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From Shambala Books comes this page about Ken Wilber's books:
Ken Wilber is the author of over a dozen books, including Sex, Ecology, Spirituality; The Spectrum of Consciousness; Up from Eden; and Grace and Grit. The Spectrum of Consciousness, written when he was twenty-three years old, established him as perhaps the most comprehensive philosophical thinker of our times. Credited with developing a unified field theory of consciousness—a synthesis and interpretation of the world's great psychological, philosophical, and spiritual traditions—Ken Wilber is the most cogent and penetrating voice in the recent emergence of a uniquely American wisdom. 

From is the interview entitled:

You are the river: An interview with Ken Wilber
Ken Wilber may be the most important living philosopher you've never heard of. He's written dozens of books but you'd be hard-pressed to find his name in a mainstream magazine. Still, Wilber has a passionate -- almost cultlike -- following in certain circles, as well as some famous fans. Bill Clinton and Al Gore have praised Wilber's books. Deepak Chopra calls him "one of the most important pioneers in the field of consciousness." And the Wachowski brothers asked Wilber, along with Cornel West, to record the commentary for the DVDs of their "Matrix" movies. One thing in all of Wilbur's work that I have read stood out. So I have put it in a pdf file for you to read and grasp his view of how many of each KIND of human there are on the planet and how much power each group (MEME) wields. It's a sobering view, no matter how we absorb the info.

One thing that calmed my own mind down years ago was reading about The Human Consciousness Project in Ken's book, A Theory of Everything that addressed SPIRAL DYNAMICS, a theory seeing human development as proceeding through 8 general stages, which are also called memes. (See page 7 below). These few pages give an overview of the types of people on the planet, their ideologies, their manners of living and how many there are. 

 Here are the pdf files for those 8 pages in sequence from
     A Theory of Everything 
Pages 6-7         Pages 8-9       Pages 10-11      Pages 12-13

from The Atlantic....  June 2009 
Article by Joshua Wolf Shenk
"I was granted unprecedented access to case files 
ordinarily restricted to researchers."
Is there a formula—some mix of love, work, and psychological adaptation—for a good life? For 72 years, researchers at Harvard have been examining this question, following 268 men who entered college in the late 1930s through war, career, marriage and divorce, parenthood and grandparenthood, and old age. Here, for the first time, a journalist gains access to the archive of one of the most comprehensive longitudinal studies in history. Its contents, as much literature as science, offer profound insight into the human condition—and into the brilliant, complex mind of the study’s longtime director, George Vaillant.
Needless to say, this is a fun read, with much that we know, some that we imagined, a bit that we have argued over and ways to make certain to we are making the most of our lives. It's never too late to look at ourselves through a 72 year old study we just found out about in 2009.    Shaleia

NOW in 2018, we find that through technological forces, the Control over our lives is  shutting down our "Happiness" quotient very, very quickly.  The fence around our freedoms is in squeeze play.  Looks like happiness isn't a Harvard study after all.   
Are you ready to look beyond what we are taught? Are you intrigued about who you really are..... the expansive, brilliant Being beyond the 5 senses? 

How to Discover Your Life's Purpose 
in About 20 Minutes. 
Pavila has tons of great things on his site.
GO DO IT and then come back!
Click on the icon above... or HERE 

The purpose is to paint a picture of the Universe in which we all live and in which we can find strengths and awarenesses we never imagined. We Can face what is happening today if we back it up with timeless truths about how to It is not our true destiny to "shop", nor to believe the war-producing fairy tales handed down from generations, nor to end up in an old age home with strangers instead of our family members. Owning more, having the big house, one  more bauble, another expensive dinner out , another cruise or a  $3,000 weekend seminar... these are not the warp and woof of a truly healthy and happy being.  

DownsSize to Thrive  has been born to touch many levels of life and different types of  learning. An integrated personality is the goal, drawing wisdom from many directions and dimensions. Our purpose is to help broaden your vision so your integration will start to take place almost automatically.... stimulated by your determination to evolve. 

To prosper is taking on new meaning and connecting with  your "true self" will be the key to having the courage to thrive. Your major job is to learn to LET GO, to be flexible, to change with the need for seeing life differently.....all of these things must be done so you can live from your core. 

These alterations in your cosmology will not be easy nor free of pain. No ones story nor their healing is without turmoil and grief. But to learn to laugh at yourself, breathe, emerge on the other side of  your various fears and embrace and enjoy change in all aspects of our lives.....this is the path.  The key is to want to do the work and you will ...once you feel, understand and see the rewards. Once you are really on the path, there is no getting off. You won't want to anyway (after you get used to it).  We are a bridge to help you get there.

We live in a time where Heroes of all types are being shown to us right on our television screen. As we watch others rise above adversity, we can embrace their life lessons and apply them to ourselves. We are getting our tsunami wake- up call in the form of the destruction of our economy. So no more excuses accepted. No more avoiding rapid change. Our desire for awareness, for a REAL life, is built into  us. The stories abound. They are all around us. Our job is to learn how to apply the lessons  right away. 

