This is one of the rapidly growing alternative edges of an accepted medical site called Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

If traditional medicine with chemo and radiation (with a smattering of alterative peeks) is your preferred path, this is an excellent group which seems to be accepting Integrative Medicine to some degree. Some MD's are sincere in their focus on energy and herbals, and you can chat on line with them to see how you relate.

I'm just going to let the WOLFE Clinic tell you about the subject of alkalinity/acidity. They're very thorough and their products are unique.

  "It’s time to cover, in more detail, an important topic which has become trendy to talk about in the media; pH balance. However, it has been popularized in such a manner that it oversimplifies the complex and elaborate processes used by the body to maintain a proper pH level in the blood."   Visit  WOLFE Clinic


At last, here is magnesium that circumvents the digestive system, giving direct relief to the body's many cravings for this vital mineral. Over 300 body functions depend upon magnesium.  First read this article and then order from the website listed at the bottom of this box. Magnesium is a GENIUS and we are ALL DEPLEATED.   [email protected] 

Biomedx says:"Urine is not, as many believe, the excess water from food and liquids that goes through the intestines and is ejected from the body as "waste". It is much different and much more. Urine therapy can be an extremely effective healing modality... considered effective in treating a wide array of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, colitis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, hepatitis, pancreatic insufficiency, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes, herpes and allergies. Sometimes when all else fails, urine therapy will turn a person around. We will be covering some of the reasons why this may be so, and in that regard will lightly touch on homeopathy and isopathy."

So get over yourself and keep your mind OPEN. Read about this and then put it in the back of your mind in case you or a loved one ever needs it. If you drink enough water it tastes almost like water. If you are dehydrated, your urine will be very salty.

One small story: When my mother was a child in Bedford, VA, the old Doctor who healed the whole town, Dr. Pogue, once told a woman whose young son was dying, that if she gave him lots of water and his own urine to drink, he had a good chance to pull through. The old docs knew the body. They could even tell the state of their body's health by a person's odor.

Think of all the desert and earthquake disasters where people have saved their own lives drinking their own urine.... so don't turn up your nose until you have read about it.  READ ABOUT URINE THERAPY HERE.      and HERE

and HERE.

and HERE

Here's the #1 website for info.  for OIL PULLING

"Dr. (med.) Karach said the OP heals totally “head-aches, bronchitis, tooth pain, thrombosis, eczema, ulcers and diseases of stomach, intestines, heart, blood, kidney, liver, lungs and women’s diseases. It heals diseases of nerves, paralysis, and encephalitis. It prevents the growth of malignant tumors, cuts and heals them. Chronic sleeplessness is cured.”" 

Here is more general  information about Oil Pulling

This is how to do it.

Here's a GEORGEOUS Indian woman advertising for 
O-I-L  P-U-L-L-I-N-G 

Doctors and lawyers and all kinds of professional people are as strapped as anyone else.  Just think about starting out with over 150K of debt right out of school. Insane. They need lots of money after they become an MD. It's no wonder modern medicine is a hazard to your health. 

We are repeatedly learning that although greatly helpful in many ways, we do not need to turn to modern medicine for our basic health and wellness.... read what one of their own says about themselves.  Dr. Barbara Starfield of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health writes in the Journal American Medical Association.  

I'm not going to bash MD's... since many are good people who aren't allowed to spend time and effort on their own patients. Look at this article about how MD's actually feel about BEING an MD. It's by an MD.  Although Emergency Medicine and modern technology have enabled MD's to put the body back together like master mechanics, the individual is responsible for keeping themselves highly functional on a day to day basis. It's a hard world on our MD's! 

A lot of websites included in this site explain to anyone who isn't convinced, that as far away as we can get from the drug-pumping MD's, the better. We need to focus on how to STAY healthy through alternative methodologies or with MD's, DO's and ND's etc. who practice "Integrative Medicine" . One of their premier sites is Natural Standard.  Integrative Medicine is the way of the future.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an emotional, needle free (self-help) version of acupuncture that is based on new discoveries regarding the connection between your body's subtle energies, your emotions, and your health. EFT has been reported successful in thousands of cases covering a huge range of emotional, health and performance issues. It often works where nothing else will.

There are many websites about HOW TO PERFORM the EFT technique and here's one that's simple and clear.    

The surprising effective
 FREE natural healing aid 
you can use to free 
yourself from FEARS.

What a find. Siberian Pine Nut Oil  as been used for centuries in Northern Russia as an all-natural hunger suppressant, metabolism enhancer, digestive aid and peptic ulcer healer. Modern science has explained how pine nut oil works to promote satiety, repair and protect the stomach lining, aid digestion and more.


         Virtues of The Charred Oak Keg
                     By William A. McGarey, MD, A.R.E. Clinic Founder 
When Edgar Cayce was a young man, his wife Gertrude developed tuberculosis. In a reading she was told about diet, but was also instructed to use the fumes of apple jack brandy inhaled from an old charred oak keg. She completely recovered, of course, and lived for many years. This unique therapy has benefitted literally thousands of people since those days of her illness early in the 1900s.

Emphysema is a condition of the lungs wherein the alveoli are gradually destroyed making it more and more difficult to get enough air to supply the body with oxygen. At the same time, the elasticity of the lungs is gradually lost. Bronchitis and other respiratory tract illnesses cause worsening of the lung tissue, and the outlook can become very dim.
We have found that when these fumes from the charred oak keg are inhaled three to six times a day, the resistance of this part of the body is increased and infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia, laryngitis, etc., are nearly eliminated. Conditions that are destructive to respiratory tissues, such as emphysema, may be remedied as well.

We corresponded with an official in one of the larger distilleries and were told that a man who had worked in the warehouse where they stored their apple jack brandy had been working there for twenty-five years without a single cold, cough, or respiratory infection. The results apparently come from the natural healing qualities inherent in the brandy fumes, which are cleansed of any toxicity by the charcoal on the inside of the keg.

One of the participants in our Temple Beautiful Program had been troubled with a chronic cough for 45 years. She was given the kind of guidance we use for those with respiratory problems, and she improvised by putting the castor oil pack on her chest instead of the abdomen. It made better sense to her that way. She also started using inhalations from her charred oak keg with the apple jack brandy in it. How do the brandy fumes aid the body? Perhaps by cleansing the cells that line the respiratory from the mouth and nasal passages on through to the single alveoli in the tissue of the lungs. This would help the cells to function more normally, and perhaps to regenerate to become more normal.

Two months later, at Christmas time, she wrote and told me that the phlegm that she had brought up copiously every morning, the filling up of her chest at night, the difficulty breathing, and the cough that had plagued her for 45 years had all disappeared. Her lungs were healthy.
Was this effect from the apple brandy in the oak keg? Did the castor oil packs on the chest help? It’s difficult to even speculate on which helped her the most. Or perhaps it was the two working together in synergy. But she was happy about the results!

This is quite a healing feat for a woman of 72 years, but it is the kind of thing that happens often when this respiratory inhalant is used and the body is aided in other ways. Healing of the body is always a true possibility.

“ express love in thine activities to thy neighbor is the greater service that a soul may give in this mundane sphere.” 

                     CAYCE QUOTES about the Charred Oak Key

          "Do this and it will change those activities in the lungs that once in a while do break through.  Use these fumes regularly."   (3154-1) 
"The activity on this is not only for the destruction of live tubercule tissue, but it acts as an antiseptic for all irritated areas; also giving activity to cellular force of the corpuscle itself.  It acts as a stimuli to the circulation, then, recharging each cell as it passes through areas so affected by the radiation of the gases from this fluid itself."   (3176-1) 
          "For the properties inhaled will work with the activity of the respiratory system, as well as the properties contained therein will act upon the influences of the liver and kidneys in their ability to be purified - in the assimilating of these forces that arise from the infusion of these influences indicated."   (1557-1) 
          "This will act not only as an antiseptic, but will so change the lung tissue as to bring about healing of the tissues, and will also increase the abilities of assimilation, and we will have improvements."   (5053-1) 

                     "Keep the keg. This is as life itself. "                                                                     (1548-4) Cayce

If anyone has a lung weakness, The Charred Oak Keg that Edgar Cayce recommended 50 times in his readings is a great remedy. It saved my life. As you well know, our health is PRIMARY if you want to THRIVE.
    Use of the charred oak keg containing apple brandy was recommended in about 50 readings for respiratory problems. Charred oak kegs are used commercially in storage of aging liquors since the charcoal absorbs impurities from the liquor.  This is probably why Cayce stressed keeping the brandy in this type of keg.

