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     A Crash Course in 21st Century Survival



DownSize to Thrive .......features issues that relate to a  conscious life so you can catch up with 30 years of learning in record time. We guarantee rapid learning and a wider vision  for those who are willing to move through their own stress and confusions and ACT to help themselves and ultimately, those they love.

1.) You will feel tremendous relief. Liberating yourself  works miracles. That "the truth will set you free" isn't a joke, even though the concept of "the truth" varies drastically. Transforming the ordinary to the extraordinary, regardless of wherever you are in your life, will happen to anyone who dedicates time to their own growth. This is the law of the Universe. We didn't make it up.
2.) You will feel that you have a bit of control (over your own path) in a world that has become quite confusing. Connecting easily with extraordinary teachers about the various important elements of your life (so you can weave their information into your own lifestory), gives you help that isn't easily found. Synthesis is very valuable, especially in times of  intense change when time is of the essence. 

3.) You will begin to work together with others to build your own type of community.  As you learn more, you will want to share this awareness with your loved ones. It  will spark conversations and give you a whole new direction.

4.) You will never be bored or boring As you learn more and more about why things are happening the way they are, you will be glad you decided to "Wake Up". We will add new information and clarify how things fit together,  so you can keep expanding with DownSize to Thrive.

     " We are Living in a World for which Very Few are Prepared"

DownSize to Thrive  is a HUB for greater awareness and understanding during these daunting times.  It presents an overview of the bigger picture and is a repository of valuable information gathered over many years from dedicated teachers and mentors. These "guides" have synthesized vast amounts of information from many fields... information that you have no time to research and organize for yourself. 

DownSize to Thrive has pulled together  this diverse material to speed up your awareness for optimum thriving during these rapidly changing times. We offer the help you need  in a time that is more than challenging for everyone. 

DownSize to Thrive is a Crash Course for Thriving !

We link you to wise minds, lucid explanations and good hearts. We point you to scholars who can explain how we got  to this state of chaos and how to move forward with the practical tools necessary for balance and success.  Their work speeds up your personal journey, economic survival and understanding of your place in our human drama.

This website pulls the info together as tools; it's a point of reference to come back to as you search for integration through the maze of possibilities.  Your reward will be increased courage, calmness and decision making capabilities you never imagined.  So, keep reminding yourself  that  "Perception is reality" and that no one is exempt from having to alter theirs as we grow. Write with your suggestions to: [email protected].   In peace and prosperity, Shaleia
Make our website your "Overview of our present day Human Odyssey " ... 
and return here time after time to reorient yourself for success on your own personal journey. 
"Downsizing"  is not just about your     house.....It's about your WHOLE LIFE
A Few Words About
 "DownSize to Thrive" 
  Enjoying Life
Natural Health
 Letting Go
Energy Work
Emotional Balance 
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 The old saying, "Knowledge is Power" is as real as it gets.  The more you know, the safer you will be. The more you know you don't know, the more aware you will be. Wisdom and peace are the reward for your efforts.

Now that money is no longer perceived as the easy road to happiness, we must all learn new inner mapping to have the life we want.

So check out  the site and let us hear from you about suggestions for the  Wisdom Links  page.  Our email is [email protected] 

   Physicist, author and activist, Vandana Shiva
“I do not allow myself to be overcome by hopelessness, no matter how tough the situation.  I believe that if you just do your little bit without thinking of the bigness of what you stand against...that in itself creates new potential. And I’ve learned from the Bhagavad Gita and other teachings of our culture to detach myself from the results of what I do, because these are not in my hands.  You want it to lead to a better world, and you shape your actions and take full responsibility for them, but then you have detachment."

We're here  to give you an overview as well as a synthesis of the "Bigger Picture", organized in one single place for your maximum efficiency. Calming your mind and nervous system is the key to thriving. Catching up very quickly with cutting edge information about your WHOLE LIFE will give you more options to save your life. 

...and these are just a few of our aspects
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So, what are you willing to do to go beyond your comfort zones to move your life along with intention? 

Are you willing to talk with your family and friends about the vast changes in our world? Are you willing to set aside some time to discuss the basic living issues you will read about in Your Survival "Bible", instead of spending most of your free time staying busy to avoid the feelings of panic that come up for you when you read the papers or watch the news.

If you are using up all your spare time on merely surviving, you need to free up some time to move forward. So you'll need to drop your focus on what others are doing (who doesn't have a Soap Opera Story?), so you have time to pay attention to your own Self and the "difficult" issues you have been avoiding... that is, if you want to have a life you love. New perceptions and greater understandings grant the peace for which we yearn. What can we possibly change except our own walk? 

Enjoy the website and don't forget to look at the PRODUCTS page for American creations by individuals working hard to "DownSize to Thrive" ... while having as much fun as possible.

Love to All,


We all want a good life... and we can accomplish that regardless of the circumstances... if we work to balance all our parts. It's the core game, especially during times of intense change. 

Hopefully, you are reading this because you already realize that if things don't get better, they get worse. Nothing remains the same. This is the Law of Nature or electromagnetics or karma, or fate....whatever you are comfortable calling it.  Any area of your life which needs your attention (especially ones that you try to avoid), will eventually create an experience to give you an opportunity for greater understanding and acceptance. Your job is to release your misperceptions of how you thought life should be. We all have lots of those "beliefs" and that is where the misery lies.

In other words: You'll get what you need to see yourself ...whether you like it or not. What you do with the opportunities is up to you. 
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"When the going gets tough,
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