Understanding the Wall Street Collapse by understanding Alan Greenspan's 19 year state of confusion. Imagine: He ran the Federal Reserve for all those years.

There's no sense in doubling up here. See the YOUR HEALTH page for everything you need.

I have decided to include a product referral with almost every health situation mentioned. So for the Health Hints, go directly to the HEALTH PAGE and you will find the cutting edge info you need.

Jill Bolte Taylor (read about Dr. Taylor on wikipedia) studied her own stroke as it happened -- and has become a powerful voice for brain recovery.

Jill Bolte Taylor got a research opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: She had a massive stroke, and watched as her brain functions -- motion, speech, self-awareness -- shut down one by one. An astonishing story that you cannot miss. Read more about it HERE and then watch the 20 minute video. 

 Deep Survival  
by Laurence Gonzales

 From the intro about the book
Readers everywhere are finding that the principles in Deep Survival apply to any challenge life poses, from coping in the business world, to extreme trials like having a life threatening illness or dealing with addiction and recovery.
Your 21st Century Overview

by Michael Maloney
Here is the page on Amazon where you can read the reviews and order the  book for less than 10 bucks. 

I'm delighted to bring this particular website to you.  It's excellent.  It will introduce you to many subjects you don't is the most organized website I have found in years of researching cutting edge info. This is the synthesis you can use to catch up with what's really happening in an organized manner. Fantastic work!

"Want To Know"  provides a concise, reliable introduction to vital information of which few are aware. We specialize in providing fact-filled news articles and concise summaries of major cover-ups which impact our lives and world. All information is taken from the most reliable sources available and can be verified using the links provided. Sources are always noted, with links direct to the information source provided when possible. The WantToKnow.info team presents this information as an opportunity for you to educate yourself and others, and to inspire us to strengthen democracy and to work together for the good of all
The WantToKnow.info team is a group of dedicated researchers from around the globe. We compile and summarize important, verifiable facts and information being hidden from the public. We are deeply committed to building a brighter future for us, for our children, and for our world."



Your Money Or Your Life is a 9 Step Program for transforming your relationship with money and achieving financial intelligence, financial integrity and financial independence. The program is a tried and true method for understanding what money is, how it works and what you can do to adjust your lifestyle so that you are comfortable, living within your means and living in alignment with your values. 

The Idea of a Local Economy
'The idea of a local economy rests upon only two principles: neighborhood and subsistence..."
by WENDELL BERRY who farms in Port Royal, Kentucky, with his family. He is the author of more than thirty books 

Thoughts in the Presence of Fear
by Wendell Berry 

And then there are vision of the future which we can also imagine as being possible. World’s First Positive Energy Building in Masdar, Abu Dhabi. Keep this vision while we build simply here.

Raise Your Own Food. 7 Years of Seeds for an amazing price.
Buy Bulk Heirloom Seeds

"Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Arctic 
Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don’t

The GM genocide: Thousands of Indian farmers are committing suicide after using genetically modified crops 

Permaculture Links through Starhawk's website. Read her information about permaculture. She also has a school called EAT (Earth Activist Training). She's a very, very determined lady.

The Bioneers Bioneers is inspiring a shift to live on Earth in ways that honor the web of life, each other and future generations.  Founded in 1990, Bioneers promotes practical environmental solutions and innovative social strategies for restoring Earth’s imperiled ecosystems and healing our human communities

Here is the LINKS page called Green Environmental Resources and Information from the BUY GREEN website.... linking to 
    *  Certification     * Resources
    * Programs         * Reviews
    * Communities   * Organizations
    * Events               * Media
    * Government     * Learning

The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change, one that works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. It outlines an alternative to strive toward where human rights are no longer paper proclamations but a way of life

The Venus Project free ebook page

The Venus Project resource based economy

....Therefore, when the term ‘root cause’ is used in reference to the slumping house sales, or lack of credit, and the economic meltdown that began in 2005, it is not the root cause, but rather a symptom, a branch high up on the tree. It is a overmature tree of many branches with roots of greed, corruption, ignorance, and naive thinking rotting far below. —CK Younghere.
              Click the title bar or click here to Read more 

                   History of Banking and Money
Key Excerpts From Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope 

Carroll Quigley was a professor of history at Georgetown University from 1941 to 1976. He also taught at Princeton and at Harvard, and lectured at the Brookings Institution. He was a frequent lecturer at the U.S. Naval Weapons Laboratory, the Foreign Service Institute, and the Naval College at Norfolk, Virginia. His work is timely, valuable to know and basically forgotten by current policy makers.

"There does exist ... an international Anglophile network ... which we may identify as the Round Table Groups. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960's, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected ... to a few of its policies ... but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known."
  -- Quote from Caroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope, Chapter 65

Quigly , 40 years ago, certainly did tell us what he could see that we were going to have to do in this, the turning point of our system's life.  He would not be surprised to see this difficult moment in history. "The hope of the twentieth century rests on its recognition that war and depression are man-made and needless. They can be avoided in the future by turning from ... nineteenth-century characteristics ... and going back to other characteristics that our Western society has always regarded as virtues: generosity, compassion, cooperation, rationality, and foresight, and finding an increased role in human life for love, spirituality, charity, and self-discipline."   
Read the 10 page summary of  this book  here. There is also a 40 page summary and the whole book of over 1000 pages is also available on line for free. Click here to read the 10 page summary.

Get Rich Slowly — recently named most inspiring money blog by Money magazine — is devoted to sensible personal finance. It's jam packed with details. 

His site says: "You will not find any get-rich-quick schemes here. Nor will you find multi-level marketing fads or hot stock tips. I am not pitching any product or book. Instead, you’ll find daily information about personal finance and related topics. 

I share stories about debt elimination, saving money, and practical investing. I also post occasional reviews of books, magazines, and software. And, of course, I scour the web for the latest personal finance tools and articles."

 Great Links about HOW TO SIMPLIFY

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Now it seems to have been taken over by the NSA mentality.

It's not enough to just read about the "Laws of Attraction" or conceptualize wise instructions for a better life like "What you Think You Become" or "Fake it Til you Make it". 


  Great Links about YOUR TRUE SELF

The Yestermorrow Design/Build School
inspires people to create a better, more sustainable world by providing hands-on education that integrates design and craft as a creative, interactive process.
This is 2014 and we look back a bit to learn what's going on now.......
An Unknown Form Of Energy Is Coming Our Way
This researcher lays out in great detail the potential astronomical dynamics behind our move into alignment with the galactic plane and the effects on our solar system. He explains what Jose Arguelles said (author of the Mayan Factor). We're into the Event moreso in 2014 than in 2012. It takes time.

Editor MK Note from The 2012 Nexus Event said:
In my opinion, despite the fact that English is not his first language (so let's not get picky about grammar and spelling) ASTRALWALKER has done a good job of presenting information about many variables. His choice of subjects is why I included him when there are so many sites available:
• Earth Changes
• 2012
• Crop Circles
• The Mayan Long Count calendar
• Astral travel (with instructions on how to)
• Remote viewing (with instructions)
• Seeing while blindfolded (with instructions for the student)
• Hollow Earth (and hollow planets – with multiple pictures)
• Consciousness and its effect on the planet
• The Illuminati or “Elite” and their control agenda
• Possible safe places during Earth Changes
• How we can influence and change the future – for the better.

NEXUS MAGAZINE. If there is one magazine that will give you a wide view here it is. "NEXUS is a bi-monthly alternative news magazine covering health breakthroughs, future science and technology, suppressed news, free energy, religious revisionism, conspiracy, the environment, history and ancient mysteries, the mind, UFOs, paranormal and the unexplained. NEXUS Magazine is not affiliated with any political, religious or spiritual groups or organisations whatsoever, and has been published since 1986."    

Great Links about  
  Great Links about YOUR HEALTH

Here's a short You Tube video called "Did You Know", which gives some astounding (and frightening) statistics about the exponential growth of humanity and technology. Let's let it expand our perspective to shake up our tiny view of what we think creates our reality. Technology for its own self. Scary.

The Hubble   We can take advantage of humanity's new found ability to see into the galactic realm with our own eyes. No words here.

The Chandra X-ray Observatory   Since its launch on July 23, 1999, the Chandra X-ray Observatory has been NASA's flagship mission for X-ray astronomy, taking its place in the fleet of "Great Observatories."

The Visual Quantum Mechanics project, funded by the National Science Foundation, introduces quantum physics to high school and college students who do not have a background in modern physics or higher-level math.

At age 93, in 1999, legendary theoretical physicist Hans Bethe delivered three lectures on quantum theory .Intended for an audience of Professor Bethe's neighbors, the lectures hold appeal for experts and non-experts alike. The presentation makes use of limited mathematics while focusing on the personal and historical perspectives of one of the principal architects of quantum theory whose career in physics spans 75 years.

 Great Links about TECHNOLOGY

We've been hearing about the End of the World ...for many thousands of years. Perhaps it is a genetic micro-movement through continuous Shifts of Consciousness. Perhaps this time the activity will be accompanied by another Polar Shift.  From ancient oracles and predictions to modern man's technological capacities for observing global changes, all point to something  BIG happening. December 21, 2012 has been agreed upon by many as the fulcrum of "The Shift".  Now everyone is paying attention...... SK

Start with Terrance McKenna. He was an ethnobotanist gone deep.
Terrance McKenna and Time Wave Zero. The I Ching was used as a focal point in McKenna's predictions. Here is a brief overview of Terrance's ideas by Craig Howell. He's right on!   I attended a seminar at the Omega Institute by McKenna  before he died . It was quite a mind opener. Listen to him on your own time on You Tube.  Oh, BTW, here is Terrence on Salvia Divinorum.

"Time is Speeding Up" -Time Wave 2012.  And if you like his ideas, here's a whole page of McKenna.