From their website: "The purpose of this web site is help people become self sufficient and self dependent in all matters of health care. EDUCATE-YOURSELF.   The Western World's over-reliance and dependence on orthodox allopathic medicine (conventional physicians who prescribe drugs), pharmaceuticals, and the Standard Western Diet have brought us to a deplorable state of national health. There is no one more interested in maintaining your health, than you. In our opinion, you need to accept the primary responsibility and not delegate it to others. Millions and millions of Americans have suffered (and died) needlessly because of the foolish abandonment of personal health care responsibility into the hands of others."

Here is a nice little "Complete Directory" on the Natural Health Web.  See how many of these topics you know.

INDEX for All Natural Health Directory. Alternatives for Healing is a Resource Directory for health and wellness products, holistic doctors, health books and magazines, health stores, holistic schools along with a wide array of holistic healing and alternative medicine options and information.

Alternative, Holistic and Integrated Medicine sites at the Open Directory Project. This is a great site for many levels of Holistic learning.
ARTHRITIS (A natural remedy that works)


FANTASTIC LEARNING SITE. Give yourself time to look at this site if you want to learn about food and nutrition. 

Orthomolecular medicine describes the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the body with optimal amounts of substances which are natural to the body. 

Check out the pages on ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS. Fantastic.

NutriCircles is a special feature of 

Using YOUR HEALTH information, you can quickly find ways to keep your body vibrant 
and responsive to your needs. WE MAKE NO CLAIMS THAT ANYTHING WILL WORK AS A CURE, 
of course. So follow your inner messengers and take from everything that's out there. 
When you want to find help but you're confused and a bit overwhelmed by it all... this page 
will help tremendously. The key is to be willing to take the time to get new data and then change
 your lifestyle accordingly. We've researched cutting edge products and will be putting them on 
this page continuously. The human body is a fabulous machine. Let's keep our body/mind 
complex going the way Nature intended......NATURALLY!
                      HOLISTIC MEDICINE
            HOW  do we thrive OUTSIDE the"System"
(For those of you who want  to remain IN the System!)

There's noone quite like Dr. Schulze. He's dynamic, dramatic and his products are potent. They are, however, pricey! So I've included a recipe for the "brew" for which he charges $22.00 an oz. I make it once a year by the super gallon. It's amazing. Share it with your loved ones.

Dr. Schulze says: Health Is Freedom
"For me personally, in one word, Health is FREEDOM.
Disease and illness rob you of your freedom… and 
your money. Being healthy feels great, and it gives 
you the freedom to live your life the way you want, 
and the ENERGY to do all of the things that you 
want to do, and the VITALITY to have all of the fun
that you want to have, and to really, really enjoy your 
life, to your fullest potential. If you are ready to have
health, and a lifelike this… WELCOME! His product page 
starts here."


                                 Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing science of producing and utilizing nano-sized particles that measure in nanometers(1 nm = 1 billionth of a metre). One nanomaterial that is having an early impact in healthcare products is nano-silver
Silver  kills microbes and has been used for the treatment of medical ailments for over 100 years due to its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. Here is a fantastic site for learning about colloidal silver and its properties since the EPA is attempting to ban it as we speak. The nano-silver when in contact with bacteria and fungus will adversely affect their cellular metabolism and inhibit cell growth. The nano-silver inhibits multiplication and growth of those bacteria and fungi which cause infection, odor, itchiness and sores 

Here is a great site for ordering Nano Silver. Use the gel or the liquid and remember, it is non-toxic. SILVER SHIELD GEL (3 OZ)
 What is Nanotechnology 
and Nano-Silver?
Siberian Pine Nut Oil 
Liz Gray drinks her own urine live on national TV!

This film is the startling documentary about the way our food system works.  lt also illuminates the effects of this system on the health of anyone who well as illuminating the disastrous effects to farm workers, farm animals, and the planet.

This explanation comes from Yahoo movies: Filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation's food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that's been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of our government's regulatory agencies, USDA and FDA. Our nation's food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer,...

See the Food, Inc. trailer here:
     FOOD, INC, the movie
                  SUPER BREW RECIPE!

Here is a recipe for the SUPER POWER BREW to kick your body up a few hundred notches and get it into fightin' mode against virus, cold, flu... 
You can make a gallon of this kickass brew that will support everyone in the family all winter for that $22 bucks Dr. Schulz gets for an ounce. Let it brew correctly and it will stay for years.

You need a large jar with a tightly closed top - really quite large. They sell "mason" jars in various sizes; I use one that is 11" tall and from 20" to 22" in circumference. "The brew", although well worth the effort, takes time. You have to peel all the ingredients and put them through a food processor - one by one. Make sure to use disposable gloves. LAYER equal parts of each ingredient into the large jar. 
•  15-20 heads of garlic 
•  7-8 good sized roots of ginger 
•  6-7 fresh horseradish roots, 
•  2 pounds of onions, 
•  1/2 pound of habanero peppers. 

LAYER the ingredients up to 3/4 of the height of the jar and then cover the layers with RAW apple cider vinegar. You can get Bragg's at any Health Food Store. Turn the jar several times a day and make sure to let it "brew" for two weeks. The original instructions said to start it on the sliver of the moon. Makes sense to me. You will see, as you turn the jar daily, that the ingredients begin to mix into a blended form. After two weeks, strain the ingredients through cheesecloth and throw away the material, leaving the juice. You can keep this for years - but it won't last because everyone will want to drink it to avoid getting sick (and to rehabilitate if you don't catch it in time). Some devotees add liquid Echinacea and some water if they are feeling wimpy, because it is damn HOT. Be forewarned!


BACK PAIN? OUT OF ALIGNMENT? WANT TO SEE THE CHIROPRACTOR or OSTEOPATH LESS? Want to save money and stay aligned. There's HELP correcting problems and rehabilitation as well as PREVENTING possible problems. 

Taken from the website for ease of understanding: "Using TRUE BACK for just minutes, two or three times a week, you can:
• Relieve back pain
• Reduce stress
• Sleep better 
• Adjust and improve your back
• Improve your posture
• Increase your energy
• Feel more relaxed
• Increase your range of motion & flexibility (great for golfers, athletes)  

TRUE BACK is natural, drug free, convenient and affordable. Treatments take only a few minutes and can be performed in the comfort of one's home, office or workplace, without disrobing. TRUE 
BACK is officially listed as a nonpowered orthopedic traction device. TRUE BACK relieves the body of daily stress, tension and discomfort."

      is the way to go!

Taken from the website for ease of understanding: Therapeutica® Sleeping Pillows are the only pillows that allow you to sleep on your back and/or side in the correct spinal alignment comfortably. We, at Therapeutica® Inc., believe that we have developed the most unique sleeping pillow in the world.

Currently, we manufacture, package and distribute the patented therapeutic sleeping pillow, under the trade name Therapeutica® to the U.S. and Canadian Health Industry, North American Catalog Companies and we are exporting to exclusive distributors in Foreign Countries.
Here's another site with a great price. Massage Warehouse

                   Back Sleeping Therapy


Two pillow shapes are incorporated into one with different heights for back and side sleeping.
     Unique wedge to support the upper back.
     Helps to eliminate sore and stiff neck problems from sleeping incorrectly.
     TMJ sufferers can comfortably sleep on their side.
     The pillow is patented for both design and function.
     Reduces snoring.
     Five year warranty not to lose shape or resilience.
     Comes with a free fitted polyester/cotton machine washable zippered pillow                 cover.
     Fits into a standard pillow case.
     Made of non-allergenic environmentally-friendly foam.
     Not only an investment in a pillow, but an investment in your future health.

WHAT A FANTASTIC PRODUCT. I can tell you it works like nothing else and has kept me pain free and flexible for years. SK

Again, a personally endorsed product that has worked to align my body at night (after going through countless pillows just like everyone else does). This is the one for comfort in back sleeping (back sleeping  KEEPS YOUR SKIN TAUT and minimizes facial wrinkles).  A damn good reason to sleep on your back, don't you think?  SK
         "Raised Side Sections" 
       accommodate shoulder height.
           "Contoured Head Rests" 
        keep your head and neck level.
    "Side Cavities"
     provide flexible cushioning, ensuring     jaw comfort for TMJ sufferers.
         Unique "Wedge Extension"
               supports your upper back.
               "Cervical Contour" 
   maintains the natural curve of your neck.
                   "Center Cavity"
cradles head for optimal support and comfort.
Fantastic Back Sleeping Therapy and Side Sleeping Therapy


The need for alternative viewpoints and a broader spectrum of analysis is widely needed, and is fulfilled in Forbidden Medicine. At a stage in the evolution of mankind in which we need to pool all efforts towards a better understanding of the healing process, Ellen Brown's writings prove to be a valuable contribution.

