall White ET's 
It's Death to those who know too much:

Death by gunshot to the head. Death by probable poisoning. Death by probable strangulation. Deaths possibly by implantation of deadly viruses. The suspicious deaths of UFO investigators Phil Schneider, Ron Johnson, Con Routine, Ann Livingston and Karla Turner, as well as the deaths of a host of researchers in the past, only seem to add emphasis to a reality with which many of the more aware UFOIogists are now quite familiar: not only is UFO research potentially dangerous, but the life span of the average serious investigator falls far short of the national average.
The Kolbrin Bible - ancient text

Dr. Karla Turner on YouTube - 12 segments

Her three amazing books you can read for free on line. They used to cost 100's of dollars to purchase but very recently have been reprinted.

You can now order them HERE.  Her work is seminal. Many think her strange death was a termination for being too forthcoming and potentially releasing information that was not in line with the desires of more powerful forces,but more will be revealed as the years progress. 

                         Read her three books here

Don't fail to appreciate Zecharia Sitchen for all his work!
DR.CARLA TURNER -don't miss
Alien ABDUCTIONS - Dr. David Jacobs
BILLY MEIER Story  Scientific Backing Here
JUNE CRAIN Interview
Chris Bledsoe-Abductee
Linda Moulton Howe
THE BOOK: Alien Interview​ pdf
Incident List on Wi List on Wikipedia List on Wikipedia List on Wikipedia kipedia List on Wikipedia 
The Honorable Paul Hellyer - Canadian government
Biblioteca Pleyades
Gary McKinnon - Hacked the Pentagon
Col William Corso - Video about Roswell
Colonel Corso's BOOK - The Day After Roswell 
Horus Ra and The Archons
Are Reptilians Running Humanity? Dr. Carol Rosin     
ADVANCED INFO about WTF is going on -VIDEOS
Tom Montalk's SECOND VIDEO interview
Montalk's THIRD VIDEO Interview Alien Interference -  BILLY MEIER - More About his Lifetime of Contact
Tom "Montalk's WEBSITE.  Clarity and Depth.
The Stephenville Lights - Texas (documentary)
What did Werner Von Braun have to say?
SNOWDEN's Documents Re "US-Alien-Hitler" Link
UFO Overview Site with a list of major incidents.
Proof of ALIENS ON THE MOON - fun to consider....
6 RUSSIAN COSMONAUTS see 7 giant angels- 1984
Gary McKinnon - hacker tells his story -fascinating
The UK opens its files. The COSFORD INCIDENT
SENATOR MIKE GRAVEL - adds his voice, thank you!
Dr. ROBERT WOOD - a document expert on UFO's.
DYING WHISTLEBLOWER from Eisenhower's time
Aliens. UFO's. Abductions.
and Explanation we can 
finally use for our benefit. 
Like hidden truths...

In Dr. Karla Turner's final book before her untimely and sudden death from a virulent cancer at at 48. Her final two paragraphs speak volumes:

"This (abduction) experience, all of our experiences and those of the eight women recounted here (in her final book entitled Taken: Inside the Alien Human Agenda), define the abduction phenomenon. It is complex, ambiguous, deceptive, inconsistent, traumatic, physical and metaphysical, with no single or clear purpose. There are patterns and possibilities, but none so plainly verifiable that everyone can agree on the facts, much less the larger truth, of the agenda.

If all that Casey (Karla husband of over 20 years) and I knew about alien abductions was limited to our own experiences, we would have a very different picture of the situation. And we would be much more vulnerable to alien manipulations or programming in our ignorance. It is only when we consider our experiences within the larger context of Amy's experiences, and Beth's and Lisa's and the experiences of the thousands of other abductees, that we gain enough knowledge to get past the personal illusions. It is only by giving up our wishful ideas and facing the data squarely that any of us can hope to penetrate to the actuality of these events, to come to terms with "what is" rather than what we wish it to be.

Don't forget to watch Karla Turner's FINAL SPEECH before her early death.

2014. For the first time in our historical awareness, the common man finally has easily accessible,  layered and well- vetted information about many important ways in which we have been organized and controlled.  One of the most complex but important topics for our future is often called the 'alien agenda'. Many dedicated scholars have painstakingly forged paths to help us awaken to an illuminated perspective of the importance of this often confusing and confounding topic.

Let's say you wake up and say to yourself: "OK, it's time! Something strange is really happening here, so I'll open my mind and find out."   Realize right away, that f you don't take the time to delve deeply with a discerning, clarifying mind, you will be quite confused by contradictory information.  Certainly, if your mind is forming judgments madly as you encounter new information,  you will be frightened and more than likely will run away before arriving at your own balanced, wise level of understanding. 

If you are a devout skeptic, instantly labeling everything as one foolishness or another, hey! ...thanks for helping us vet phenomena. A permanent 'doubting Thomas' is rooted in fear-based, programmed sticky ego. Twisting in the wind. Growth is difficult for those with a 'position'. 

Those of us deeply aware of the lengthy and vital nature of the alien presence realize that there is a lot of disinformation purposely inserted within honest data, so you must be willing to dig through a great deal of imbalanced beliefs and theories to become Discerning. 