CONTACT HAS BEGUN:  Broad and deep overview of the whole picture of what is happening climate wise, Earth Changes, UFO's etc. etc.  
Quetzalcoatl and the Mayans  A quick overview story
The Sirius Mystery and the Egyptians. Don't miss this one. 
The Mayan Factor by Jose Arguilles. Here are the 13 Baktuns, time segments upon which their entire cosmological calendar was based. 
2012 and Crop Formations
The History Channel knocks itself out with 2012 programming!
In 2014 History 2 is OUTSTANDING.
And then there's Greg Braden and Zero Point. He's been talking about this for 25 years. 
The Web Bot Project and 2012
Overview of the Predictions for a massive change which will occur around December 21, 2012. More about the Web Bot Project here. It's good for the market but sucks for predictions.
Decoding the Past - Doomsday 2012: The End of Days 
There are prophecies and oracles from around the world that all seem to point to December 21, 2012 as doomsday. The ancient Mayan Calendar, the medieval predictions of Merlin, the Book of Revelation and the Chinese oracle of the I Ching all point to this specific date as the end of civilization.
For those of you who are interested in our own Indian cultures, read  The Hopi Prophesies  
Basic introductory material, as well as critique-reviews of new books on 2012 and the Mayan calendar.    John Major Jenkins is an independent researcher who has devoted himself to reconstructing ancient Mayan cosmology and philosophy. 
The Oracle at Delphi
Prediction for 2012
Our Most Famous and Amazing psychic, Edgar Cayce.  Sure, some of his timeline for earth changes was off.... but his personal readings were so accurate in trance that MD's from all over used him as an early MRI.  He was even called in to give a reading to Woodrow Wilson. His predictions for 2012 are here. 

MAYA FILM... The Shift of the Ages.
Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, a 13th Generation Quiche Mayan
High Priest has commissioned the production of this film in order to reveal sacred visions, concepts, and information. The Ancient Ones left stories, hieroglyphs and prophecies to be carefully considered by each successive generation. "The Shift of the Ages" gives voice to these Ancient Ones who have prophesied this shift for eons.

The Mayan Calendar and the I Ching tell the story of 2012 as a tipping point and.they are being taken seriously by many diverse viewers. Large scale energetic shifts come from various directions. On a micro level, no one has enough "time" and everyone is feeling it.  You can't turn on a TV channel without realizing that in so many ways, the time in which we live is rapidly changing.  I challenge you to name one person you know personally who doesn't have problems of increasing intensity. 

 Great Links about OUR WORLD IN 2012


Three videos about RELIGION:   
Part 1  BEGIN HERE           
Part 2  continuation of part 1
Part 3  continuation of part 2

You don't need many links to realize how much information is really out there. Here are a few interesting sites. This should be enough to get your blood flowing.

The Crash Course in the Environment starts here with the highly acclaimed Canadian visionary, David Suzuki. An award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster, David Suzuki's work  is scientifically solid but easily understood by the layman. Now in his 70's with endless energy and a beautiful and direct style, Dr. Suzuki's website has tremendous information.

The David Suzuki Foundation is self sustaining and does not take money from governments or organizations.... just donations. Its mission:  With a goal of achieving sustainability within a generation, the Foundation collaborates with scientists, business and industry, academia, government and non-governmental organizations. We seek the best research to provide innovative solutions that will help build a clean, competitive economy that does not threaten the natural services that support all life.

 PEAK OIL - if you don't know about it, watch the video and see if you want to read more about PEAK OIL. It's a huge focal point.

Collapse of the Greenland Glaciers from Planet Extinction (But now, 2014, we see that ice caps are also growing exponentially. Nothing is as it is presented. )

The Tipping Point. Factors . And  Here is what it will look like once our unconsciousness catches up with us. 

Sustainable Development evokes contradictory discussions of viability, but seems to be one wave of the future.  This is a fabulous site about Sustainable Development and also many, many other Global Issues. Great synthesis of many issues written over the last 10 years by Anup Shah.  Click Here for more personal info on his site.

Meltdown Strategies: A Few Short Lists  By Starhawk
From the New York Times Reader Responses: 
October 31, 2008
Science magazine several years ago by S. Pacala and Robert Socolow, two Princeton University professors: “Stabilization Wedges: Solving the Climate Problem for the Next 50 Years with Current Technologies” (Science Magazine, 305:968-972, August 28, 2004). Here it was shown that using a combination of 15 different energy saving options ranging from improved fuel economy, substituting natural gas for coal to increased use of nuclear fission, wind, and biofuels to improved agricultural soils management would result in not only meeting the world’s energy needs, but, also in limiting the CO2 atmospheric concentration to manageable levels. Nuclear fusion was not an option covered by Pacala and Socolow since it cannot be considered a current technology. The US has abrogated the lead in fusion energy development to the Europeans, Russians and the Japanese and is destined to play a minor role as things now stand. It is time for this decision to be re-examined.

The Bioneers Bioneers is inspiring a shift to live on Earth in ways that honor the web of life, each other and future generations.  Founded in 1990, Bioneers promotes practical environmental solutions and innovative social strategies for restoring Earth’s imperiled ecosystems and healing our human communities

 Lots Of Oil, Natural Gas In Gaza!
Martha Rose Crow January 7, 2009

Just go to GLOBAL RESEARCH to keep up with the 
constant awareness we need to keep up with ANYTHING. 
  Great Links about The ENVIRONMENT

Program #3262 - Buy Now $1.99 - MP3 Download

Is money the root of all evil or a path to enlightenment? Brent Kessel is a financial planner by day and a yogi by dawn, and his answer may surprise you. He says, "Money and spirituality really are partners, and can be used to aid each other and create more spiritual awareness for ourselves as well as more financial abundance." As part of his own spiritual quest, and through interviews with such spiritual luminaries as Thich Nhat Hanh, Gangaji, Mother Teresa, and the Dalai Lama, Mr. Kessel has examined the ways money is an expression of who we are—and how who we are determines our financial condition. He explains, "Whatever financial life you have is a direct manifestation of your unconscious conditioned expectations. The nervous system is attuned to a certain relationship to money, and that attunement creates that relationship to money in the outside world." In this provocative interview he describes eight archetypes that express the ways we relate to money, and how understanding your own money type can help you bring your finances and your inner life into greater balance.

Brent Kessel is co-founder and president of Abacus Wealth Partners, named one of the top 250 wealth management firms by Bloomberg Wealth Manager. Mr. Kessel was named one of the top 250 financial advisors by Worth magazine, and has been quoted in national financial publications including Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and many more. He has also studied with such luminaries as the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, and Jon Kabat-Zinn. He is the author of It's Not About the Money: Unlocking Your Money Type to Achieve Spiritual and Financial Abundance (HarperOne 2008). To learn more about the work of Brent Kessel go to www.brentkessel.com

From Financial Sense University comes this straight- shooting piece by Dr. Chris Martenson.Read this article and in it there is this quote: 
The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.~Dr. Albert Bartlett
You will understand why we are in this mess when you read this fundamental article which most of us don't understand.  For more details about how our present day money situation was created and what it means to our future, watch the videos on YOUR MONEY page . 
Closing the 'Collapse Gap':  the USSR was better prepared for collapse than the U.S.A.

Stretch Your TRAVEL $ Dollar 

Fifty dollar-stretching tips  from Rick Stevens guidebook called  "Europe Through the Back Door". These days these tips will really come in handy.  Cruise anyone? 

For the adventuresome among you, here is a great magazine with tons of info on everything from daring trips, daring people, fitness details, great gear, etc.  Click here to see OUTSIDE and click here to read a short statement by 15  adventure- "icons" who briefly explain what inspires them to constantly test their limits in new and dangerous ways.

  Great Links about TRAVEL

Alex Loyd - founder of  The Healing CodesAlex has discovered a simple physical mechanism that eliminates stress in the body. This is a cousin to Reiki, energetically. Loyd's theory shows how a simple mixture of love and desperation can truly create miraculous things. That makes his information very timely and it works. 

Dr. John Hagelin is a world-renowned quantum physicist, educator, author and science and public policy expert who focuses on the Universal dynamic, the fundamental field of the nature of the Universe and the Laws of Nature. His work about consciousness has been translated through his work in the movies "The Secret" and "What the Bleep do We Know" 

Here's a short video on the Unified Field Theory and how it actually applies to how to really bring peace through changing our minds and ultimately our nervous systems.

Superficially diverse yet fundamentally unified....The Oneness creates an inseparable bond between everything, including passion and success.

Hale Dwoskin - CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates, Hale is the author of New York Times best-selling THE SEDONA METHOD: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-being. I love this information because one of the key pieces of figuring out your problems is actually learning how to let go of wanting to figure them out. That's the bit about getting the mind our of the seat of power. Go for the free stuff first and see how THE SEDONA METHOD suits you.


If You Can't Handle non-censored language, SKIP THIS SECTION. 

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece of Shit 
that doesn't fucking work.


Zero House from the Future is Totally Green, Off-Grid  The house holds its water in a 2700-gallon roof cistern, and the sheer weight of all that liquid pushes water through the plumbing. When you flush the toilets, it all ends up in a compost container in the basement, which digests all that stuff organically, relieving you of attaching your abode to any sewage pipes. Goodbye, civilization.
Watch this excellent OVERVIEW video of Proenneke building his cabin in Twin Lakes, AK. You can watch hours of videos on PBS. He was a fantasic mentor for all of us!

The God Who Wasn't There. What are we dealing with when 44% of the population thinks the "rapture" is going to occur in their lifetime? As they in The God Who Wasn't There, "Contemporary Christians are largely ignorant of the origins of their religion ". So order this movie and get a clear understanding of the history of the times and the workings of the minds of those for whom global catastrophe seems a welcomed event. 

Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It  
This is an interview with Frank Schaeffer, who is a man well worth knowing. His father was Francis Schaeffer who was considered the eminent evangelical intellectual of the 70's and Frank woke up from this programming and became a Hollywood film director and author, writing several internationally acclaimed novels depicting life in a strict, fundamentalist household. In this interview, Frank gives his take on the current state of the religious right. In 2007 he published the autobiographical Crazy For God, in which he goes into much more detail regarding what it was like to grow up in the Schaeffer family. Here is his website.

Loose Change - 911 Truth Movement

Murdock: War on Journalism
GREENDAY MAN: One of my favorite blogs. A bright and angry your dad, raising his teens alone and in the midst of conservative America. He finds treasures for your political mind.