    - Carlos Warter, M.D., Ph.D., Author of Recovery of the Sacred
"Keller's story highlights the sharp divide between orthodox and alternative/holistic approaches. Five stars."
    - “Best Picks,” Cancer Monthly

BOOKS and Writings
Ellen Brown developed her research skills as a litigating attorney in Los Angeles. She is the author of 11 books, including the bestselling Nature's Pharmacy (co-authored with Dr. Lynne Walker) and Web of Debt (2007).
From an Amazon reader:  After reading "Forbidden Medicine" and given the decision of traditional over non-traditional and non-toxic therapies, there is no doubt in my mind that I would choose the latter. Read the testimonials alone, at the end of the book, and you decide for yourself.

Enjoy Remarkable Good Health!
Why spend $4.00+ for 16 oz.or well over $30.00 a gallon for  pre-brewed kombucha tea, when you can make it yourself? 
DownSize to Thrive principle in action is the Kombucha Tea reality. 

Kombucha America is the granddaddy site for all the info you need PLUS the spores to begin your Kombucha experience.  Here's some info from the site....
"A Kombucha mushroom is not a real mushroom, people only call it a mushroom. It is something like a lichen and when grown it looks like a pancake floating on the surface of the tea that it is brewed in. The remarkable tea made from it does not have the flavor of mushrooms. The taste is more like a wine apple-cider and it is delicious. "

This site is filled with health informationhistoryscientific evidence,  testimonials and ordering information. After 15 years in the Kombucha world, you've found your expert but don't ask him questions until you have read the intense amount of info that's on the net and are ready to order.  That makes sense.  

It IS delicious. I have been making this tea for years and it's fabulous. You can tell by its increasing popularity that many others agree. 

Just for fun, here are some of the many names for Kombucha. 
Kombucha, Mushroom tea, Cajnyj Kvas, Cha Gu, Heldenpilz, miracle fungus, magical fungus, elixir of life, gout tea, Kombucha tea, Russian Fungus, Japanese sponge, the Divine Tsche, Mongolian wine, Indian wine, Fungus Japonicus, Pichia fermentans, Cembuya Orientalis, Combuchu, Tschambucco, Volga Spring, Mo Gu, Champignon de longue vie, Teekwass, Kwassan, Kargasok Tea, Pseudo lichen, Kombucha organism, Olinka, Fungojapon, the tea fungus, Indo-Japanese tea fungus, Tea Kvas, TeaKwass, Manchurian tea, scoby, Gerbstoffe, kambucha, health tea, ferment tea, tea cure.

"Kombucha Tea is an amazing, delicious, homemade fermented ice tea that has improved the health of millions. For more than 2000 years it has been used as an effective remedy for a myriad of illnesses. Read many testimonials, learn more now!"
If it didn't work, I wouldn't have the nerve to put it in here.

MAGNESIUM  is the most vital mineral of all!Over 300 body functions depend on it! 
 DermaMag™ is created from magnesium chloride from the ancient Zechstein Sea. Their proprietary formula dramatically improves the transdermal magnesium absorption. No daily drinks needed. This is an ultra-pure magnesium oil that far surpasses any other type of Zechstein magnesium product available today.
  Are Most Diseases Caused by the Medical System? by Walter Last



   The elements in this article are:
 Dr Orian Truss
The Antibiotic Syndrome
Autoimmune Diseases and Asthma
Cancer and Leukemia
Root Canals
Iatrogenic Heart Attacks
Drugs and Chemicals
The Obesity epidemic     
Deliberate Bias Against Natural Therapies
Natural Medicine to the Rescue 
        Click to read in Pdf form or click                    on the website link below.

Part of the AegisGuard™ L (Life) Series family of products, AegisGuard™ LS Radiation Shields are a safe, patented and easy to apply spray-on radiation shield proven to provide the most effective solution available for shielding the radiation emitted by wired and wireless electronic products with operating frequencies between 5 Hz. to 30 GHz. and power levels between 1 milliwatt (0.001 Watt) to 25 Watts. Simply spray it on and wipe dry for a shielding effectiveness between 99.996% to 99.998% for most consumer applications, including cell phones, cordless phones, handhelds, pagers, computers, appliances, home shielding and much more. No other personal radiation shielding product provides better protection from cell phone radiation and the radiation emitted by most electronic products used by consumers. Click here for additional information about cell phone radiation. 

Consisting of proprietary patented shielding technology features proven more effective than all other personal radiation shielding products, AegisGuard™ LS Radiation Shields protect users from both high and low frequency radiation without affecting product performance, power consumption, or in the case of wireless products, signal strength, in any manner whatsoever. The low frequency shielding effectiveness is an important distinction due to the increased number of studies confirming low frequency health risks, particularly for children using wireless phones, and there has never been an allergic or skin reaction reported by any user.

More than 50 wired and wireless products were tested by 3 independent testing laboratories, instead of 1 or 2 products tested for a few minutes as presented by other shielding product manufacturers. Each product was tested for 8 continuous hours to confirm the shielding effectiveness remained consistent during a normal working day.

Here is the USER GUIDE for applying the protective spray.

Aegis Radiation Guard
A SPRAY for your cell phone ETC.
   Without AegisGuard™ LS          With AegisGuard™ LS                     

AegisGuard™ LS Radiation Shield Bottles


Ionic action breaks down plaque on a molecular level, reduces bacteria and biofilm levels in the mouth, can remove stains such as coffee and tobacco, rejuvinates and stimulates the gingival tissues, and reduces bad breath and morning breath. 

Soladey was invented in Japan by Dr. Yoshinori Nakagawa. The name originates from the words ‘Solar’ and ‘Dental’. Dr Nakagawa knew that negative ions could be generated from titanium when this metal was exposed to light and water. As with other industrial applications such as water purification and air filtration, ionic power is not a recent discovery. Soladey was first manufactured in the early 1980s and this light activated toothbrush is now used daily by millions of people in Japan primarily, but also now in many other countries.
How Soladey Works

When exposed to any good light source the photo-sensitive titanium rod (TI02), located in Soladey's handle, releases ions which permeate the saliva to effectively break down plaque on a molecular level. The polarity of the tooth surface is temporarily reversed preventing plaque from sticking to the surface of teeth. This Ionic action disintegrates plaque in places one cannot reach with bristles, rinse, toothpaste or interproximal devices.

What makes this product so effective is its NanoTechnology

         Read a lot more about this amazing toothbrush on this website.

Unlike regular toothbrushes which try to force plaque off the teeth by friction, the Soladey Ionic brush makes the teeth let go of plaque, like turning off a magnet!

    * Ionic Toothbrush- Light Activated
    * Clinically Proven- More effective than other toothbrushes
    * Breaks down the plaque that bonds to teeth
    * Reduces the risk of gum disease and bleeding gums
    * No toothpaste needed- use mouth rinse for fresh taste
    * Handle and rod last a lifetime- replaceable heads
    * Can brighten teeth by removing coffee and tobacco stains
    * Combats bad breath, morning breath, and reduces bacteria
    * Feel it work the first time and every time you brush 

There are many different machines on the market that produce alkaline and acid water . They also purify water, so you can do your own stuff on this field. Our household has the KYK  water machine - which has great revierws - and the water tastes fantastic. We have tested our urine and it changes Ph when this water is consumed. After that,  it's your own  call because the controversy is like most of the natural vrs corporate endless fighting. Who knows who is doing the "testing" and the critiquing? It could be an opposing seller or manufacturer who is hiding their involvement. I've seem that tons of times in all markets. Everyone is just doing their thing and much of it  isn't kosher. 

My reality:  I love the water and am glad we have the machine. It's better than buying tap water billed as "artesian".  Check out this "Review" page for a list of how to look for a machine. CLICK HERE

One thing is for amazingly sure, and that is the ACID water that this machine also makes is astonishingly helpful. Have a burn? Use ACID water and it's GONE! Momentary rash on your skin? GONE.  Want to clean tiles or get rid of mold? Use ACID water. Fantastic. Plants love ACID water. 

Without fanfare, VITAMIN C is a must. 

Humans don't synthesize Vitamin C in our own bodies so we always have to supplement. This is a very detailed article about the value and benefits of Vitamin CHere is the VITAMIN C FOUNDATION, a most comprehensive site which has all the FAQ's, experts and answers you could ever want.So read the info, TAKE VITAMIN C EVERY DAY, between 5000 and 10000mg. and extend your health immediately. 
   WHEN YOU ORDER from DermaMagplease don't forget to put DownSize to Thrive in the appropriate referral box when you check out. We don't do MLM's but we do referrals and after your initial order you can get free products. Read how on the site. So ORDER NOW. Magnesium is VITAL and this magnesium product is revolutionary & EASY to use. At last, NO drinks or pills!!! You will really see the value of this form of magnesium.


