Unraveling the mayhem!
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The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” - Gloria Steinem
A Crash Course in  21st Century Survival


DownSize to Thrive  adds its voice to the rapidly expanding number of sites dedicated to providing vital  information that has been twisted, suppressed or hidden for centuries.  Humans have been systematically programmed into multi-layered acceptance of fear and false narratives and have lost our way .  Childish beliefs and  living in a 'divide and conquer' world view have  dominated consciousness and honesty. The result, which we have been trained to consider our only "reality", is endless war mongering through the enslavement of our life-energies, minds and hearts by overarching materialism, patriarchy and psychopathic leadership. What's the real story? Can we come together despite our differences for our mutual survival? Can we change our own programming to do so? Those are the real questions we face.

Our rapidly changing times are challenging on many levels, but every difficulty provides an exceptional opportunity for awareness and growth.  Once accepted as truth, the true narratives will help us awaken to our individual power and lead to unforeseen opportunities on all levels.   So although many of the most vital components of our exceptional planet are in deep trouble, we are simultaneously in a time of great possibilities for positive change.  More depends on you than you yet realize.

To survive the burgeoning mayhem we must replace these distortions with clear sight. We cannot successfully traverse our massive social, economic, emotional and spiritual difficulties with our modern day sound bites and limited understandings. Accepting how little we truly know, while steadfastly searching for deeper and more profound inner and outer' Truths', will free us to cast off our Denials and thrive in this rapidly changing world! 

On this trip through DownSize to Thrive you will find dedicated scholars (not  always equated with titles and advanced degrees... for many scholars are autodidactics whose knowledge far surpasses the titled-souls emerging from our institutions...)  whose passion for knowledge has led them to discoveries necessary for our survival as a species.  The topics are powerful tools for uncovering the methods used to keep us ignorant. Creating and perpetuating false beliefs & delusions has been an art form of immense proportion throughout the centuries.  NOW  we have the information to see through the sham.  It is our personal duty as evolutionary beings and responsible citizens, to utilize this information... for we cannot successfully traverse the minefields with our limited understandings from centuries of obfuscation and oppression created by the pathological dominant paradigm.

Few can put it more clearly than Bernhard Guenther, featured above with his own page on this site.  Bernhard says:
The more that we come to truly know ourselves and attain embodied wisdom, the easier it becomes to navigate the world around us and our everyday lives.Connecting to our inner intuitive guidance system, knowing what to do and focus on, what information to pursue or what to discard, what decisions to make and when, embracing the lessons we need to learn and the talents we are called to develop - this is the alchemical formula for peace, prosperity and holistic harmony.                                                                

My job is not to tell you what's "true", but to encourage and support you, to stimulate and excite you and to help you do your own research more easily. Time itself is altering; you can feel it, so denial is fruitless and a waste of your precious life force. Uncovering these truth-speakers gives our life deeper meaning and potency, keeping us vitalized at a core level. Being awake is being alive.  

With love, 

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"Downsizing" is a metaphor for simplification, clarity, transparency and becoming braver in a scary world. 
That's what it takes to see through the mind-games and charades that have enslaved us for millennia. 
Commitment to broader knowledge and focused action will help you evade the looming dystopia.
Your life and your children's lives depend upon it. 
Realizing that we must take personal responsibility at a level that was not taught to us in our learning centers is a wild ride... but it's the only journey that supports your growth and success, your children's survival and our species' evolution. Once you get over the shock of seeing how little we know, knowledge becomes power that enhances your safety  and increases your excitement of being here in this amazing time of heightened uncertainty ! It's fundamental to our survival  to understand who we are, how we got here and how to traverse the maze .
DownSize To Thrive
'IN' or 'OUT' of the system
Your Mind Will Thank You
Get Simple  & Calmer
Quick Overview
This information is from Jews who are brave & honest. Bravo!!!
Our Oceans are Our Food Sustain Us.
Their condition is dire. Fukushima is a major player in this Game of Denial.
A Man in the '"Know". A truth speaker from the system itself.  Amazing man!
30 seconds? 
All By Itself!
Come On. THINK! & 
Wake Up!
Expansive Webpage
It's a Deep & Diverse Field & 
Don't Expect Clear Answers. 
You'll Have to Make Your Own Decisions
A Gifted Researcher
in Hyperdimensional
Realities & Much More
A Lawyer Who Never Expected to Find What He Found... UFO's All the Way Back in History
Searching Ancient History
for the Lost Feminine. Gnostics too!
DownSize to Thrive is a HUB connecting you with vital knowledge for thriving in a chaotic world that is moving too fast for our organic nature. 
Knowledge is a foundational  key. Knowledge is protection. Knowledge gives us self-awareness, positive ego, personal responsibility, focus, and the drive/Will necessary to learn how to avoid or manage the pitfalls and challenges of a world in rapid change. Whether coping with dis-information, personal difficulties or a sudden awakening to your need to know more, DSTnow.com can rapidly connect you with dedicated teachers and mentors in crucial fields that influence our well-being.  KNOWING YOURSELF is the greatest threat to the domination of the controllers.  It is the secret pass-code for your success.