Socio-Political and the IRS
             After you watch the first movie, then watch:   
  ZEITGEIST - The Addendum

So if you are ready to APPLY the teachings we are now hearing from "The Secret" and from all the other Spiritual Teachings throughout Time (since they all teach very similar lessons), here are some of the finest teachers of our time. 
The rest of your transformation is done one-on-one in your life... sometimes alone through meditation or together with others through your relationships.. True transformation must include the emotions as well as the mind.


This is one of the best books available for using dreams and active imagination for personal growth.
 ...Robert Johnson's ideas:
"If you are an only child, then you will never know the experience of having a brother or sister. If you are a woman then you are not a man, and some of the masculine experience is foreign to you. If you are married you are not single. If you are a black man you are not a white man. If you are Christian you are not Muslim. And so it goes. For every thing you choose (or that has been chosen for you), something else is unchosen. This is your unlived life." 

         "When we find ourselves in a midlife depression, suddenly hate our spouse, our jobs, our lives – we can be sure that  the unlived life is seeking our attention. When we feel restless, bored, or empty despite an outer life filled with riches, the unlived life is asking for us to engage. To not do this work will leave us depleted and despondent, with a nagging sense of ennui or failure. As you may have already discovered, doing or acquiring more does not quell your unease or dissatisfaction. Neither will “meditating on the light” or attempting to rise above the sufferings of earthly existence. Only awareness of your shadow qualities can help you to find an appropriate place for your unredeemed darkness and thereby create a more satisfying experience. To not do this work is to remain trapped in the loneliness, anxiety, and dualistic limits of the ego instead of awakening to your higher calling." 

         "We humans are given the most conflicting job description imaginable. We must be civilized human beings, and that requires a whole list of “dos and don’ts,” culturally determined values such as courtesy, politeness, fairness, efficiency, and all the other virtues – these comprise our duty to society. Family, culture and the pressures of time push us to specialize, to choose this and not that, and eventually we become one-sided beings. Simultaneously, we are called to live everything that we truly are, to be whole (which means to be hale, healthy and holy) – this is our duty to the higher Self. This collision of values makes life so confusing and painful. It is a terrible collision, though few people are fully aware of the contradictions they live out in the course of a week. We avoid waking up to this inherent conflict because it is too frightening." 

         "The reason for doing inner work is not only to resolve conflict and psychological distress, but also to find within ourselves a deep source of renewal, strength, and wisdom." 

          "The difference in a teacher and a mentor is that a mentor is interested in our soul." 

          "The only hope for healing is to offer a better form of ecstasy, to upgrade so the addict will give up the stupid one." 

           "The goal of inner work is to help clients unblock their bottlenecks and learn how to live in partnership with the unconscious rather than at its mercy." 
            "It's not too difficult to get the skeletons out of the closet with people, but to get the gold out is a different matter. That is therapy. Psychology is the Art of finding the gold of the spirit." 


Passion is so basic to human happiness that without it we do not work like the creative genius we really are. Especially important to access and maintain during hard times. REGISTER FOR FREE for an introduction to Dr. Hagelin's take on the subject. SEE WHAT YOU FEEL. These teachers all say similar things, it's just how you want to hear it that counts. .Each teacher has a different vibration and we all learn from those with whom we vibrate.
 Unified Field Theory
Inner Work
 by Robert Johnson.
.            BOOKS 

The Ascent of Humanity is about the history and future of civilization from a unique perspective: the evolution of the human sense of self. This book describes how all the expressions of our civilization—its miraculous technology as well as the pillage of earth, culture, goodness, and beauty—arise from our identity, our way of being, "the discrete and separate self". The gathering crises of our age demonstrate that this way of being is on the verge of collapse. And this collapse is setting the stage for a revolution in human beingness whose stirrings we already begin to feel.   

This book is 600 pages, and you can read it FREE on Charles Eisenstein's website. It is sold at Amazon and the author accepts donations if you want to give him a lesser amount for his 10 years of work and generosity of spirit. Here is a description of the intent, purpose and history of Charles Eisenstein's work.  It's an excellent labor of mind and heart.

Here are some essays if long books are not your style.

The Ascent of Humanity
by Charles Eisenstein


Mentor's Channel 
the teachers for the past 20 years offer mentorship

Dr. Deepak Chopra and David Simon
The Seven Laws of Success online program, based on the bestselling books: "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" and "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga." This program reveals how to reach success and create a happier reality. Learn More:

Byron Katie
The Work on the Web, based on The Work process of Byron Katie and her bestselling books. This program helps people stop suffering, reduce stress, eliminate fear and guides them on a journey to reach happiness and peace. Learn More:

Robin Sharma
Leadership For Everyone: based on the bestselling book: "Leadership Wisdom from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" This program shows people how to un-leash and shape the leader within themselves and reach exquisite results and success. Learn More: 

Dr. Denis Waitley is a well known author, speaker and productivity consultant who wrote the audio book, "The Psychology of Winning." His focus, like so many others,  is on discovering your passion ....a very popular subject. Ya gotta love what you do or you will become jaded, regardless of how much money you make. Finding your passion really IS the secret to success, especially in a world that is as difficult as the one we humans have created.

     MENTORS - Bright Minds.  

Dream One World, Inc's mission is to directly assist people, places and animals in need who are either not publicly known or no longer front page news...and who can't seem to find help elsewhere.
Our Life Challenge Recipients agree to "pay it forward," which continually expands our work.
This has ranged from assisting children with Batten Disease, facial cancer, Larsen's Syndrome, and a blanket project helping to save lives in the mountains of Peru, to helping ex-heroin addicts get oral surgery and new teeth, to animal rescue, to assisting two towns in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina and settlements in the Bahamas after hurricanes there, to many in the U.S. needing help with their health care, vehicle repairs, etc., etc., etc.
There are no limits, no boundaries. We can change the world - one by one by one. Come join us! www.dreamoneworld.org
                     Building a Global Community    


Are taxes really a law or not? There's a lot of controversy over this issue.... it's very intersting.
The introduction to the video says: 
"Every once in a while I come across a good video that helps explain what I've known for years but find it very difficult to explain without hostile or judgmental reactions from friends and family.  If you accept my challenge to view this video you will learn of a little piece of history you were probably not aware of.  (For those of you who already know this please excuse this preamble.)  A few years ago Galen (Whitey) Harold was charged with willful failure to file an income tax return.  His reply from the very beginning was, "Show me the law."  Well, the IRS never showed him the law and Mr. Harold went to his jury trial asking the same question.  This video is a public forum at the National Press Club.  One of the jurors is about to be introduced to describe what happened in that trial and in the jury deliberation.  It is priceless!" RH

Watch the video. A most interesting subject.
      Comprehensive information found on YOUR MONEY  page.
 Make sure you click on YOUR HEALTH for more info  
 Make sure you click onYOUR TRUE SELF for more info  

                         "Guide To Investing In Gold and Silver" 
                   THE STORY OF STUFF
           Have you developed a technological marvel 
that you want to promote?
                    Coaching -  CD Programs
2 Interesting websites about the IRS  

Julian Edney's 2006 essay portended the 2009 crisis of morality. He has written three essays so Madoff was certainly no amazement to him.  Edney's essays on GREED are modern philosophical, political, social and economic writings, partially in book form and partially free on the internet. Check out each link.

GREED: The original essay now in book form:
- a new theory concerning the origins, nature, extent and morality of this destructive force inherent in free market economies; argues for a new interface with already-outdated environmental rhetoric; includes an array of practical solutions; extensive references.

GREED II: Is exploitation wrong?
- two discredited ideologies are rising again, laissez-faire (as Libertarianism) which aggressively promotes freedom but is disinterested in both justice and democracy, and Social Darwinism. How the classical assumption of self-interest leads to fear. The workplace versus democracy. Sociopaths. Credit cards. And a special word corporations use when explaining the damage they do. Remedies. 

GREED III:  Jeopardy
 - materialism: its threat to family values and to the individual. Recent research shows that social inequality kills. Inequality also slows economic growth. Ayn Rand's work a cause of corruption? The rich now retreating into gated communities.

by Julian Edney 

From their website:

Purpose and Mission
Our Strategy
A Global Perspective
About Global MindShift

Purpose and Mission

Our purpose is to "contribute to the emerging global community," and our mission is to "help make the emergence of global community unstoppable."

To help make the emergence of global community unstoppable, we want to play a part in engaging 20% of the world's people in conversation about what living in global community really means, and in creating models of creative action that help demonstrate its value. Why 20%?

We are encouraged knowing we are only one among thousands of organizations working toward the same goal, each with its own particular focus, strategy and appeal. Together, we are creating the worldwide presence we need to succeed. 

A meme is a unit of cultural information that can be transferred from one individual to another. Like genes for the body, memes help cultures evolve. 


 for The Zeitgeist Movement

Synopsis from their website:

Fluid social change can only materialize if two circumstances are met. One, the human value system, which consists of our understandings and beliefs, must be updated and changed through education and thoughtful introspection. Two, the environment surrounding that value system must change to support the new world view. The interaction between a person's value system and their environment is what influences human behavior.

Synopsis from their websiite: The Venus Project 

A Resource-Based Economy is a system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude. All resources become the common heritage of all of the inhabitants, not just a select few. The premise upon which this system is based is that the Earth is abundant with plentiful resource; our practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is irrelevant and counter productive to our survival.

As you will see, The Venus Project is dedicated to actively engaging in the research, development, and application of workable solutions to the problems plaguing our world.

The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change, one that works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. It outlines an alternative to strive toward where human rights are no longer paper proclamations but a way of life


(The people-domination stuff)

The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in inequity and born in sin . . . . Bankers own the earth. Read the Introduction for an eye-opening look at what's really going on with your money!