Conflicting cancer stories are ultimately it just comes down to which road you want to take. Some people have one foot in both allopathic medicine and the alternative camp, of course, using chemo and radiation and adding the tremendous support available through the alternatives. Some people go directly to alternatives due to fear of the harshness of oncological methodologies. Either way, Changing ones diet, learning mental focus and subsequent energy alterations all matter, especially after harsh and invasive treatments that weaken the body. Cells are alive. They know if we have decided to live and are doing everything possible to do so.

Sometimes what looks like a miracle happens and sometimes nothing works. The details that follow are ways you can go deeply into the subject of cancer and make your choices based on knowledge of what is actually existent. It's all up to you and comes down to what feels right to you... and money, unfortunately. 

So here are some of the cancer alternatives you will never get from your oncologist. Put the info together yourself and remember that the system is very focused on getting their bucks from your insurance. You are sometimes better off if you don't have anything they want. But then you know that... or you wouldn't be reading this.

The Budwig Diet - Flax Oil and Cottage Cheese
This is what  Mr. Kehr says on his website about this healing diet. "If you are researching this website for a loved one, family member, or a friend who is suffering from a terminal or chronic disease this is one of the most important pieces of information I have come across during thousands of hours of research."
Here is the Budwig Diet from Dr. Hulda Clark's site.

The Gerson Diet: The Gerson Therapy was established more than seventy-five years ago by Dr. Max Gerson, and described in detail in his book A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer. 

Dr. Moerman's Anti-Cancer Diet  This diet is an immune system building diet, a "metabolic balancing" diet and is designed to stop the spreading of cancer. It is not designed to kill cancer cells directly, but is designed to build various aspects of the immune system and build the collagen fibrils so that the cancer does not spread.

by Dr Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D.,N.D. 
"Dr Hulda Clark described the causes of both common and extraordinary diseases and gives specific instructions for their cure. You don't need dangerous and expensive drugs to get rid of the causes of your illness.
She includes The BUDWIG DIET in her website.

A personal post about German treatments.
Infrared and ElectroMedicine treatments. 

                          Dr. Hulda Clark is unique. She has been                                       standing up for our right to care for ourselves for                             50 years. Dr.Clark is famous for implicating                                    parasites as the root cause for most of the                                     diseases inflicting the human species. According                           to Dr. Hulda Clark, many cancers are caused by parasites living within our body. As long as they remain in the intestines our immune system can deal with them. When they are allowed to escape the intestines they settle in the most vulnerable parts of our body. 

In her book "The Cure for All Cancers", Dr. Clark states that cancer can be cured (and of course she got in a heap of trouble for saying that)  not just treated endlessly. After years of study, she discovered that many cancer patients have a certain parasite in their bodies. She experienced clinical studies that after removing this parasite, the cancer stopped immediately, and the tissue returned to normal again.
From Dr. Clark's own website you can order her many products. All are totally natural... like fishing line instead of dental floss. No kidding!  Her site says, "Our personal care products are unique. Why? Because they’re pure. No additives, no fillers and no excipients. At Self Health Resource Center we get a fresh batch of products every four months, which we immediately pack. Although this process costs us more, it’s our way of ensuring purity, potency and optimum quality. At Self Health Resource Center, it’s about purity. Purity. That’s our promise to you." Here's another place to order her products easily.  Herbal Remedies.
And this site is really, really well priced = HEALTHY SIGNS.

Here is a pdf file for "How To Do a Total Cleanse" by Dr. Clark.

Dr. Clark passed away at the age of 82 on Sept.3, 2009. She will be truly missed by many. Her work and her courage are exemplarary.
       Hulda Clark
        The Cure for all Cancers

From Israel for Gioblastoma (brain cancer) comes the NovoCure. The NovoTTF-100A device used in this trial delivers very low intensity, alternating electric fields to the tumor site through the scalp.  These fields are known as Tumor Treating Fields or TTFields. 

Celebrities who've chosen German treatments
President Reagan, Princess Caroline of Monica, Alicia Buttons, Elizabeth Taylor, Cher,Princess Haja of Jordan, Siegfried and Roy, Suzanne Somers, Jennifer Lopez (who financed her aunt's successful cancer treatment in Germany), Jack Cassidy (the bass player from the Jefferson Airplane rock group), George Hamilton, William Holden, Anthony Quinn.
.                  GERMAN HEAT TREATMENT 

I could go on and on about Dr. Rife but  Electroherbalism has done a superior job. Take the time to read about Dr. Royal Rife's life's work on their site. Great article with everything you need included, unless you want to read the books written about him because you are so pissed on about how the system works. 

Here is another RIFE site.

Then, look at these power point presentations from the 2006 Rife Conference. 

This is the technological page on how the machine works. Knock yourself out.

 Here is an approximation of his machine at Hulda Clark's site. She is selling it for 300 instead of the 2000 for which comparable units usually sell. You can't lose.

Resonant Light Technology has been researching, developing and manufacturing a resonant light technology in which they integrate light, sound and radio frequencies (RF) for the control of microorganisms. They began in 1995 and call their device a photon resonant light emission ...or Phorle™ for short.  Here is how it works.
Dr. T. Simoncini, an oncologist in Rome, Italy has pioneered sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) therapy as a means to treat cancer. The fundamental theory behind this treatment lies in the fact that, despite a number of variable factors, the formation and spreading of tumors is simply the result of  the presence of a fungus. (Others say it's a virus, but either way, these doctors have safer ways to go for those who want to avoid chemo and radiation. SK)

Sodium bicarbonate, unlike other anti-fungal remedies to which the fungus can become immune, is extremely diffusible and retains its ability to penetrate the tumor, due to the speed at which the sodium bicarbonate disintegrates the tumor. This speed makes fungi's adaptability impossible, rendering it defenseless. The sodium bicarbonate solution is administered directly on the tumor, if possible. Otherwise, it can be administered by selective arteriography, which basically means selecting specific arteries through which the solution is administered, which subsequently dissolves the tumor.

Selective arteriography represents a very powerful anti-fungal weapon that is painless, leaves no after effects, and has very low risks. It is possible to reach almost all organs with a sodium bicarbonate solution, resulting in treatment that is harmless, fast, and effective


from The Atlantic....  June 2009 
Article by by Joshua Wolf Shenk
"I was granted unprecedented access to case files 
ordinarily restricted to researchers."

Is there a formula—some mix of love, work, and psychological adaptation—for a good life? For 72 years, researchers at Harvard have been examining this question, following 268 men who entered college in the late 1930s through war, career, marriage and divorce, parenthood and grandparenthood, and old age. Here, for the first time, a journalist gains access to the archive of one of the most comprehensive longitudinal studies in history. Its contents, as much literature as science, offer profound insight into the human condition—and into the brilliant, complex mind of the study’s longtime director, George Vaillant.

Needless to say, this is a great read, with much that we know, some that we imagined, a bit that we have argued over and ways to make certain to we are making the most of our lives. Let's check and make sure we are on track. It's never too soon or too late to take advice from a 72 year old study we just found out about in 2009. SK

("What Does It Take To Make Us Happy" ?)

"The project is one of the longest-running—and probably the most exhaustive  —longitudinal studies of mental and physical well-being in history. Begun in 1937 as a study of healthy, well-adjusted Harvard sophomores (all male), it has followed its subjects for more than 70 years."


We are a nonprofit association serving policyholders victimized by insurance companies or just plain sick and tired of an industry that has spun out-of-control and know that change can only happen if we, the consumer of a mandated product, ban together. 

POA takes an active role in helping policyholders receive full payment for claims made and we do so at no charge. 

We are not advocates of litigation and are not associated with trial lawyers, public adjusters or any other group that feeds off of the misfortunes of policyholders. Our only loyalty is to the policyholder.

POA is nonpartisan however we do take a stand on political issues, candidates and policies relating to insurance for one simple reason: You cannot separate insurance from politics.

For far too long, the insurance industry has stacked the deck against consumers by fueling political campaign coffers with contributions that come from insurance executives and their PACs. In return, legislators, elected and appointed judges have bent over backwards for the insurance industry by stripping away punitive damages for bad faith and insurance company-committed fraud. This has done nothing but make bad faith in the claims handling process a profit center.

  LOTS More Breakthrough Information
most folks don't know about.
.                            ROYAL RIFE !
If you haven't heard about his work it's time you did 
.             Alternative Treatments and DIETS
.               From ISRAEL for GIOBLASTOMA
READ ABOUT DR.RIFE on the  Electroherbalism Site. They did a fantastic job!

Essiac is a well documented herbal formula from Canada which you can read about on many websites.  So look the original Canadian site up yourself  for a fantastic history of this Ojibwa Indian formula.  
      * Burdock root is used in folk medicine to improve digestion, to clean the blood, to              increase urination, or as a laxative.
       * Rhubarb can be a strong laxative.
       * Sheep sorrel can enhance health and wellness.
       * Slippery elm has a long, safe history in alleviating sore throats. It is used in many               herbal cough drops or teas for sore throats.