Our present state of imbalance and confusion can be rectified on an individual basis by anyone choosing to do so. Your Free Will gives you the right to be true to yourself and use your own discernment to tell the difference between what is contrived or what is truth. The road to freedom is ancient. Whether you choose to take it or not is solely up to you. DownSize to Thrive is here to help the Willing.              ( Continued at bottom of this page.....)

Sometimes it feels like Freefall or quicksand. Either way, many are awakening to a different world than our institutions have trained us to call 'reality'.
Welcome to the Bigger Picture !
The  real war that underlies societal chaos, confusion and misery, is being waged to control and manipulate our consciousness.  
Our perception of reality has been fabricated. 
 We are psychologically molded... duped in as many ways as we lack perception and thus unknowingly allow.  
Freeing our minds and our frozen emotions takes desire, determination and dedication, but our survival as a species depends upon it.
2017 is going to be the year of all years for ripping off the blinders.  As we peel off veneers of illusions, we continuously awaken.
We are learning to thrive in a new world. 
To do so we must individuate fully while simultaneously working together across false divisions with love, honesty and courage.

A Library of Thousands
 of Links to brilliant info 

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" MISSING 411"
200 Years of Missing People from our National Parks etc.

Click the picture or title and read the pdf book for free. The download will be at the bottom of the page 
Click Picture for Video
There are hours of interviews on You Tube. Don't Let This Scare You Out of the Parks... Here's a Huff Post article to make it an easy read.
We must DE-Cultize this subject.  
Learn how the Natural Laws of Nature 
Have Been Twisted & Kept from Us 
Holistic Intelligence Exists, but has been made to look ridiculous. The reality is that "Occult/Hidden"  information used with wisdom, awakens our consciousness. 

Understand How the Positive and Moral Side of this knowledge Can Help Us.....
and also How the Dark Side of this Hidden information is USED TO OPPRESS US!
 (and is understood & practiced by those who are actively destroying our world. ). 
We DO need to know lost and buried communication that works with the subconscious and conscious minds. Our very lives depend upon it. 
David didn't take 
any Prisoners ! His work was raw and real and the details are astounding and data based. Like so many dedicated truth seekers, he died young & under strange conditions. His daughter and friends are keeping his incredible work alive. 
The Word "OCCULT" actually means "Hidden Knowledge"
Open your mind to how scary this field has been made to look for THIS REASON: 
 that can help us FREE OUR MINDS.  

What is Being Hidden?  What is Positive Occult Knowledge and What is Being Used Negatively? What did the Ancient Civilizations Really Know? What About the Kabbalah? What is the real meaning of Alchemy? How Do The Tarot Symbols Enlighten Us?What Do the Scull & Bones Initiates Do and Why?   
What are the Bohemian Grove Secret Ceremonies All About? 
                                       The Topics 
                                                                                                                                        \click on the  pictures and  words in color
All information is taken from the verifiable sources using the links provided. Basic info for  your search
            for hidden or denied truths.
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.......Just a few Great......... 

There are hundreds if not  thousands of sites with information we cannot get on corporate controlled news sites... so feel free to fact check and use your discernment about these. Each one will lead you to much more information.
  Truthstream Media 
​    Alternative News Icons List 
   Alterative Website List  
 The Corbett Report
 Richie Allen Show