The Tower of Basel: 

Secretive Plans for the Issuing of a Global Currency
Do we really want the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) issuing our global currency?   by Ellen Hodgson Brown,  Global Research, April 18, 2009
More about this book on the HEALTH PAGE
More about this book on the MONEY PAGE

Saving The Internet is a huge issue and it will continue to take up time and energy fighting for our freedom. AT&T, Time Warner Cable and their partners won't stop trying to control. As Rep. Eric Massa of New York said... "Through the power of the people, together we were able to persuade Time Warner Cable to abandon its download-based tiered-billing plan..." 
The need for alternative viewpoints and a broader spectrum of analysis is widely needed, and is fulfilled in Forbidden Medicine. At a stage in the evolution of mankind in which we need to pool all efforts towards a better understanding of the healing process, Ellen Brown's writings prove to be a valuable contribution.
    - Carlos Warter, M.D., Ph.D., Author of Recovery of the Sacred
Ellen Brown developed her research skills as a litigating attorney in Los Angeles. She is the author of 11 books, including the bestselling Nature's Pharmacy (co-authored with Dr. Lynne Walker) and Web of Debt (2007).
The Granddaddy of Sustainability

from Wikipedia: Buckminster Fuller was concerned about sustainability and about human survival under the existing socio-economic system, yet remained optimistic about humanity's future. Defining wealth in terms of knowledge, as the "technological ability to protect, nurture, support, and accommodate all growth needs of life," his analysis of the condition of "Spaceship Earth" led him to conclude that at a certain time in the 1970s, humanity had marked an unprecedented watershed. He was convinced that the accumulation of relevant knowledge, combined with the quantities of key recyclable resources that had already been extracted from the earth, had reached a critical level, such that competition for necessities was no longer necessary. Cooperation had become the optimum survival strategy. "Selfishness," he declared, "is unnecessary and hence-forth unrationalizable.... War is obsolete."

From his website....Fuller was amazing! This year, on January 31st the Center for Spirituality and Sustainability in Edwardsville, IL gave Buckminster Fuller their annual Sustainability Award “in recognition of his prescient awareness of the urgent necessity of planetary stewardship, his courage and creativity in breaking through apparent limits to design possibilities, his moral and spiritual commitment to applying intelligence for the welfare of the earth and its inhabitants, and for the insights and inspiration inherent in the principles he articulated and the designs he instantiated.”

According to some very studied folks, income tax for average Americans is unconstitutional. This is an excellent presentation of the issue. Nothing is really as it seems, so why not read it and see what you think.
    It is called the 861 Evidence.

   The Venus Project partners 
with ...
And here's an interesting McKenna 
for those of you who can handle it. 
"Boundry dissolution"conversations
for those who want to prepare on 
a deeper level. 

Remember, he said all this way
back before the "2nd Big Crash"...
As Terrence says, "We can only 
become aware of consciousness 
by perturbing it. " There are 
tons of McKenna videos... 
watch them.

Created by Dr. Erwin Laszlo
To us the foremost question is: How can we put the modern concepts of consciousness into action? In other words: How can field theories like the information field concept Ervin Laszlo, among others, has written about, be made relevant for everyone? 

The Six Spheres of Activity are:
Unity of Humanity and Nature 
Global Subsistence Economy 
Global Wisdom Culture 
Participative Civil Society 
Planetary Peace and Freedom 

The Club of Budapest WorldShift Network is ready to act as an effective hub in order to help each and everyone to find a path that will lead us away from the terrible consequences of global conflict, from which we are only a hair’s breadth away.

The Club of Budapest is Founding Member
of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative. 

The Global Marshall Plan Initiative is aiming at improved and binding frameworks for the global economy, which create balance between economy, environment, society and culture. Click the logo to read more about this global initiative.
The World and Its Double
This is a VERY CLEAR explanation of Terrence's ideas about 2012 and how it works. 14 short 10 minute talks should go a long way for you. I'm glad I had 5 days with him because it took me quite while to get "out of my own mind".
Click either one...
 SO...DownSize to Thrive is bringing them to you. 
The work has been done for you....
all you have to do is READ THEM!!! 

As you may realize if you have gotten this far, that  the point of DownSize to Thrive is to enhance your dedication to breaking out of your boxes, so you can thrive during the journey regardless of the difficulty. All experiences, however painful, must be seen for the lessons they bring. That's the perspective that will allow us as much autonomy and clarity as possible and THAT is thriving. On that note, here are some REAL NEWS SITES. There are many more, of course, but these are a great start. It'll keep you busy.  SK


                     ENERGY GRID   
One of my favorite sites

I came across Energy Grid  years ago and has been one of my favorite sites since.  When you check it out, read Andrew P's articles for clarity about the New Age Movement. He can differentiate between the elements and makes sense of all the variables and egos.  It's a multi layered site and has a lot of cutting edge news, spiritual clarity and varied topics. 

And here is another of my favorite articles amidst the many in Energy Grid. It's by Denis Campbell entitled: Don't Drink the Kool Aid was written in 2006. Like Andrew P's work, Campbell's article is about the tricks of the trade in the "spiritual marketing world". Campbell relisted his piece on his own website (see below) a few months ago since hypocrisy is always a timely subject.... and amusing. Of course self-awareness is a most important subject, but it's the "bliss-ninnies" that make the "New Age Movement" an easy mark. 
He lays it out clearly:
"The spiritual marketing world is full of people who start out with high intentions, and then they inhale a bit of success and spend the next 20 years trying to hold it all together, while remaining relevant and getting others to drink their Kool-Aid. With a charismatic onstage presence – many have theatrical or television backgrounds as former actors and actresses – they use group trance, hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming's positively embedded commands and the best can quite literally hold a room of 500 people at the end of their fingertip. They're skilled actors, likeable, charming, disarming, share their wounds (or at least a very polished re-enactment of them as part of the shtick) and are VERY believable." 
Here is the complete  article on UKProgressive.

                        This is the REVIEW written on 9/9/09 about 
DownSize to Thrive by Andrew, the editor of ENERGY GRID: 

DownSize to Thrive is a practical, advice-packed website that shows the reader how to find balance in life and with the environment so that we can survive the 21st Century. From inner growth to managing your money, from learning to embrace simplicity to being satisfied with less, from natural health to emotional balance, this site is a treasure trove of wisdom that is becoming increasingly non-optional as we teeter toward the possibility of societal or ecological collapse. Check out the Survival Bible section which offers a one-page solution to the global crises.

This website is like training for a giant JEOPARDY game. Here's all the stuff, the data, the trivia, details and factoids that people talk about at cocktail parties. DownSize to Thrive put this page in because some people care to know this kind of "stuff", so you might as well have the answers quickly. Like.........
How do you use "Twitter" ?  What the hell is a "tweet"? So TWEET away HERE.

Here are some of the categories of HOW STUFF WORKS. Click on any of them and see what you can find out. Don't forget to come back to DownSize to Thrive to find more fascinating information of all types.

    *  Home
    * Adventure
    * Animals
    * Auto
    * Communication
    * Computer
    * Electronics
    * Entertainment
    * Food
    * Geography
    * Health
    * History
    * Home & Garden
    * Money
    * People
    * Science

 This most diverse, interesting and informative news site isn't one dimensional. They have many sides.... from Liberal to Libertarian, from hemp to "preparedness" with organic seeds, to lots of free web broadcasts about everything from the Federal Reserve to Ron Paul as their main man.   A good alternative news site to check out. 


 “A really engaging and unique program that falls between the shows on Air America and National Public Radio.”

Barry the champion who has battled with major conservative figures:Pat Robertson, William F. Buckley, Phyllis Schafly, and more.


Wonderful job..... this site does a wonderful job.

What and Who is Information Clearing House. Click here.

From the purpose and intent page  Click here.

This website does not suggest that it contains the "truth". The truth is a combination of all information and all facts relating to a topic. It is therefore unachievable (in my opinion) for anyone to say "I know the truth." ...........................

If you came to this site in search of "the truth" you will be disappointed. That is also true of CNN, FOX , ABC etc. If you came to gather information you may find it a useful resource.....each citizen has a civic responsibility to inform himself and share that information with others. The corporate media pumps information into our homes and does a great job of providing the information that our government wants us to know. It has in my opinion become the propaganda arm of government, and a great number of those who call themselves  journalists are in fact nothing less than presstitutes.


 About HowStuff Works

How Stuff Works, a wholly owned subsidiary of Discovery Communications, is the award-winning source of credible, unbiased, and easy-to-understand explanations of how the (PHYSICAL/VISIBLE/PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED sk) world actually works.
From car engines to search engines, from cell phones to stem cells, and thousands of subjects in between, HowStuffWorks has it covered.

  Read more "About HowStuff Works"

The CMD was founded by John Stauber in 1993 as an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, public interest organization. CMD's mission is to promote transparency and an informed debate by exposing corporate spin and government propaganda and by engaging the public in collaborative, fair and accurate reporting.

Center serves journalists, researchers, policymakers and citizens at large in the following ways.
 * Countering propaganda by investigating and reporting on behind-the-scenes public relations campaigns by corporations, industries, governments and other powerful institutions.
 * Informing and assisting grassroots citizen activism that promotes public health, economic justice, ecological sustainability and human rights.
 Promoting media literacy to help the public recognize the forces shaping the information they receive about issues that affect their lives.
 * Sponsoring "open content" media that enable citizens from all walks of life to "be the media" and to participate in creating media content.

These stories — told by hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans who have watched their premiums rise faster than wages, and spiraling costs shackle American businesses — put a personal touch on the health care crisis. On this site, you can: 
EXPLORE  — Find stories near you, to see how those in your area are affected. Read stories from across the country, and see the common thread in a crisis that affects us all.

AMPLIFY — When you come across a particularly moving story — one that inspires you to act, or reminds us all of the human cost of the status quo — click the megaphone icon near it. You'll "amplify" the story, and increase the chances that other folks like you will come across it.

SHARE — If you have not already done so, please tell your own story about how our nation's health care crisis has affected you or a loved one. Your voice has extraordinary power -- please use it. 
SourceWatch is a free encyclopedia of people, issues, and groups shaping the public agenda, including activist groups and government agencies but especially public relations firms, front groups, industry-friendly experts and think tanks that try to manipulate public opinion. It catalogues descriptions and details of as well as the criticisms that are made of these groups from different perspectives. 
“Rampton and Stauber are two of America’s bravest, finest journalists. Their work is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how greedy corporations and their allies in government now wield power in the United States.” – Eric Schlosser, author of "Fast Food Nation" and "Chew on This"
“The Center's work in exposing government and corporate propaganda is absolutely essential to our democracy.” – Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

    Political Irony by ROBIN WILLIAMS
      Humor and Hypocrisy from the 
World of Politics
This is a site devoted to the ironic, humorous, twisted, hypocritical, and bizarre side of politics. 
This will never get old:  Watch Robin Williams performing in England. The clip is entitled, "Robin Williams Bush & Obama". Fantastic.