There are tons of U.S. sites that sell this original formula from Canada, too. Here is one with the best price I found

In 1922, a patient told Nurse Rene M. Caisse about a Canadian Ojibwa Indian herbal formula. Nurse Caisse prepared her original herbal formula into a drink named Essiac, which is Nurse Caisse's name spelled backwards.
.                    ESSIAC TEA from Canada
The original Essiac can be purchased on tons of sites here in the US as well as from Canada directly. 

.                   ALKALINITY and Cancer
        More WATER MACHINES   Click here.

 Last begins his article:
"I do not want to pretend that this is an impartial investigation. Instead, I am now completely convinced that most diseases are indeed caused by the medical system,and in the following pages I state my reasons for this conclusion. Increasingly over the years, my health beliefs have been turned around. I started out by working as a biochemist and toxicologist in university medical departments, fully believing that all these chronic and incurable diseases are indeed incurable and generally of unknown origin, but that pharmaceutical drugs made life easier for patients and often were even curative. My re-education started after immigrating to New Zealand and learning about natural healing and living; this made me realize that disease is mainly caused by unnatural living conditions and can be overcome by natural methods of living and healing.    Read the article here.
Walter Last wrote a broad brushbut short article about the various  aspects of the medical system which impact human health and healing. 



     The Biology of Belief: Mind Over Genes
      by Bruce H. Lipton , PhD- 

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, is a cellular biologist and former Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine. His pioneering research on cloned stem cells at Wisconsin presaged the revolutionary field of epigenetics, the new science of how environment and perception control genes. Subsequently, as a fellow in pathology at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, his published research on the human immune system yielded insight into the biochemical pathways that bridge the mind-body duality.

Listen to a free download here. Then go to his site for more information.

(in conjunction with Dr. Simoncini's therapy above)
From Four  - Instructions: Mix 3 parts organic maple syrup with 1 part Aluminum free baking soda ( Red Mill Brand)  stir with low heat (not over 120 degrees) for 10 minutes and take 3 tsp per day for 1 to 2 months.
    Dr. Brewer's Infomation about the LIVING CELL:
  High pH Cancer Therapy with Cesium

The A. Keith Brewer High pH Cancer Therapy with CESIUM is based upon mass spectrographic analysis of the cancer cell, on a detailed study of the isotopic effect through cells of all types, and upon the fluorescent and phosphorescent decay pattern of both normal cells and cancer cells.  It fits perfectly with the composition of food intake in geographic areas where the incidence of cancer is very low.  


Very nice folks with an authentic formula.Their site will tell you all about it!  Here is the site that has the 8 herb Essiac formula. 

They say: "You Will Receive The Authentic Eight Herb Essiac Formula Clinically Proven To Give The BEST Results And In Powdered Form, The Way It Was Intended To Be Made."

They have a very informative site and are absolutely reasonably priced, so anyone can afford to help themselves this way. I ordered a pound myself July 8, 2009. 
.     AFFORDABLE ESSIAC TEA from California
.                     ALKALINE WATER SYSTEMS

DCA is an unpatentable drug. It is effective, cheap and safer than almost all standard chemotherapies. It is just one of many unpatentable compounds that can extend or save lives without devastating family finances. Unpatentable means that no person or company can own all rights to its use.

 Dr. Michelakis and his team at the University of Alberta happened upon a remarkable new method of treating cancer by reactivating cancer cell mitochondria using sodium dichloroacetate, which causes cancer cell suicide.

The results were amazingly fast. Tumor shrinkage of 70% occurred within three weeks of the treatment. (Note that tumor shrinkage that rapid is not being reported in humans.) Often we are seeing a 'normalization' of the cancer cells, in which they do not die but behave like normal cells. 

DCA is cheap, costing about $1 to $2 a day (at a 10mg/kg dose). DCA is easily self-administered: dissolve DCA in water and drink it. 

However, DCA is not patentable. No large company will pay hundreds of millions of dollars on a compound they cannot own.. We cannot expect the government to fund research to compete with private companies. DCA will not get FDA approval without massive political pressure. The FDA drug approval system, based on patents, has created a devastating gap in our health care system. We are paying the price for this in lives, pain and suffering and money. It is our hope that the readers of this site will support the use of DCA as an accepted mainstream treatment for cancer.

Talk with your doctor to see if this is an appropriate treatment for you. It is chemotherapy and although practically non-toxic compared to any standard accepted cancer treatments, we strongly encourage you to not self-medicate and to work with a physician. DCA use must be considered experimental. 

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Institute -    more to come
Click the picture to find out why powdered herbs are so important.
The bicarbonate/maple syrup treatment 

Dr. Tullio Simoncini acknowledges that cancer cells gobble up sugar so when you encourage the intake of sugar it's like sending in a Trojan horse. The sugar is not going to encourage the growth of the cancer colonies because the baking soda is going to kill the cells before they have a chance to grow.

What he's saying is that the microbe that gets into the cell and causes it to become a fermenting (cancer) cell is nothing other than candida. And treating it requires nothing more than getting baking soda next to the area with the cancer cells and the cells die. That may be a bit over-simplified, but not much. 

The treatment is a combination of pure, 100% maple syrup [bulk Grade B from the health food store] and baking soda and was first reported on the Cancer Tutor site. When mixed and heated together, the maple syrup and baking soda bind together. The maple syrup targets cancer cells (which consume 15 times more glucose than normal cells) and the baking soda, which is dragged into the cancer cell by the maple syrup, being very alkaline forces a rapid shift in pH killing the cell. 
DownSize to Thrive will feature some of the most interesting alternatives and leave other dedicated sites (like The Cancer Cure Site) to cover the many additional variables. As they say on their Alternatives PageThere are many alternative cancer therapies available. The following descriptions encompass those which are most widely sought. There are additional therapies which we are adding on a second page that are not used as widely to treat cancer. 

*  The  listings on this page, and all the listings on this site,  do not imply an endorsement on the part of DownSize to Thrive. They are included because of their popularity and are for informational purposes only.  
 From the Cancer Cure Foundation (A non-profit organization providing information on alternative/integrative therapies, including referrals, since 1976.) comes this information. Check out their site for more details.
    Some of the alternative therapies that are included in their site are:: 
* Nutrition – to boost the immune system, to increase natural mechanisms for eliminating the tumor, and to prevent reoccurrences. .....(read more)
* Enzymes – to facilitate the breakdown of the protective coating around cancer cells and to support healthy metabolic processes.
* Oxygenation – to bring vital energy to the cells, reverse tumor growth and facilitate the elimination of pathogens (fungi, bacteria and viruses) which may be weakening the immune system.  ....
* Detoxification – to eliminate substances which may be burdening the immune system, compromising metabolic processes and blocking energy flow (e.g. heavy metals, pesticides, environmental toxins, and metabolic wastes).  
* Emotional Healing – to eliminate toxic emotions and memories somatized in the body.  This may take the form of counseling, emotional release therapies, deep breathing, reiki, homeopathy, or bodywork.
* Tumor Targeting – to aggressively reduce the tumor size.  
* Life Style Change and Stress Control – to assist the individual in making the necessary changes in their life structure and belief system to minimize stress.
* Spiritual Connection – to re-connect the individual with their purpose for being alive and to strengthen their will to live.  

.      APartial Check List for Health and Wellness
that you can do on your own...
(not just for Cancer patients) 
People who categorically say that alkaline water is a crock, are no more correct than those who have them on an altar. Do your own searching on this topic and let me know your experiences. One thing is sure, and that is urine is more alkalined and we all have less gastric distress.

.   H202
The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide
 By Dr. David G. Williams

​When it comes to hydrogen peroxide therapy there seems to be only two points of view. Supporters consider it one of the greatest healing miracles of all time. Those opposed feel its ingestion is exceptionally dangerous, and only the foolhardy could think of engaging in such behavior. Before either condemning or endorsing hydrogen peroxide, let's take a real close look at what we're dealing with.

from the Cancer Tutor
Hydrogen Peroxide Cancer Treatment
How It Works

It has been clinically demonstrated that the spread or metastatis of cancer is directly proportional to the amount of oxygen around the cancer cells. The more oxygen, the slower the cancer spreads. The less oxygen, the faster the cancer spreads. If cancer cells get enough oxygen, they will die (cancer cells are anaerobic). Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) provides extra oxygen atoms that not only slow down the spread of cancer, but also kills cancer cells. 
Here's a topic that could keep you busy for a while figuring out if you want to do this protocol or not. It's got a lot of promoters.....

