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     5 Elements of Your 21st Century Guide
 The 5 Elements 

These are five fundamental elements that compose our  individual lives. They represent the basics with the other human needs woven in.  The FIVE ELEMENTS are:  Your True Self (Spiritual), Your Feelings (Emotional), Your Health (Physical) and Your Brain(Intellectual) which are personal elements needing deep understanding in this chaotic world. Your Money (Societal) has become unnecessarily difficult in our lives because the materialistic element has dominated humanity since the destruction of the "feminine principle". Now it is even more dire for the common man to understand how money REALLY functions and who controls it and why. 

Comprehending your own self in these 5 ways and then integrating these Basic 5 ELEMENTSis a foundation for individual THRIVING during these difficult times. 

On the Wisdom LINKS Page  are widely diverse websites which illuminate the broad and expansive information to which humanity is uniquely privy. We must expand beyond our limited education (meant to keep us ignorant) to greater and greater level of awareness... as we simultaneously simplify our material lives.   

This FIVE ELEMENT page cuts to the chase without fanfare. It takes patience and perseverance, but in the end simplicity rules! The details for thriving during these hard times are on each of the individual 5 Element Pages.

Links to focused websites are on each page and also synthesized on the WISDOM LINK page for easy access. 

How do we spread the word to our family and friends about the immense value of talking about interesting and necessary things such as:
  • Your Brain  (How we think and what we need to know about how things work) 
  • Your Money    (Pooling our resources and Living Together for peace of mind and mutual aid) 
  • Your Health (If you don't feel well, you might as well hang it up and modern medicine is often more dangerous than most realize.) 
  • Your True Self  (Putting our energetic being and drive for the Divine (or whatever you want to call it)  together with options from many diverse Spiritual teachers) 

How are you dealing with the emotional content of your life? 

Will you begin to eagerly create opportunities to talk about larger life issues than who your boss is sleeping with? 

Can you raise the level of conversation at work, in line at the grocery store, at lunch with your pals? 

How long can we ignore reality and continue to deny our need to unveil the difficulties we fear  discussing, but which exist nonetheless?

What is this "DownSizing" 
 really about ?

We have come to a time in history when we cannot thrive without overall changes in all aspects of our lives.

Some people in our modern age are born  thoughtful, philosophical and naturally frugal... but for the rest of us, simplicity is a learned trait. 

We're here to address these areas of your life that are, as the many teachers say....."out of balance"  and make rapid corrections instead of thinking there is plenty of time left to "wake up". The busted investors of Bernie Madoff can afford psychiatric therapy for their shock, but we are going to have to learn to help each other through the massive shifts that are  happening in all sectors of our world. 

It's really true that our unconscious early programming has kept us chained and now, because of the world-wide crisis bearing down, creativity and "unlimited potential" are not going to translate into the big bucks we were used to during the past 40 years. We will have to learn to enjoy a more simple life, but not lose our joy in the process. 

Let's get used to talking about things we didn't want to hear but that will help us thrive during these crazy times.

Let's find keys to rapid change so we can get healthy, brave, honest and clear -minded quickly.

Let's find an easy way to vanquish stress and fears that have held you stuck in place. Talking about our problems is only the first step. Resolving them demands taking action. 

Let's be realistic about what it really means to "access your creative powers" so you can "attract everything you want". There are basic laws of energy and they are real... and they are fairly simple... but you have to let the information IN, if you want to become a new person. The key is to want to do the work and want to look at yourself and want to act differently.  

So, let's develop new internal programming and behavior patterns that will let you grin at your old self, set goals and reach them. FAST!

It's up to you.

Tough Times and 
Exciting Times Coexist ! 

Join the increasing numbers for whom "denial" and hypocrisy are slipping away.
 A demand for transparency, unity across divisions and consciousness, communication and cooperation, all forge the foundation for surviving in a compressed economy.As more and more overwhelmed citizens become willing to pitch in together within their own personal circles to effect our local environment, we can actually create a world that suits us far better than the old one which is falling around our ears. We have very little time left to reorganize our lives, so use DownSize to Thrive during these  difficult times and send it around to your friends so you will have a central focus for discussions and activities. 

Make sure to call DownSize to Thrive and set up a FREE HOUR to see how we can help move things forward for you and your loved ones. See Contact Page for more info.
Change Is the Only Constant
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