Comprehensive information found on YOUR MONEY  page.

European commercials show the vast difference in our humor and ability to see life as the giant joke it really is. Here are 100 of the top European commercials over the years. 


When this book came out in 1988, it took thinkers all over the country by storm. We were calling each other like wildfire,  and without cell phones or computers to let us know about this amazing book. It  is a  book that synthesizes  spiritual insights and elements of the human condition, breaking them down into elements we can understand. This book organized my mind around it's desire to synthesize the bigger picture.   

From the website adishakti.org come a brief explanation of  UNKNOWN MAN.  Here is one paragraph:

"The author blends science and mysticism, facts and speculation to create a vivid and unexpected portrait of the coming changelings: their appearance, their physical, mental and spiritual differences and the way in which we — the old Homo sapiens need to prepare ground for those already on our doorstep

A little more info about UNKNOWN MAN from a very interesting site.   

The Mysterious Birth of A New Species
Richard Back's book "ONE"   Here's another book for clearing the mind. After it defrags it. Get it and expand.

In a dramatic moment I might say that I created this entire website just to tell you about this book, UNKNOWN MAN (and The Peace Pilgrim). Like creating this website, reading Unknown Man cleared my mind.  It's impossible to be in harmony if our minds are too full. 
"To live in a pristine land ... to roam the wilderness ... to choose a site, cut trees, and build a home ... Thousands have had such dreams, but Richard Proenneke lived them. Here is a tribute to a man in tune with his surroundings who carved his masterpiece out of the beyond..." and also took pictures with his Bolex camera making films of his self-sufficiency and kept complete records of his 30 years in the Alaskan wilderness. This is the essence of functional simplicity. Fantastic! 
The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It'll teach you something, it'll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever.
 "Alone in the Wilderness" is the story of Dick Proenneke living in the Alaska wilderness. Dick filmed his adventures so he could show his relatives in the lower 48 states what life was like in Alaska, building his cabin, hunting for food and exploring the area. Bob Swerer has taken the best footage from Dick's films and he has created 3 videos about Dick, "Alone in the Wilderness", "Alaska, Silence and Solitude" and "The Frozen North". You can purchase all of them in DVD or VHS format from the www.DickProenneke.com website. 

The Simple Living Network links to lots of great books and references for details about how to SIMPLIFY. Real People Finding Peace & Fulfillment In A Complex World.
Choosing Simplicity is a groundbreaking work that goes beyond the books that tell you why to simplify and how to simplify your life. This is the book that tells all -- what has really happened in the lives of real people who have done it. How does simplicity translate in our modern day-to-day world? Can people who embrace this lifestyle sustain it over time? What are the downsides? Is it worth it? Do they miss the "old way?" 
by Timothy Bostom
Financial strains, housing crisis, credit crunch, climate change, overconsumption, war, and a general malaise plague our world, but what do they all have in common? They are a consequence of a modern way of behaving that all too often excludes the simpler ways in life. How do we truly feel when we buy extra 'things' amidst store crowds in comparison to chatting and watching a sunset with people we love? Why are we more willing to spend time buying those lifeless objects instead of receiving a warm free hug? Have we been incorrectly programmed in some manner?  What products are truly life sustaining, and what is causing us stress? How have we lost our way and why? The Audacity of Simplicity tackles these questions and more by revealing some of the very notions that defy a world of turmoil, decay, and unhappiness. It asks us to walk in strength towards a more hopeful future that redefines progress and success as personal and social well-being, environmental stewardship, relationship-building, non-material growth, inner reflection, and social capital. It envisions a caring humanity with shared emotions and a common destiny. 
From their home page comes this direct focus: "Civilization as we know it is coming to an end soon. This is not the wacky proclamation of a doomsday cult, apocalypse bible prophecy sect, or conspiracy theory society. Rather, it is the scientific conclusion of the best paid, most widely-respected geologists, physicists, bankers, and investors in the world. These are rational, professional, conservative individuals who are absolutely terrified by a phenomenon known as global "Peak Oil.
Contact the ORION PROJECT. One of the Orion Project's primary goals is to support the research and development of new energy generation systems to benefit the environment, alleviate world poverty and decrease dependence on all forms of fossil fuels.
If you have a working over-unity technology for The Orion Project to test, study or support, please fill out our online Technology Submission Form. At this time we are only investigating technologies that are already built and ready for evaluation.

NASA MISSIONS. Hope you didn't think there were only a few. 
The Real News Network is a television news and documentary network focused on providing independent and uncompromising journalism. Our staff, in collaboration with courageous journalists around the globe, will investigate, report and debate stories on the critical issues of our times. We are viewer supported and do not accept advertising, government or corporate funding.

Project Censored  
 Founded by Carl Jensen in 1976, The News That Didn't Make the News...is a media research program working in cooperation with numerous independent media groups in the U.S.

Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information - was launched in 1988 in order to promote dialogue at various levels between the Israeli and Palestinian civil societies. As such it is one of the oldest of the bridge-building initiatives and ... the only joint Israeli-Palestinian public policy think-tank in the world. It is devoted to developing practical solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Huffington Post 
Constantly changing bits of news from all around.
 It's like a rubix cube on steroids. 

It's impossible to make sense out of opinions and that's all we've got on any side. Everyone thinks they know more than they do. Those who know the truth aren't talking to the masses. So let's go on record on Sept.9, 09 to see if this "Conspiracy Theory" has any validity.  Through this winter we will see if any of this happens or not. SK 

A short recap: 1) a bioengineered swine flu has been created by fascist medical labs, very likely located in the U.S.  2) the swine flu variety is of a mild type  3) despite the relative harmlessness of the swine flu, a level 6 pandemic has been declared by the W.H.O. 4) official reporting of all swine flu cases and identification of flu cases as actually being H1N1 has been terminated, so that phoney statistics can be manufactured and the fear level intentionally ramped up  5) disclosure of the harmful constituents of the vaccinations (THE REAL HEALTH THREAT) has been kept secret so that the full, short and long term health dangers can be kept from the people  6) simultaneously, the existence of natural, safe and very effective flu protection protocols have been systematically kept from the public through the mass media, so that pharmaceutical drugs appear to be the only defense against the H1N1 virus  7) using hyped propaganda, a plan to force vaccinations on the populace has been put into place and will soon be implemented. 
Click HERE for more info
Vaccines as Biological Weapons? Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries
(NaturalNews) Your right to eat healthy food and use supplements of your choice is rapidly vanishing, but every effort has been made to keep you in the dark about the coming nutricide. Codex Alimentarius is scheduled for full global implementation on December 31, 2009, and not a word has been spoken in main stream media about this threat to humanity. Yet, according to the projections of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a minimum of 3 billion people will die from the Codex mandated vitamin and mineral guideline alone. As the clock ticks toward this irrevocable deadline, the Natural Solutions Foundation (NSF) and its medical director, Dr. Rima Laibow, are feverishly working to change Codex guidelines. They need your help.
 Codex Alimentarius - Dare you ignore it?
         from:   Remedies Direct

More and more people are becoming concerned about the shady, secretive organization that is Codex Alimentarius - the thinly-veiled propaganda arm of the international pharmaceutical industry that does everything it can to promote industry objectives whilst limiting individual options to maintain health (which would diminish mermbers profits).

Codex alimentarius is one of the major bodies behind the effort to limit access to nutritional products and information. Its motivation is not rocket science and neither is the source of its funding - money that somehow expected to return a profit to its members . . . Most of the information available regarding codex alimentarius refers to its role in the USA, but it is not a US-specific body. Far from it, Codex has wiggled its dirty little tentacles into just about every national or international body concerned with public health. Posing as a benefactor, it then uses its significant financial and political clout to do its masters bidding.

(NaturalNews) Your right to eat healthy food and use supplements of your choice is rapidly vanishing, but every effort has been made to keep you in the dark about the coming nutricide. Codex Alimentarius is scheduled for full global implementation on December 31, 2009, and not a word has been spoken in main stream media about this threat to humanity. Yet, according to the projections of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a minimum of 3 billion people will die from the Codex mandated vitamin and mineral guideline alone. As the clock ticks toward this irrevocable deadline, the Natural Solutions Foundation (NSF) and its medical director, Dr. Rima Laibow, are feverishly working to change Codex guidelines. They need your help.
 As you can read in the excellent article below, there is much to be concerned about when considering codex alimentarius - ignore it at your peril. 

In 1986 I was fortunate enough to go on a Shamanic anthropology trip to southern Mexico with Joan Halifax and her associates. 

 There were 35 people on the three week trip ranging in age from 25 to 85.   In the meantime, check out the pictures from San Juan de Chamula, an amazing mountain town in Chiapas, which doesn't allow pictures to be taken during the Festival of Chamula (which we attended). The indigenous Indios are amazing people. It's quite a story but I have to leave something for my old age to write about....

The pyramid in Palenque is one of the most important structures in all of the Americas. The decision to move the tomb from its original location certainly alters the energy.  So to see what you won't be able to see now as a seeker"/traveler, check out the personal travel site by George and Audrey DeLange, another traveling couple who have done a great job exploring and sharing their adventures with us. Their pictures of Palenque show the REAL descent into the Temple of Inscriptions before it was closed.  I thought you weren't supposed to move these power structures, folks.... that does NOT feel "right", as they say.......

Click on  LA and Susan's home page if you want to do more travels with them. 

A small tribute to reason.....
And then on Rick's site you 
will also find 30 additional HINTS for travel savings and dollar stretching.
His DIRTY 30.

The REAL Palenque 

Nassim Haramein   is the main force behind  The Resonance Project Foundation which is dedicated to the unification of all sciences and philosophies emerging from a complete and applied view of the physics underlying the wheelworks of nature.
Editor's Choice

by "Ignatious O'Reilly"  from
April 1, 2010 ...Read more here!
Linda Tellington-Jones  has created a worldwide training for humans and their animals. Her books and trainings methods can be found here.