The zeolites are a group of minerals with a four-sided honeycomb structure and, rare among minerals, a negative magnetic charge. The effect of the structure and the magnetic charge is that zeolite draws heavy metals and toxins to it and simply engulfs them.  The toxins "check in" and they can't "check out."  Then the zeolite carries them safely and harmlessly out of the body through normal digestion.  The form of zeolite in our products (there are nearly 50 naturally-occurring zeolites) is called "clinoptilolite," and it is this type of zeolite that has been studied for its effect in human nutrition.

Zeolites are minerals that have a micro-porous structure, having formed where volcanic rocks and ash reacted with alkaline ground water.  Zeolite minerals are negatively-charged allowing them to exchange positively-charged particles with surrounding elements without losing their structure. Therefore, zeolite crystals act as "micro-sponges" absorbing free radicals, carcinogens and viral particles.  Its unique methods only complement existing nutritional supplements without redundancy.  Zeolite is a unique antioxidant.  Traditional antioxidants absorb free radicals whereas zeolite traps free radicals in its structure, inactivating and eliminating them.  Therefore it is complementary to additional antioxidants.  Zeolite traps and nullifies nitrosamines in the digestive tract.  Nitrosamines are cancer-causing agents found in processed meats. Nitrosamines are a causative factor in type-II diabetes.  Because zeolite is a negatively charged mineral it naturally attracts heavy toxins (which are positively charged) and traps them in its cage-like structure. This includes heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and other positively charged toxins.  It does this in a hierarchical manner.  It first acts to remove lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals.  Once it has removed those from the system, which may take one month or more, it then chelates out pesticides, herbicides, plastics, and so forth. Afterwards it acts as a natural trap of viral particles which prevents the production of viruses.  Studies appear to indicate zeolite acts as a broad-spectrum anti-viral.  Etc.


Just check out the pictures. Then go make a garden. .

This is a huge amount of intense work.  Everything is  laid out for you. In the "Cancer Tutor" .   Although I do not agree with Mr. R. Webster Kehr on religion or on his theory of evolution (and I haven't a clue about the validity of his theory of physics), his work on cancer alternatives is thorough.  

From his site:
While this website has articles for recently diagnosed cancer patients, the main focus of this website is on identifying the very small number of the 300+ alternative cancer treatments which are strong enough to deal with the disastrous condition of cancer patients who have had extensive orthodox treatments, many of whom have been given up on by orthodox medicine. This website has more than 150 articles related to cancer. 

President Regan's cancer treated with Heat therapy 

Although this is one of those typical "buy me" websites, don't let that stop you. The information is all there and the books as well, for only $19.95. This is a safe and successful German cancer protocol which the American stars have used. It is painless, has no side effects and literally "cooks'" your cancer. Read about it HERE or click the book.
Their LINKS pages is FANTASTIC and saves DownSize to Thrive a lot of duplication effort.
They offer a LIST OF CLINICS in the US as well.

MUSHROOMS and Konjak and more!

Check out these noodles for NO WHEAT, NO SOY and FAR LESS CARBS. 
  "Chemicals in pot may help fight prostate cancer"

Chemicals in cannabis have been found to stop prostate cancer cells from growing in the laboratory, suggesting that cannabis-based medicines could one day help fight the disease, scientists said Wednesday.  
The GOOD NEWS keeps rolling in!
Your True SelfYour FeelingsYour HealthYour BrainYour MoneyFukushimaThrive - The MovieASEA for Your Health

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Read this pdf file by Carol L. Bowman, MD and then you will know the foundational information necessary to cognize and relate to what's going on "underneath" what we see. If you had time to read the books that explain this in detail, DownSize to Thrive wouldn't be in existence.

The Scientific Basis of Energy Healing
WHAT IS INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE? Hey, let's use good old WebMD and find out. Click HERE.
Don't Get Sick (in the U.S.)
A GREAT ARTICLE ON Single Payer Health Care in Canada.

Gail Pellett has been an award-winning documentary producer for radio and TV for 30 years. She produced with Bill Moyers for 13 years and produced independent documentaries also for PBS. Her feature articles have appeared in The Washington Post Magazine, the Village Voice and Mother Jones. She just finished a screenplay inspired by the life of Mary Wollstonecraft, the 18th century British women's rights advocate.
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The Editor of NEXUS Magazine says: Nexus....covers subjects and stories that often cause the reader to assume there has been a conspiracy.  For example, we have found evidence of at least two dozen very successful treatments for cancer that have been suppressed!  This suppression has always stemmed from joint action between medical bureaucracies and pharmaceutical drug companies.  Cancer can, has and is being successfully cured by a wide variety of treatments-all studiously ignored and denigrated by the majority of doctors.

CELL PHONE RADIATION  listed by Specific Phones:

Listing is based on phones currently available from major carriers. You can also see all phones (current and legacy) or all PDAs/Smartphones ranked by radiation.  
 The ALKALINE Theory
    Does the food you eat really effect your body's ability to heal? Here's the alkalinity/acid theory...

Taken from the WebMD site:

Many Americans have never heard of integrative medicine, but this holistic movement has left its imprint on many of the nation's hospitals, universities, and medical schools.

Treating the Whole Person
Both doctors and patients alike are bonding with the philosophy of integrative medicine and its whole-person approach -- designed to treat the person, not just the disease.

IM, as it's often called, depends on a partnership between the patient and the doctor, where the goal is to treat the mind, body, and spirit, all at the same time.

DUKE UNIVERSITY Integrative Medicine

OSHER CENTER for Integrative Medicine 
(University of California, San Francisco)
.            If you want more traditional care.....
  INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE will appeal to you.

THIS VISION CLARITY WEBSITEa has formula that appears to be like the Russian one. I would have bought the original but no human answered the phone and I don't do business with sites that aren't personally available. The owner of this site answered, was responsive and informative and that's how I do business. Besides, the original was 20 bucks more. DownSize to Thrive made the decision to stick with the better price, the better customer service and the best communications.

Here is some info on eye health from David's site. Read lots more research here.

Quite a few supplements are good for your eyes in one way or another, but one compound, N-acetylcarnosine, stands out for a special reason: not only can it help prevent cataract formation,but there is evidence to show that it can even treat the condition by reversing the formation of existing cataracts to some degree. Most of the research leading to this
conclusion has been done in Russia, where N-acetylcarnosine’s parent compound, carnosine, was discovered a century ago (see the sidebar on carnosine). We reported on some of that research ("NAcetylcarnosine May Help withCataracts”).....

The list of supplemental nutrients that can benefit our eyes in one way or another—including the prevention of diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration—is surprisingly long. It includes the tripeptide glutathione (the most abundant and important antioxidant in the human body, and critical for protecting the lens from free radical damage); vitamins A and C (both very important); vitamin E and some of the B vitamins; various bioflavonoids (especially quercetin and hesperidin) and carotenoids (especially lutein and zeaxanthin); the amino acids taurine, N-acetylcysteine, and acetyl L-carnitine; the hormone melatonin; the alkaloid vinpocetine; the herbs bilberry, ginkgo, and garlic; the minerals zinc and selenium; and, last but certainly not least, the saturated fatty acid lipoic acid (“the antioxidant’s antioxidant”), which plays a central role in maintaining the body’s antioxidant network.
It's 2017... May.  My cataract has been arrested since I started this in  early September  '09.  Almost 8 years. I still need glasses for  astigmatism but I don't have to have a cataract operation.  I alternate between the Russian original Can-C and this cheaper brand.  Here is a  site with a discount price for Vision Clarity. 
  EYE DROPS for Reducing Cataracts
There are so many vitamin sources it's important to find those that can cut the costs for this important but costly element of our health. 
Here are three large on-line companies with giant inventories that are actually cheaper than anywhere else, and easy to work with.   Vita Cost  and Swanson are both superior and cost competitive sources for most conventional supplements. I favor Swanson. They have a 100% year guarantee and the fastest shipping on the planet.  Vitacost has a month guarantee and really crappy shipping time.  Lucky Vitamin has NO GUARANTEE and medium shipping. For ordering the basics these are excellent sources. I only use Lucky when they are the only one who has a product I want.
Inflatable Slant Board 

This makes sense because hanging by ones feet is only for those who are already strong and trained. You can do that one later on.  Start your inversion against gravity here:

The Slant Board has been recommended by Chiropractors, Colon Therapists, Doctors, and other Health Professionals.

From the comfort of your home or office, you can:
* Reduce Fatigue 
* Relieve Stress 
* Strengthen and Firm Muscle Tone.
* Look Better, Feel Younger.

Dr. Bernard Jensen, DC, discovered the great health effects of slanting in 1933. He "found one of the greatest means of correcting our health problems and maintaining a healthy body". Inversion of the body relieves stress and fatigue by taking pressure off the body's organs by allowing them to shift into a more natural placement. This reduces the internal stresses on our bodies, and increases and strengthens our ability to cope with the emotional responses of our bodies to external stresses.  