Truth News
Buzz Saw
In English & Spanish. 
    Decoding Secrets and facts hidden for control purposes... yet necessary for Thriving in today's world.
MAJOR ISSUES lied about to keep us confused & divided
Decoding the Societal Secrets We Aren't Supposed to Know
          KEY ELEMENTS that have IMPACT
                Decoding the Secrets of Domination in Society
      What Could Be More Interesting? 
       Everyone With an Innate Fascination About Life Wants to Know More about other beings living with us.
      What Else Can We Find To Understand Our World? 
      The Subjects Don't Get Less Intriguing....
       ( Paths to Knowledge are Endless. The Truth Really Can Set Us Free.)
More HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE - from past and present
Learn Details About How Corporate/Financial/
Government work together in order to indenture
 and blackmail the entire world.
Don't forget to click on all the pictures .....
Don't forget to click on the pictures and colored links on this page to connect with related webpages and websites.
  It's very important to understand that the Word "OCCULT" 
actually means "HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE"
30 Years of Study about Ancient Egypt.  In 1993 he was touted as a great scholar and won an Emmy. Are we forgetting in a mere 25 years?
This field is full of intense people with vast differences of opinions and like most humans, are stuck on their "ism's". Their beliefs and about what this hominoid is, varies widely.  So I'll stick to just bringing forth information. Make up your own mind, as is the real underlying issue on this planet. Open your mind and enjoy the exploration!

About Max: "He was a great soul-a real Warrior of Light, who cared for  the people and for the Future of this Planet Earth  CLICK HERE for Max's Website Posthumously maintained. This is his final speech before untimely death which is under investigation."
Dolan makes logical and depth level sense out of everything he covers. Just one of those rare people.
The cancerous rise of corporate domination is explained in one hour in ways that show us clearly how all elements of our world have been formulated, manipulated and controlled. Its roots go back millinea, but this is the chapter in our modern story.  Money, inventions, food, air, medical, social engineering and mind control. It's all here. 
The Hidden Knowledge Course
Shining Light on the Shadow Aspects 
of Our World
An online research community investigating solar activity, earthquakes, earth changes and weather. 260,000 community members
A man of truth from a long line of fighters for truth.... watch his 9-11 interview on BUZZSAW HERE.
It's a plague of the pathological, materialized, hierarchical structure of societies.
Greatest genius of our time who wanted FREE energy ends up in poverty with a pidgeon for a companion.  His name only known because of an 80K car named after him in our twisted 3-D "reality".
Our clearest bottom line truth speaker. He kept me going all 
my adult life!
click picture
​Another kind soul destroyed. His successful cancer research was supported by the Smithsonian and doctors around the world. Burned out and destroyed by Fishbein, head of the AMA. Read HERE
Another of our greatest geniuses who wanted FREEDOM for YOU...his books and manuscripts were BURNED in NYC in '54. Reich died in jail at only 60 years of age. 
Geoengineering is a decades old set of secret projects created to control our weather and much, much  more. VIDEO


Author/researcher of 20 books on suppressed, ignored and denied ANCIENT HISTORY -Pre Atlantis going back 20 million years of human and pre-human cultures.
 Dane Wiggington
A DaVinci level GENIUS
(warns us about Nuclear....yep.)
The Man Who Tapped The Secrets
of the Universe
To Be Entered As This Page is Continually Rearranged

add Strange Sounds 

the underground tunnels book too
Engdahl's BOOKS for those who know they are confused about politics and international affairs. He puts hard to understand info together for us to easily grasp.  Solid information about the USA and world affairs. One of the world's top historical analysts.  His latest articles HERE.
       Emotional, Mental, Physical & Spiritual Balance 
 WATCH this video. This will explain the connection between AI, bitcoin, the Dark Web, crypto currency and our future.
Spinogla has amassed incredibly accurate data about the manner of  creation and ultimate takeover of Zionism (ZIONISM BEING A BRITISH CONSTRUCT).  This takeover must not be confused with ordinary Jews.  We must differentiate between the corruption of the Zionist leadership and the brainwashed masses...  and Spingola and Tsarion do a great job. VIDEO HERE
More HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE - present day
Aaron Russo's video AMERICA:FREEDOM TO FACISM explained the fundamentals many  still miss.  He was beloved for clarifying how this country was destroyed by ther creation of the Federal Reserve bank. He got much of his info from NICK ROCKEFELLER. WATCH THIS VIDEO INTERVIEW TOO..
G.EDWARD GRIFFIN is one of the first to clarify how this country has been dominated by the International Bankers. Sn excellent review of hisbook The Creature From Jeckyl Island is to be found HERE.
The greatest teacher of history of the mysteries/astrotheology/the secret societies. Hall had a photographic memory and was totally focused on ancient knowledge and the ancient works we have lost. His book The Secret Teaching of the Ages is a masterpiece he wrote at age 27.