Death is an interesting and fascinatung transition , but once in a while something (besides our loves ones) comes along that reminds us what we will miss in physical form when we have left this planet. Sure, we don't need the inspiration in energy form, but it's the excitement of our experiences here that drew us into form in the first place.

Well, this video shows the brilliance and depth of the human and how, through our many talents, we show what drives us and who we are inside.  Here is such a being.  A beautiful and passionate artist, inside and out. To watch the world impacted by someone like this lovely young woman is truly phenomenal. You can't miss this one.

Kseniya Simonova is a 24 year old Ukrainian artist who won "Ukraine's Got Talent" for 2009.  With a giant light box and intense music to punctuate the happenings in her sand painting, Kseniya interprets Germany's invasion and occupation of Ukraine during WWII.
You will be fascinated and moved. No doubt.

These are women and men who exemplified: " (the) courage, honesty, tolerance, generosity, wisdom and compassion that have made our country strong. One lesson that can be learned from all of these Americans is that the greatness of our country frequently depends not on the letter of the law, but the insistence of a single person that we adhere to the spirit of the law." 
Robert Shetterly began painting his "Americans Who Tell the Truth" series for a lot of reasons. His site will "show and tell" it all. 
Shetterly was moved to paint these portraits of Americans and to add some of their immortal words on the paintings. 
Here is one of the portraits that tour learning institutions in the U.S. Bet you don't know who this "tell it like it is" man is..... find out HERE.  There are many other mentors to whom Shetterly gives respect and acknowledgment. It's a wonderful way for us to learn about our devoted teachers.
Kseniya Simonove
Americans Who Tell The Truth
Rocio Romero
The LV Home Series – modern kit 
homes by Rocio Romero that are 
affordable, easily built, and highly 
customizable.  We provide you with
a kit of parts that  makesup the 
exterior shell of the LV home 
and can be delivered anywhere
 in the States. 
The Phoenix Commotion is a low-income housing initiative that was created by Dan and Marsha Phillips from Texas. They use discarded materials and build small homes with the people that need them. It is a grass roots Habitat for Humanity and the homes are creative and really affordable.

An Earthship is defined by the following 6 principles:
Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling
Solar & Wind Electricity
Contained Sewage Treatment
Building with Natural & Recycled Materials
Water Harvesting
Food Production

Earthships are a huge part of the alternativemarketplace. Made from recycled materials,especially tires.... 
One of the most important issues of our era.
We Steal Secrets - The Story of Wikileaks

 The Bee Photographer 
My favorite country for bee gathering astonishment is Nepal. Here is Eric's section about the HONEY GATHERS from Nepal
There is an older picture book about the Napalese honey hunters which I bought 20 years ago, so I was even more excited to find Eric's work.  Here is his book called Le Peuple des Abeilles. You can order it on Amazon from France
From his site:  “My approach for all of these images was to try to capture live bees in photos by having the bees pose as models". Here is a picture of Eric's beautiful models from his page for purchasing  BEE POSTERS
Linda Tellington-Jones
On our Shamanic Anthropology Mexican trip group was a fantastically talented lady whose work as an "animal teacher and healer" is well known in the horse circles. FYI, Linda also could recite poetry for hours with no memory loss. It boggled my mind, for sure since my concept of "Living in the Now" means I don't stress because I can't recall my best friend's names. (Sigh).

Linda's prodigiously expansive energy talents allows her to bond with animals like "magic". 

 She uses no mouth bit or reins and has the animals relaxing and learning to live in freedom in a short period of time.. 

Mock, paper, scissors  This blogger has it down. He's a Link King and brings all kinds of stimulating folks into a  community with spunk and heart. 
He included a very brave friend of mine whose blog is entitled:  Salmon Alley: Liberal Posts from a Conservative Neighborhood. My friend Mark really does live smack dab in the middle of FOX News folks. They are considered friends, but he pulls out the stops on an intellectual level, and for that has my utmost admiration. Hell, I can't stand bothing to disagree with people who agree with my world view. God love these bloggers.

Mock, paper, scissors said about Salmon Alley: Scissorheads: get thee hence to Salmon Alley for a rollicking good time. It’s smart, and snarky, and there are some great tunes, too. 

One Pissed Off Veteran   That's a clear title. Tells it like it is and no words are minced.We don't have time for chewing up old ideas anymore. Get to the heart of the matter.     If you're on the fence this will clear up a lot.

John Taylor Gatto
Speech to the Vermont Homeschooling Conference

This speech is found on numerous sites. One of them is the Preservation Institute which also lists his writing in the web. They say,
 "A former New York teacher of the year, Gatto is the most interesting writer on education today. He shows that our bureaucratic schools and our bureaucratic society get in the way of learning, and he often contrasts modern America with 19th century America, where family, work, and democratic self-government let people educate themselves.. "

The preface to the speech begins: "John Gatto is the former New York State Teacher of the Year who renounced the government school system in his landmark book DUMBING US DOWN. He is constantly in demand as a public speaker.

As a bit of background, the industrial titans of the 1890's began to think that not only could the production line be engineered, but people's lives could be engineered as well, in order to work like homogeneous robots with the machines. Rockefeller and Carnegie gave huge sums to prominent academics to see if this could be realized through the educational system. They found that to a considerable extent it could, and it is still being done today as evidenced in the Congressional Record during the Clinton administration. This is the story that John Gatto has to tell"  DB)

Halexandria is a Synthesis of new physics, sacred geometry, ancient and modern history, multiple universes & realities, consciousness, the Ha Qabala and ORME, extraterrestrials, corporate rule and politics, law, order and entropy, trial by jury, astronomy, monetary policy, scientific anomalies, religion and spirituality, and a whole host of other subjects.... he's a very interesting fellow.

NEXUS is a bi-monthly alternative news magazine covering health breakthroughs, future science and technology, suppressed news, free energy, religious revisionism, conspiracy, the environment, history and ancient mysteries, the mind, UFOs, paranormal and the unexplained.

NEXUS Magazine is not affiliated with any political, religious or spiritual groups or organisations whatsoever, and has been published since 1986. The magazine is on sale in shops across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Holland, Greece, Poland, Croatia, Japan, Romania, Serbia and Russia. 

Here is a little song celebrating our position at #37 in the world in healthcare. "We're Number 37" 
                      You're gonna love it. 


We're Number 37!


More and more people across America are waking up to the mismatch between what is taught in schools and what common sense tells us we need to know. What can you do about it? 

Read More By John Gatto

Hidden From History
The untold story of the genocide  of the Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. The unconscionable actions continues today.

Southern Poverty Law Center
 Tracks Hate Crimes and Teaches Tolerance
The Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama was founded in 1971 as a small civil rights law firm. Today, SPLC is internationally known for its tolerance education programs, its legal victories against white supremacists and its tracking of hate groups.Their tracking system is extraordinary as is their record of fighting hate crimes for 30 years. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center was founded by Morris Dees and Joe Levin, two local lawyers who shared a commitment to racial equality.
Their TEACHING TOLERANCE program is stupendous and sends out amazing videos and programs for FREE to educators. Overs 400,000 teachers take advantage of their fantastic work. 

Check out their work and find someone in your community who will happily take advantage of their well conceived and well executed programs for all grad levels. Here is the beginning page for their Teaching Kits.

There is nothing more expanding or evolving for your brain :From the site: 
At this critical time in history, when the limitations of our consciousness are suffocating our creativity and joy with the refuse generated by our short-sightedness, what if we could go back to the source to open up new possibilities -- first in our minds, then in the world around us?
For centuries, indeed for millennia, cultures have used naturally occurring psychedelic plants to free themselves from limited vision, limited ego, physical ailments and the cycles of suffering and recrimination that doom people to closed-end systems of unintended destruction. What if there was another way? Read more:
      Want to understand how the brainwashing is really set up to create our confusion?

Make sure to read the entire page on PSYCHOPATHY on this website,
DownSize to Thrive.  
It's the kind of information that will change your perspective on who is running the show and why.

 What Really Happened:Use your own mind and if you get angry, check out what they are saying to see who has the scoop.  I have, and on lots of these issues they are not off the mark.

       What is the 
Voluntary Human Extinction Movement?

VHEMT (pronounced vehement) is a movement not an organization. It’s a movement advanced by people who care about life on planet Earth. We’re not just a bunch of misanthropes and anti-social, Malthusian misfits, taking morbid delight whenever disaster strikes humans. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Voluntary human extinction is the humanitarian alternative to human disasters.

We don’t carry on about how the human race has shown itself to be a greedy, amoral parasite on the once-healthy face of this planet. That type of negativity offers no solution to the inexorable horrors which human activity is causing.

Rather, The Movement presents an encouraging alternative to the callous exploitation and wholesale destruction of Earth’s ecology.

As VHEMT Volunteers know, the hopeful alternative to the extinction of millions of species of plants and animals is the voluntary extinction of one species: Homo sapiens... us.

Each time another one of us decides to not add another one of us to the burgeoning billions already squatting on this ravaged planet, another ray of hope shines through the gloom.

When every human chooses to stop breeding, Earth’s biosphere will be allowed to return to its former glory, and all remaining creatures will be free to live, die, evolve (if they believe in evolution), and will perhaps pass away, as so many of Nature’s “experiments” have done throughout the eons. 

Q: How do I join?

Being VHEMT is a state of mind. All you have to do to join is make the choice to refrain from further reproduction. For some, this is an easy decision to make. For others, it’s a moot issue. But for many, joining The Movement means making a monumental personal sacrifice.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement is not an organization, so no membership dues go to officials in offices. We are millions of individuals, each doing what we feel is best. Join with other VHEMT Volunteers and Supporters.
#3)  The Paradigm Shift Videos
 #2) One of the many little publicized Human Rights Organizations in Israel. 
There's a lot of peace activity going on that we don't know about.