But if you want something REALLY UNBELIEVABLY POTENT..... and still don't want to hang upside down on that Teeter Hangup..... read on................

      REAL SALT - We simply can't live without it

 From the SALT ARCHIVE site.
"The power to monopolize and control a population's salt supply, was power over life and death. Such was the importance of salt that the words, 'war' and 'peace' originate from the word for salt & bread in Ancient Hebrew and Arabic - The first war that mankind initiated was most probably over 'salt' supplies."


Do you wonder why you sometimes crave salt? Some people layer salt on their food like a blanket. Did you ever realize they are mineral deficient and their bodies are in craving mode. Although table salt as we know it is a killer, there's a damn good reason for craving REAL SALT. We can't live without water and we can't live without salt.

also  from the SALT ARCHIVE site.  "Water and salt are essential for maintaining extra cellular and intracellular concentrations of salt to activate cells in all plant and animal life. The body may endure periods of lack of food, but without salt and water , living cells would quickly perish from dehydration. Prior to the Industrial revolution, Water was relatively easy to obtain, but salt, in the quantities required by growing communities, was nigh, impossible."

So why the typical medical dictum about forbidding salt and adding chemicals to substitute for delicious, real salt? Could it be because the main stream MD's don't learn about the body's needs and that our limited information about natural health and wellness is a real problem? Yep, that's it. Simple,  but profoundly disturbing.

Why not poll your doctor? See if he or she realizes that our common table salt is only sodium with iodine added in? See if he knows about Celtic or Himalayan Salt? How about salt from the Great Salt Lake? What about red salt from Hawaii?

If he does, does he tell you about it?

REAL SALT, as you will read below, is LIFE GIVING!



The Healing Codes activate a physical function built into the body that consistently and predictably removes the #1 cause of illness and disease from the body . . . stress. A key point to remember is that our bodies are designed to maintain optimal health! Every time we have a health problem, we should be asking, “What stress is causing this and how can I eliminate it?”. Stanford University Medical School, and numerous health experts, say the number one killer on the planet is stress. Most physical and nonphysical health problems have long-term, physiological stress as their origin. The CDC also estimates that 80% of all health care dollars are spent on illnesses related to stress. 

Bruce Lipton (click here for Lipton's information) explains that if the body stays in this state long enough, illness and disease are likely to follow. This is the process that creates 95% of disease and illness. Dr. Lipton goes on to show the reason we are getting sicker as a population. 

More and more people are becoming concerned about the shady, secretive organization that is Codex Alimentarius - the thinly-veiled propaganda arm of the international pharmaceutical industry that does everything it can to promote industry objectives while limiting individual options to maintain health (which would diminish members profits).

This is a very well conceived program, simple, direct and effective if you are willing to focus for a few minutes. I've done some amazing healings myself with this information, which organizes what we learn in pieces. It's a damn good system and works if you work with it. SK
 I did this years ago when I had carpal tunnel symptoms which became so intense that I developed trigger fingers. My hand was black, so painful at night I woke up often and I had to "break"(force) my fingers open because they were "triggered" (stuck). I also couldn't close and open my hands. It was a mess. I did this remedy  and it worked like a charm. Thanks, Morgan for reminding me about it. 
We have received more mail about this "raisin remedy" than any other home remedy we have written about. We don't know how it got started or why it works, but many readers swear it relieves arthritis pain.
Ingredients: golden raisins and gin.
Empty the raisins into a bowl and pour in just enough gin to cover the raisins. Allow the gin to evaporate (about one week) and then place the moist raisins in a jar with a lid.
Eat nine raisins a day. (Read more on their website.)
From The People's Pharmacy
Tom Tam and TONG REN Therapy
Developed by Tom Tam, and an integral part of the Tom Tam Healing System, Tong Ren is a form of energy therapy for restoring health and vitality. Tong Ren is based on a belief that disease is related to interruptions, or blockages,   in the body's natural flow of chi, neural bioelectricity, blood, or hormones. Tong Ren seeks to remove these blockages, restoring the body's natural ability to heal itself, even when illnesses are chronic, debilitating, or otherwise untreatable. This healing system  is used for many ailments including chronic diseases like cancer, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, Parkinson's, diabetes, leukemia and many more.
Tong Ren combines western knowledge of anatomy and physiology with the ancient principle of chi, or life force energy, to create what many consider to be a powerful new healing modality. Drawing on the Jungian theory of the collective unconscious,Tong Ren is believed to access energy from this universal source and direct it to the patient. 
Learn More about Tong Ren and Tom Tam here at his site.  There is a new New York City Center which has recently opened. There's a lot of information available and there are a lot of happy customers. 
In Boston there is a Tong Ren healer, Josept Lucier who has a most informative site here. 

Dr. Jennifer Daniels Story to Help You Deprogram
                                       (From the website EclippTV: )  Dr. Jennifer Daniels had her license revoked by the state of New York for treating patients by teaching them how to heal with natural food, herbs and lifestyle changes. She tells of her ordeal and legal struggles. Dr. Daniels also explains how records are kept on doctors by pharmaceucital companies and state bureaucracies. This bazaar story should only be true in a communist country, however it is happening all across America. You should have this information before you go to any hospital, take another prescription medication or pay your next health insurance premium. Click HERE to watch the video.

Eventually Dr. Daniels got her license back after it was suspended for two years, but the cost was devastating. The doctor was financially depleted and no medical employer was willing to hire her despite impeccable educational & medical credentials(Harvard BA, University of Pennsylvania MD). She is planning on leaving the country And that is a successful case. 
Read more about how it really works....who got pissed off and axed. Dr. Daniels......Click HERE

Dr. Daniels' Health Tips HERE
Jennifer Daniels wanted to become a physician from elementary school . She earned a scholarship to Harvard, graduating from the pre-med program with honors, then went on to become an MD from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Daniels simultaneously completing an MBA at the Wharton School, earned both degrees in four years.
.   Zeolite
     Detoxing with Micronized Zeolite 
.          MMS - Truly a Miracle 
MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution
       Inexpensive and Very Effective  in Turning a Sick
Body into a Healthy Body 
MMS - a film interview with Jim Humble, the creator. 

OMG, this is the best "health and wellness" instrument I've come across, especially when you have lifted heavy weights, have shrunk inches and sit at the bloody computer day and night.  THE SPINE IS THE KEY, and this is the key to the spine

This was created for lower back pain but it's unbelievably restorative for many other things their website doesn't even mention. 

Decompression is finally promoted everywhere now. Hell, they have a fancy decompression bed at MD's offices that hits you for 7K and up, and you have to shlep to the office to stretch your spine. This is $129.95 and you can do it on your floor at home. It was created over the last 10 years by a chiropractor with some obvious mechanical brainpower. Can you tell I'M REALLY EXCITED? IT WORKS!!!    Their website is gone. But I still use the stretcher and it's available on Ebay.  With all that's going on it's hard to check on why they no longer sell this great product. Many are being shut down if they allow us to help ourselves instead of going to the Medical field for the same things at 100 times the cost. on ebay here it is.
And it does more than take away back pain (which I didn't have). Think about how you would feel if you could actually STRETCH, without hanging upside down or doing Yoga for 5 hours a day. Within a few days, spinal stretch regulated my digestion and perked up my core energy (read sexuality). And the manufacturers never promised any of the perks I am seeing. They might even be surprised.

Spinal Stretch Receives Endorsement from Spine Surgeon 
Charles Burton, M.D.  LOS ANGELES, Calif. (January 21,2010) 

Spinal Stretch, a new device for relieving low back pain, has been endorsed by Charles Burton, M.D., a noted spine neurosurgeon and a former Chairman of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Advisory Panel on Neurological Devices.
“Our long-held belief is that a self-administered spine health program is the key to keeping people healthy,” said Dr. Burton, who heads the Center for Restorative Spine Surgery in St. Paul, MN, and edits the authoritative web site:
“Spinal Stretch is a good answer to address that need,” said Dr. Burton, who is not associated with, and receives no compensation from, Spinal Stretch. “On the basis of our inter-organizational clinical trials of the Spinal Stretch device I am pleased to recommend it as a safe, inexpensive, user friendly device which has shown high patient acceptance.”... read the rest of this publication here.
Also check out their ROYAL TEA on the Wolfe Clinic Site if you have any digestive issues. I will try it out and let you know what I find.