I feel personally certain, after many years of experiences, research and personal evolution, that 3-D reality is the illusion. My experiences have validated a non-traditional view of the world(s) in which we find ourselves. An individual's truths, however, are non-transferrable. Each person is a Creator with their own Self as their primary creation (a hard sell in this twisted, intensely programmed and materially dominated world).  

Although a modicum of understanding can be achieved by authentication of  sources of information, the 'knowing' comes from within each individual. That is why that hard won  DISCERNMENT is the game changer.  We must integrate Life's immense variables into an ever-altering synthesis from our own experiences.... and from winnowing down the conflicting information. Learning to feel what is true for our own Self is the winning ticket. 

Unsealed Files have very detailed programs, so you can enjoy excellent presentations instead of plowing through all those books we did in the 60's-2010's. It's easier and easier to grasp how important this subject is to the future of humanity . Don't go back to those Kardashians!!!


​                                                  For me, this is one of the most exciting sites on the net. 

t's truly amazing because the biblioteca pleyades takes the esoteric elements that I briefly link on this website and they go deeply, profoundly and also broadly into each of the elements. You want to know who you are???? Spend some time on this Italian-created library that pulls together thousands of pages of the depth issues of our expanded view of the Universe and our place(s) in it.  (This fabulous site is in English and Spanish with some Italian translations.) 

This is the MISSION STATEMENT.  Look on the right side of the page for English. 
This is the INDEX. Click on a field of interest and keep going deeper and deeper. Amazing work.

If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you; but if you really make them think, they'll hate you. 
Don Marquis


DownSize To Thrive
​Dr. Karla Turner
FREE PDF by Tom Montalk. Excellent!

        Check out Tom Montalk's site from                DST's page about his work HERE.

Fear holds us in many prisons. And yes, there's a lot to fear. However... to have the courage to face the very real probability that this planet is filled with far different realities than we have been trained to believe.... we must deal with fear and fear of death head on. 

Death does not exist as we have been led to believe. That means we don't get out of here! 
But at the same time, we don't "disappear" either.

Science and Spirit merge. We have to learn to remember. We must understand this to accept the multiplicity of levels that create the world as it truly is.Don't forget to watch the tv series HERE.
 Make up your own mind but keep it open as you decide!
Captured Alien Being Interviewed
Secret Leaked Documents of Roswell Entity
You don't have to "believe" it but the information is interesting and quite valid in many ways.
 2012 The Big Picture:
From this site:

"Most people won't believe any of this, I'm sure. It seems too incredible.  No "reasonable" person would ever believe a word of it. However, it only seems "incredible" to an IS-BE whose memory has ben erased an replace with false information inside the electronically controlled illusion of a prison planet. We must not allow the apparent incredibility of our situation to prevent us from confronting the reality of it.
In 1947 the Army Revealed that it found a Flying Disk on a Ranch in New Mexico- Click HERE to see newspaper article.
Get the book on this site:  CLICK HERE
Here's the BOOK
PDF of the 
​    LOST CITIES show us a past about which we know nothing.
             Ever heard of Hy-Brasil? - the Other Atlantis?  Off the coast of Ireland. 

Make up your own mind as you peruse the vast amount of information that exists on this subject. 
Utmost Value). Use YouTube for these as well.
William Bramley's website HERE
Then order his BOOK HERE

​Here is how to handle 
the enormous shifts 
that are upon us 
during this time of
​intense awakening.
on The Biography Channe
Compilation from HISTORY 2 Channel
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JOHN MACK interview on, of all things, 
PBS (when it was still viable and not a corporate shill.)
Philip Coppens about the amazing JOHN MACK
JOHN MACK on Oprah in the late 90's. (3 part video)
From THINKING ALLOWED  - Fabulous INTERVIEW Mack,Terrance McKenna,Jacque Vallee, Hopkins
MACK', The LIFE....his funeral and Harvard's fear of his brilliance
FULL DOCUMENTARY "TOUCHED" (right before Mack was killed.) This is FREE to watch on Youtube or NetFlix has it too.)
About the untimely death of JOHN MACK
JOHN MACK - Thank You, John
DAVID ICKE and the Amazing Shaman of the Zulu Tribe of South Africa, CREDO MUTWA. This most unusual man's life and his brilliance and his wisdom WILL change your life if you are drawn to listen to this 6 hour interview.David Icke interviewing CREDO MUTWA
 BUY THE BOOK but here is a FREE pdf. READ IT.
She pulls the pieces for the potential future together very quickly, so watch her videos and see how you 
This is her playlist on YouTube. HERE

Watch them HERE
The BLUE PLANET PROJECT (Explains details of government project that have been hidden since the 1940's.
WILLIAM COOPER  - a CNN interview after he came back from 16 years of being afraid to speak up. FASCINATING
Love Bite Plus -- Paranormal Interference in Relationships
The MONTAUK PROJECT (The Philadelphia Experiment) and those involved.
NICK REDFERN - very knowledgeable about a great deal
UFO Hunters dying in strange circumstances
MAX SPEIRS -SUPER SOLDIER. He is very interesting
CROP CIRCLE FILMS - Listen to Patty Greer
STAN DEYO - top secret security clearance & FBI