B'TSELEM - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories was established in 1989 by a group of prominent academics, attorneys, journalists, and Knesset members. It endeavors to document and educate the Israeli public and policymakers about human rights violations in the Occupied Territories, combat the phenomenon of denial prevalent among the Israeli public, and help create a human rights culture in Israel.
As an Israeli human rights organization, B'Tselem acts primarily to change Israeli policy in the Occupied Territories and ensure that its government, which rules the Occupied Territories, protects the human rights of residents there and complies with its obligations under international law.

B'Tselem is independent and is funded by contributions from foundations in Europe and North America that support human rights activity worldwide, and by private individuals in Israel and abroad.
B'Tselem has attained a prominent place among human rights organizations. In December, 1989 it received the Carter-Menil Award for Human Rights. Its reports have gained B'Tselem a reputation for accuracy, and the Israeli authorities relate to them seriously. B'Tselem ensures the reliability of information it publishes by conducting its own fieldwork and research, the results of which are thoroughly cross-checked with relevant documents, official government sources, and information from other sources, among them Israeli, Palestinian, and other human rights organizations.
These are very provocative videos.  Hopefully you have the courage to watch them.  Being "uncomfortable is a growth activity.

Taking on the complexities of the facts and fictions of religion, this is well researched and has lots of books and materials you will need for your own sanity, not to mention if you actually want to discuss this in your family and friends groups. Gives you the support you may still need to go past the relentless  "meta/maxi/mini/mega programming."  
        Five videos about FEDERAL RESERVE
Part 2  continuation of part 1
Part 3  continuation of part 2
Part 4  continuation of part 3
Part 5  continuation of part 
Four videos about THE WORLD TRADE CENTER
Part 2  continuation of part 1
Part 3  continuation of part 2   
Part 4  continuation of part 3

     The book:  The FAMILY                                      by Jeff Sharlet
 The SECRET FUNDAMENTALISM at the HEART OF AMERICAN POWER.                                                                                                    Here is his blog.                    

Washington - President Obama, U.S. congressmen and their aides held an emergency four hour-long meeting Wednesday to decide what action to take to stem a sudden and unprecedented mass enlightenment of the US population that threatens to destabilize the Government and create a fiscal crisis. 
Women's Travel Aid - The Urinelle Cone

Disposable Urinelle makes it easy to answer nature's call. Women can now stand, with minimal undressing, at hole-in-the-floor "squat" toilets around the world (or too-dirty-to-sit Western toilets). Seven easy-to-use, 100% biodegradable funnels per package. Lady travelers, get yours here!
Click here to add text.
Creator of Wikileaks, Julian Assage, talks about what Wikileaks is all about and how it works. Investigative journalism is not totally dead. 

These folks and their compatriots are incredibly brave. Hell, I'm totally harmless to the powers-that-be, and I still worry about putting links to these courageous souls out on the web. If I didn't care so much about how decent and caring young people are going to stay functional (alive) in the future, I wouldn't even bother about any of this. Lying on the beach seems like a better deal each day, but then .... are there going to BE beaches if we don't remain aware and do our little part?

Find out more about Wikileaks.... spend the time to listen to these videos (they all roll into the next ones automatically)  and through this information you will find out more about the nefarious webs some of our brethren have created that really do effect all of us.  


I'm going to do a page since this is beyond psychopathy.
In the meantime, here is Energy Grid's very well done page to guide you to more than you want to know about the insanity of humanity. 

From Energy Grid:
"Ringling Bros circus abuses animals including baby elephants (Dec 2009)
When you go to an animal circus, never forget that the obedience and tricks the animals are performing are the result of many hundreds of hours of torture and abuse. Elephants don't stand on their heads unless they are beaten into submission by cruel profit driven human beings. The picture on the right is of a baby elephant being abused so that it leans to lie down on instruction. The handlers use polls with spikes and electric shocks to "encourage" compliance, as well as ropes and tethers. This abuse is unacceptable in any civilized society, so please STOP going to the animal circus tents of horror." For more info visit: ringling beats animals.com
Here's a quick overiew video showing a little about how we are programmed to accept the obvious controlling forces we see being implemented. It started a long time ago..... as long as humanity has been in this stage of development. Perhaps we will, as a friend of mine says, 

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” Bertrand Russell

My youngest son pointed me to the Dunning-Kruger effect on Wikipedia. For years I have moaned about how everyone I know, with few exceptions, don't seem to know how little they know.Seems to be one of the ways the human mind works. Damn.

From Wikipedia:
 Essentially, this is a cognitive bias where unskilled people rate themselves much higher than their ability and skilled people rate themselves lower than their ability. The ignorant are blissful and the informed are self-deprecating–how interesting! I’m not sure this cognitive bias explains “ignorance is bliss,” but it certainly helps me understand some people better and helps to remove self-doubt. Here’s a snippet from the Wikipedia article:The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which "people reach erroneous conclusions and make unfortunate choices, but their incompetence robs them of the metacognitive ability to realize it."[1] The unskilled therefore suffer from illusory superiority, rating their own ability as above average, much higher than it actually is, while the highly skilled underrate their abilities, suffering from illusory inferiority. This leads to the perverse situation in which less competent people rate their own ability higher than more competent people. It also explains why actual competence may weaken self-confidence: because competent individuals falsely assume that others have an equivalent understanding. "Thus, the miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others."[1]
Read the whole article on Wikipedia:
The Dunning Kruger Effect

by RSA Animate
There are 246 Animated Videos 
on this creative site!

By Dr. Robert Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, Ret.
National Commander, “The Patriots”

            The United States is in trouble.  We’re in danger of becoming a fascist dictatorship where big government and big business combine to rule, and where the people are considered just a source of labor.  The marriage of government and the investor class has succeeded in exporting our jobs, importing illegal laborers to provide a pool of cheap labor, and driving down wages for all American workers, destroying the middle class.  Their foreign and military policies have led us into unnecessary wars of aggression to gain raw materials and enhance profits of the global robber barons.  Their trade policies have resulted in capital flight, job loss, trade deficits, and the ownership of much of our infrastructure by foreign interests.

            We’ve gotten into this fix because our presidents, of both parties, have been servants of the global investors, and because our representatives in Congress, again of both parties, have abdicated their Constitutional responsibilities and subjected themselves to an imperial presidency.  Read More of this article Here


What a hard working, dedicated and devoted "patriot".  Dr. Bowman has the right ideas about the whole cacaphony of issues people go ballistic over.  He knows how to look at all sides and make sense out of  oppositional positions.  Anyone who wants to staunch our Nation's bleeding could come to center with Dr. Bowman.  He knows humans are all the same and that pulling together is our only hope.  Bob Bowman is well worth your time. It's important to know that such a good soul is out there, going to bat for your real rights and traveling the country to talk about it openly. 

Bob Bowman has a life time of experience. Let him know you appreciate him if you do! email Bob HERE..

Here is Dr. Bowman's page for ISSUES!

More about Dr. Bowman HERE
Follow the Constitution            Honor the Truth             Serve the People

Stephen Lendman's excellent blog will fill you in.
For 30 years, Stewart worked heroically to defend America's poor, underprivileged, and unwanted, never afforded due process and judicial fairness without an advocate like her. Where others wouldn't go, she defended controversial figures. She knew the risk, but did it fearlessly and courageously until bogusly indicted on April 9, 2002

Stephen Lendman's Blog will give you the story.
Friday, 16 July 2010
Darkness in America: Lynne Stewart's Resentencing
Gets 10 years imprisonment for doing her job honorably, ethically.


 Lynne Stewart's Crime of Courage, Honor and Resisting Tyranny
     Lynne Stewart's Long Struggle for Justice
     Lynne Stewart: Heroic Human Rights Lawyer Jailed
     Updating Lynne Stewart's "Love Struggle"
     Updating Lynne Stewart's "Love Struggle:" Part II

This article is well worth the read. 
The Veil is Lifted, The Gloves Are Off
By Elaine Brower
Toward the end.......There is no justice in this system. There never was, and never will be. There is only hatred, fear, and an elite system of injustice. The judge is only a puppet of the state and did what he was told to do. The prosecutor is a prostitute and regurgitates enough bullshit to make people afraid enough to go home and lock their doors so they too won't wind up like Lynn Stewart. When she was wrongfully sentenced to 10 years behind bars, there should have been a riot in the courtroom. Instead, everyone left.

Folks, it has always been like this. I didn't live through the McCarthy era, and was happy I didn't. I am a child of the 60's and the radicalness of the 70's. I thought, in my naiveté, that this country stood for something good, and protected freedom of speech, the rights of people of color to live and work without the threat of police oppression, and most of all, it was a nation that was accepting and tolerant of those who came here from all over the world to experience the "American dream."

What a bunch of crap. It has always been a bad system. Sometimes there would be breakthroughs in civil rights, or women's rights, but those where aberrations. Not the norm. The system would again rise up to take it all away, because it wasn't meant to be fair and just for all people, only those who are the elite in this society. It always brings me back to how this country was founded, on the blood of those who already lived here.

And so it goes, we see the true face of American justice. Take a good look while the veil is lifted, because it will be dropped again, and you will be fooled into thinking if only we had more hope.

From Wikipedia comes this information: 
 United States Attorney General Ramsey Clark was interviewed about the case on Democracy Now! on February 11, 2005. He said:
It is clear that Lynne Stewart and the truth and the Constitution of the United States are all victims of 9/11 and of a repressive government that is taking advantage of the fear that they have helped create arising from that that is destroying freedom in this country...This case would never have been brought except for the fear generated and the advantage that the Bush administration was taking of it by the events on September 11, 2001. In ordinary times and circumstances, it would be recognized that everything that Lynne did was exactly what an effective attorney representing a client zealously would be obligated to do...I don’t know of anything that Lynne did that I didn’t do. We did what we had to do to represent our clients. And if you don’t do that, then you don’t have truth before the jury or before the public and you don’t have the Constitutional right to the assistance of counsel.[6]
Michael Tigar, her attorney, gave his opinion of the significance of Ramsey Clark coming to her defense. Claiming the U.S. government was running 'concentration camps', he said:
Ramsey Clark set an example here because he didn’t have to come to court and stand up for Lynne, but he did it, and it shows that this case really is a threat to all the lawyers who are out there attempting to represent people that face these terrible consequences...The only way that we will ever get to the bottom of the American concentration camp abuses at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib is that if the lawyers for these prisoners are permitted to tell their stories to the world. If the government can shut off that communication, which they have attempted to do over and over and over again, these activities will continue in secret.[6]
           WE LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY, huh?
 LYNNE STEWART                                                                            
The Rosenberg's ghosts are alive and well in America today. 
Stephen Lendman's previous articles can be accessed through the following links:

In THE SHOCK DOCTRINE, Naomi Klein explodes the myth that the global free market triumphed democratically. Exposing the thinking, the money trail and the puppet strings behind the world-changing crises and wars of the last four decades, The Shock Doctrine is the gripping story of how America’s “free market” policies have come to dominate the world-- through the exploitation of disaster-shocked people and countries. 