"The Wolfe Clinic has tested hundreds of colon and intestinal cleansing products and Royal Tea is, by far, the best. Good intestinal health is important and should be preserved and maintained daily. This is the only product that does that safely and effectively."
The Static Sabre is made up of two parts: The Wand and The Activator. When the Activator is removed from the Wand it creates a vortex of negative electrons around the Wand. When your body is impacted by injury or disease it disrupts the charges and flow of current. When a charged Static Sabre Wand is applied to afflicted areas of the body electrostatic massage therapy takes place. Electrostatic massage therapy is the process of negative electrons from the Wand pushing your body’s own electrons via repulsion, within the symptomatic body area facilitating the body’s natural ability to heal itself by restoring the normal flow of current.

The Codex Alimentarius is a threat to the freedom of people to choose natural healing and alternative medicine and nutrition. Ratified by the World Health Organization, and going into Law in the United States in 2009, the threat to health freedom has never been greater. This is the first part of a series of talks by Dr. Rima Laibow MD, available on DVD from the Natural Solutions Foundation, an non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about how to stop Codex Alimentarius from taking away our right to freely choose nutritional health.
Complementary & Alternative 
Cancer Treatment
From their website: The fight against a cancer diagnosis is frequently troubling and arduous. Oftentimes, people fear and dread the consequences of the most traditional and popular form of treatment, chemotherapy. Yet more and more research has proven that there are effective alternatives to this admittedly risky and toxic procedure. We've fielded for your information some of the Web's best resources to accentuate your knowledge with alternative treatment facts.
NOTE:  I got an email from the administrator of a great site.... (which is a well researched and presented Resource Site for, of all things, Forensic Science).  And as is the case with creative minds, there are other links about other interesting Resources on their site. Below is info from their Cancer Resources site.
Dr. Burzynski. 
If you don't watch anything elseDON'T MISS THIS!
in 2023.  The Burzynski Clinic HERE
A very illuminating video on EFT.
The FDA finally gave their approval for the NovoCure electrode cap, by a narrow 7 to 6 vote. Just to add to this, I have a dear friend whose 46 year old family member has been alive for over 3 years because of this device. This is many years longer than anyone with a gliobastoma is given. Here's the google search for NovoCure so you can find whatever else you want to know. 

The Five Tibetan Rites

Although most of you who read this won't jump on it immediately and do it every day of your life (even though it really would keep your body in fantastic shape with only 15 minutes of core exercises a day), it is important to know it exists.  I understand that such a level of commitment comes when a person is really ready, because I knew about these 5 Rites for 30 years, owned the original book published in 1948, and still didn't commit until a month ago. NOW, however, it's the perfect fit for my lifestyle and needs. I'm ready to rejuvenate and damn if this doesn't do it. It's so amazing to watch/feel my body is responding like a teenager. Muscles already hard,  flexibility returning in record time and energy/physical capabilities are palpable. Besides, I believe in the story.... so feisty, relaxed, supra-healthy and integrated longevity feels doable. These Rites Rock.
 Written instructions. East to grasp CLICK HERE


Here's one of the best explanations I found. All that you need to know will be revealed in this website.  STAY YOUNG, LIVE LONG and BE HEALTHY!
.Here's a really great explanation of MMS HERE
The FDA never ceases to attempt to shut down their competitors.  They  simultaneously never cease to do their utmost to create a giant panic attack to try to make sure that we are scared to touch any products that defy the herd mentality. The FDA are very successful destroyers of their competition, being especially vicious if a simple, cheap product works well!  And as you can read from many who have experienced great results, MSM works amazingly well!  Any negative statements on the internet are from people who got immediately into a dither reading the FDA's diatribes..... or have taken megadoses and felt like shit.... ande that's a silly thing to do, period.  With MMS, LESS IS SOMETIMES MORE!!!  I don't feel like going to jail, so I won't tell you to take it instead of getting antibiotics. I will simly tell you my experience.. I TOOK IT and for me, one single drop linstantly cured a urinary tract infection I had had for over three weeks. Makes sense. We are water. It cleans water. It cleaned my water.  Here's my story: I couldn't get rid of the cloudy urine or uncomfortable pressure with herbs, homeopathic etc. ONE DROP of MMS and my damn urine was clear as a bell. Freaked me out, actually, but I clearly saw that a TINY amount can works on some microbials! For me, that certainly beats two weeks of some side-effect laden antibiotic that costs a fortune.  Also, with four drops a day, my gums are restored to their proper place..... around my teeth. . Grandson story: 5 year struggle with PLANTAR'S WART of gigantic proportion down to perfect skin in two weeks... activated MMS on cotton swap plus DUCT TAPE to cover. Grandson was bug eyed after his mother spent over 500 bucks on MD cutting, freezing, but to no avail. The warts grew to gigantic proportions over and over again. ...............but.................. 
MMS and duct tape =
WART GONE in two weeks  - never to return!! 
I can't tell you all the things this product has done, but others can. 
Learn more at the sites below:  


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MMS boosts The Immune System by deactivating the molecular structure of many pathogens ~

Skin is our largest protective organ. Collagen accounts for up to 75% of the weight of the dermis and is responsible for the resilience and elasticity of the skin. Collagen, which is mostly made up of silica, is the glue that holds us together.  Peruse their site and all the various products HERE.  

SILICA for your skin
    Modern Medicine can be a Hazard to your Health.
WELLNESS... using Nature's Gifts 
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DownSize to Thrive
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Your Health

In three days my nails went from weak and not growing to hard as a rock. I also felt a huge uptick of energy. 
Easy to take and inexpensive.
This is far more impressive than the silica gel.Shoot me an email and let me know if you do this and see results that are as potent as the Testimonials on this site.
Side Sleeping Therapy
Thanks for supporting 
yourself and DST.
We're in the grip of a giant machine and it doesn't want to stop making money its deepest focus. Integrative Medicine. is making inroads because caring MD's, Osteopaths and many more, are waking up!  Choose wisely. ASK QUESTIONS!
          WHAT MMS DOES
               A great explanation of MMS HERE


Here is a family business where you can get high quality  products. Make sure to call  if you are confused, since there are many more products now than were available when 
MMS was first released.


Explanation about MMS-Sodium Chlorite

One of the first people to promote the value of EFT was Dr. James Durlacher. He always gave the originator, Dr. Roger Callahan, the credit, but it's through a chance" meeting with Dr. Durlacher that  I first learned about the EFT technique back in the early 90's. He was a great help to me when very few people knew about this amazing resource. Thank you, James. You have done a great job helping many people deal with stress and fear.

FEAR OF HEIGHTS ON TV in 1998. See his youtube videos.  
ORDER Dr. Durlacher's book, 
FASTER EFT with Robert G. Smith.   
Here is a very clear, basic and excellent explanation and techniques by a person who been through the fire, the abuse, the miseries of the least fortunate of us. He explains HOW TO CHANGE our emotions. Dammit, this is not easily found, since intellectual levels aren't as compelling as a real story by a real human. He's damn good and EFT was a godsend to him and to those of us who will do it for ourselves. Here is his website. 
Some Dr.'s consider cancer to be a fungus. Watch this documentary about Baking Soda. WATCH HERE
                    CBD OIL 

This is just a quick's a huge field and I want to study it more thoroughly soon. In the meantime, here are several sites BELOW...
Prices have risen so instead of spending $199 for the barrel from the Cayce Institute's recommendations, I found the same one for 119. Order here if you need to save money.... same barrel...although supporting Cayce organizations is also important. The Heritage Store in Va. Beach, VA is the place to go for all of Cayce's products. Great store.  Here is the Cayce Institute ( the A.R.E.)
Sometime in the past someone realized that urine therapy provided 
a feedback loop for enhancing the body's immune system.​
WHEAT GRASS PULLING works better for me.  Try both and see for yourself.
Can-C is cheaper on ebay.
Click the picture to order Can-C....but....
So, What is "Natural Health"?
Natural health, alternative medicine, holistic medicine, alternative therapies, herbal medicine, natural healing, herbs, fitness, medicinal herbs, nutritional therapies, complementary therapies, longevity research, physical health, mental health, and spiritual health.... these are all elements of what is loosely termed "Natural Health". Here's the Blog hooked to the AANP WEBSITE FOR NATURAPATHIC PHYSICIANS.
Thank goodness we live in a time when many health experts agree that once the body is cleansed, nourished, and balanced, it has the ability to heal and recover from disease, as well as maintain health and long life. 

CANCER TUTOR  Start here
the Zazhoginsky Mine in Karelia, Russia     
Yes, one CAN extend life  with GLIOBLASTOMA MULTIFORMA.  
Don't wait for your oncologist!!! No, they don't even know about it.
One of the best I've found - 2017 update:
Micronized Zeolite HERE
ROYAL TEA - fabulous cleanse
This Shungite is from the Zazhoginsky mine in Karelia Russia, known for having the highest quality Shungite on earth.
(Emotional Freedom Technique)
PDF of one of the best books on the science of Urine therapy.  Free to you  HERE