NAOMI KLEIN is an award-winning journalist, syndicated columnist and author of the New York Times and #1 international bestseller, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. Published worldwide in 2007, The Shock Doctrine is being translated in over 25 languages and has over a million copies in print. It appeared on multiple ‘best of year’ lists including as a New York Times Critics’ Pick of the Year. Rachel Maddow called The Shock Doctrine, "The only book of the last few years in American publishing that I would describe as a mandatory must-read.”
Goodbye to all That: 
Confessions of a GOP Operative 
Who Left the Cult  
by Mike Lofgren Sept 3, 2011

Click Here to read one of the best articles of the late 2011 season of political insanity. Mr. Lofgren finally, after 30 years, had had enough of the Republican insanity and left the party to their cannibalism of themselves and this formerly great nation.  Addressing the cresting wave of the tsunami of disaster that has been sweeping the United States for the past who-the-fuck-knows-number-of-years, he gives us am article which is masterful in its clarity and honesty. 
Read It HERE!

​Here's another Lofgren article. He's really clear and has the background to be.
Mike Lofgren | The Revolt of the Lower Middle Class and the Stupidity of the Elites 
9/11 Explosive Evidence: 
Experts Speak Out, Full-length, 
Pre-Release film
If you haven't yet figured out that no giant steel structure can pancake in on itself in 10 seconds like the three towers did without being "demolitioned" (don't forget Building 7 that was burning for hours and suddenly fell like a house of cards).... if you haven't been scratching your head for years over this........then you are in delusion and denial beyond the limits of sensibility or personal safety.  Want to know the real story?
WATCH THIS pre-release amazing display of honesty by 50 experts in the fields of engineering, construction, demolition from universities and businesses all over this country.

Getting a grasp on what is really going on is more important to your survial than most folks want to admit.  Your quality of life, however, depends on it. Not to mention our grandchildren's.
First, the short version of Bucky Fuller's personal story. Yep, we must spend time in silence even if our friends think we're "whatever they think".

       The Vision of Buckminster Fuller 
by Celest Adams

It's hard to imagine, but some people don't know Louis CK .  Some think he's a fragment of George Carlin left to keep us warm. Watch 6 parts of Shameless

Cutting Edge "Crash Course" Information 
8 Rooms
compacted and transforming 420 square feet in SOHO,

Check it out.
Wikileaks says: “The film portrays Manning’s alleged acts as failure of character rather than a triumph of conscience. The portrayal of Manning’s alleged relationship to WikiLeaks and to Assange is grossly irresponsible and suggests – erroneously and when evidence is to the contrary – that Assange may be guilty of conspiring with Bradley Manning to commit espionage or similar offences. The film buys into the current US government position that journalists and publishers can be prosecuted as co-conspirators alongside their alleged sources.
Like all official reporting, it's full of bullshit.
DownSize To Thrive
"Off the Grid"  HOUSING 
It's Nov. 5, 2013 and a 70% victory vote in Portland, Maine brought a smile. So now we can carry a bit of Nature's bounty, while thousands of poor souls still suffer in prison in the states where pot has been criminalized.... can you imagine the gall? The level of human hypocrisy and heartlessness is truly cavernous.
This Web Links page will speed up your access to synthesized, cutting-edge information to help you make thriving choices during these turbulent times. We must understand the many arenas that affect our lives in order to make rapid and intelligent choices.  Knowledge supports a courageous frame of mind, a healthy emotional and nervous system, a body that remains hail and hearty as we age and an expansive connection to the Universe. Knowledge allows you to focus despite the increasing "overwhelm" our modern world has thrust upon all of us. With a wide overview like DownSize to Thrive, you can take healthy control of all aspects of your life as you downsize your possessions for ease of living.  Breaking out of the non-productive, circular imprinted patterns by understanding the relationship between the emotions, reason and intuitive processes, creates a FAST TRACK to conscious decision making.                                                                                                      
 Great Links about  YOUR BRAIN
Make sure you click on YOUR BRAIN page for MUCH more INFO
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 Great Links about MONEY
Digging Deeper
You're going to either love these sites ......or hate them ...or a little of both.  Either way, try not to ignore them. Knowledge is power.
 #1)  A most provocative site. 
Remember to come back here after you get lost in the material there...

There are many Power Places on Earth and Palenque, Mexico is one of the most intense in the Western Hemisphere.
Nestled in a dense jungle forest in a dramatic mountain setting, Palenque is considered one of the most impressive and esoteric of Mexico's Mayan ruins. Deep  within the Temple of the Inscriptons, is the "Tomb" of The Great Pakal and this energy source holds a power and mystery.  Here is an enjoyable personal travel site created by LA and Susan Wyatt. They are having a lot of fun and created a nice page about Palenque, one of the most impressive of all of the Mayan recovered cities. Their overview of Palenque in pictoral form is fun to real. I am including one of their pictures so you can click and go directly to their site. 

Although many archeologists consider that the The Temple of  Inscriptions is the funerary monument of Pakal, the first great sovereign of Palenque... there are more esoteric beliefs about this most important inscribed sarcophagus. I had a life shifting experience when viewing the inscriptions. Most unfortunately for those who have a deep affinity for the Mayans, the temple is now closed to the public and the hieroglyphic panels described the family tree of King Pakal have been moved to the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. The tomb itself seems to have been moved to the Museum in Palenque.

 In Barbara Ehrenreich's book, Dancing In The Streets, she discusses how, as a collective, we have been depressed by the robotic qualities of modern life and the separateness in which we live. She discusses  how we can begin to reclaim our joy. In the AlterNet interview: "Ehrenreich links the current epidemic of depression with our lack of group bonding rituals and explores how festive gatherings can be vehicles for social change.

Lots of info on the YOUR FEELINGS page. No need to double up here. 

 Make sure you click on   YOUR FEELINGS for more info  
  Great Links about YOUR FEELINGS


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Can Viruses Make Us Human?
.......by the main man of the virus world: LUIS P. VILLARREAL, Director, Center for Virus Research at the University of California at Irvine and
Dr. Nathan Wolfe and The Global Viral Forecasting Initiative. 
Also, check out the mimi virus. We're learning about viral origins. Precursor for life on this planet. 
Mixing it up..... This looks like a great helper. Better than the proverbial paper cup. 
                   Chris Sharma's Rock Climbing
 MultiMedia Film clip. A most astounding clip has been taken off YouTube claiming the usual copyright reason, which showed Chris climbing the most amazing rock formation in the waters of Mallorca, Spain. It is called Es Pontas 9b and it shows up in the background of this first clip.    
 More Chris Sharma
Éric Tourneret has been pursuing his passion for travel and exploration since he was 17. Now he is focused on photography of bees, nature and humans ....and he brings us a  delightfully expressive website that shows indigenous cultures in 9 countries and their traditional bee gathering methods. His book and posters are also available.

It covers many cutting edge cover-up informational subjects, but another focus is to balance this provocative  information with inspirational writings which call us to be all that we can be. This link is the spiritual side of this great site. We must always add this in to all that we learn and do so we can really end up working together for positive change. This is an exceptional site.
This is a Cutting Edge Website called: 
                         NEXUS MAGAZINE
(Once in a while I put things in several times - like NEXUS)
Mentally Strong People
The 13 Things They Avoid

This post got a lot of traction, said Forbes.... (because TIMES ARE HARD and getting HARDER. People have to bump it up fast... faster than we really want to go... but there's no choice in a time where time itself is speeding up.)  

First of all, let us not think that this guide is about learning not to care, getting hard, getting cold-hearted or self absorbed......... it's about learning not to keep giving people more and more of your energy IF THEY ARE NOT LOOKING AT THEMSELVES and joining you in progressing toward health, wellness and emotional truths. (That's my take, of course, because these articles don't talk about the bigger or deeper issues that really CAUSE people's problems ...nor the ways to get there).

Look, to evolve, we have to do very deep work on ourselves (since we are all assholes and all have issues we hope to avoid dealing with), but real inner work is hugely unpopular because it's HARD. OK, agreed.... we all have issues and we know that the individual is responsible for her own integration, but in the meantime, IS THIS GUIDE OF VALUE OR NOT?  The answer is YES!  It's a synthesis of  seemingly simple things that are some of the hardest things for caring people to do.  Yes, a psychopath can do them with no problem....... hence the sociopath's success rate is astronomical in business.... but caring people can learn these traits AND STILL CARE.

So let us not think that this guide is about learning not to care..... it's about learning not to keep giving people more and more of your energy if they are not looking at themselves for the answers to their bullshit. Yes, we ALL have issues, but we also have huge denials and we must look at ourselves as the cause of our dilemmas. Being heart centered doesn't mean we have to be naive or overly forgiving when, for example, a family member or work partner is making too many errors of judgment for the continuation of our survival. Change is the only constant.   Remember, this is not in place of INTUITION or RIGHT BRAIN or HEART. It's just another track we need to learn to let go and move on.                                              Here are the HEADINGS                                  
 1. Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves. 2. Give Away Their Power. 3. Shy Away from Change. 4. Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control. 5. Worry About Pleasing Others.6. Fear Taking Calculated Risks. 7. Dwell on the Past. 8. Make the Same Mistakes Over and Over. 9. Resent Other People’s Success. 10. Give Up After Failure. 11. Fear Alone Time. 12. Feel the World Owes Them Anything. 13. Expect Immediate Results. 

You may have wondered.... it took over 15 years to get this site into its present format. To keep it current is equally as time consuming. Many thanks for the donations needed to keep it current.
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