We can thrive amidst chaos if we determine to free ourselves from our own self-imposed prison of continuing erroneous beliefs (that we decided were "truths"  way back when we were children trying to survive the family confusion).  We have to know who we really are to thrive, so....

       Downsize to Thrive takes a broad brush to clarify information about what to do to thrive during these incredibly difficult times. Most folks thought they could get through their lives by merely focusing on amusing topics, but now it has became obvious that Rome is burning.  Now what? We have to upgrade our knowledge fast. It's not OK that many people in this country will lose in the gameshow, "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?"  We have to learn to work together, starting with your own TRUE SELF, learning  to work in harmony. Then move on to the members of your family, friends, coworkers and community  who are willing to join you. We're certainly in this together .

Many charismatic speakers have made a fortune selling ways to remain "positive" regardless of circumstances. While it's true that positive thinking is a tool for motivating yourself and for coming back to center over and over again, but it certainly isn't a magic bullet. In time of true misery or crises, positive thinking doesn't resolve real life issues. In fact, remaining positive "despite all" ignores the room-elephants and buries your true emotions, which we need in order to develop determination, persistence, courage, "right-action" and ultimately, wisdom. Rushing back to "feeling good" when your issues remain unresolved, overrides your personal power. 
                          Let's get real since it's the only way to thrive. 

From the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know:   It’s a wonderful idea - positive thinking.  But what it usually means is that you have a little smear of positive thinking covering a whole mass of negative thinking. So positive thinking is not really thinking positive. It’s just disguising the negative thinking we actually have. 

Our Subconscious Mind is in control.
Why It Controls You If You Don’t Control It.

Read this short article. It's easy and clear. Get the picture. Then you can do something about it. You have to if you want to Thrive during these changing times. Be HONEST, not just "positive".   And then click here and go to the SPIRITUAL TEACHERS section of this page for DETAILS.

A gift to the world from the Hawaiian Nation    This family and group healing process has been used for many centuries by the Hawaiian people, and shows their great tradition of love in action.

Self I-dentity through Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian problem solving process to release memories that show up as problems in our everyday lives. When we are willing to take responsibility and let go, what is right and perfect unfolds. The Ho’oponopono process provides “a step by step approach to achieving Peace, Balance and a new meaning of life through an understanding of one’s Self-I-dentity.”


...Come from many directions.

We are no longer living in a time where we can afford to listen to people who are merely "Talking the Talk" and marketing ideas we want to hear. We are moving past the time of hypocrisy and want to know how to Walk the Walk. It's easy to put out CD's and the principles, but we have to be able to put these great ideas into practice to create the life we want.  

First  are various types of teachings. Get a vision of all the variables and see who you have missed.  You have your own pathway so some will interest you and others won't. All of them, however, are great teachers. 


Can you breathe, chill and want to accept that we believe in the importance of much that is detrimental to our happiness? In this 2 minute video Tolle reminds us with his extrordinary humor, not to take ourselves so damn seriously. BRING SPACE to all issues. Get perspective with the Master. He's hilarious and his phraseology is unsurpassed. Tolle just has a way with words......and that counts for a lot. He gets through to people on many level, that's for sure! NOW... COMMIT to the transformational process and you have created an amazing journey for yourself.

Itzhak Bentov  From Atom to Cosmos.  Fabulous video to begin your "catch up"  with the world of Quantum Physics.  Bentov  was a biomedical engineer who was kicked out of kindegarten.... and created a new model of the Universe. He explained the mechanics of consciousness to us as well as the holographic Universe in his book  Stalking the Wild Pendulum. He was brilliant, clarifying and quite humorous and revolutionary perspective on the human conscience. He was killed in a plane crash over Chicago in 1979 Hidden Mysteries  
Stanislav Grof   was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, is best known for his work in the field of consciousness studies. In 1973 Grof was invited to Esalen Institute where he lived as Scholar-in- Residence until 1987, writing, lecturing, and developing (with his wife Christina) Holotropic Breathwork. He also served on the board of trustees of Esalen. He was the founding president of the International Transpersonal Association (ITA), which has organized major conferences on transpersonal psychology.

      Does Positive Thinking Really Work?

This is a short essay succinctly explaining a syndrome illuminated by the Buddist teacher,Chogyam Trungpa. Charles Eisenstein puts it clearly, speaking about self-deception in realm of spiritual atunement:  "Any time we take pride or derive self-esteem from our spiritual practices, ethics, morals, metaphysical beliefs, or mystical experiences, we are engaging in spiritual materialism". The book Trungpa wrote 35 years ago was called "Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism" and is a landmark in the field of catching your ego. "Spiritual Materialism" is certainly an affliction that is endemic to religion and "spirituality" in our culture" says Charles Eisenstein in his short but direct blog. Here it is,  Charles Eisenstein if you feel a short message brewing.......

Here is a biography about Trungpa from the Shambala Site. Then read on to get the OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY since nothing ever is as it seems. Trungpa: A Wild and Crazy Wisdom Guy". And that he was. Don't fail to realize, however, that as wacky as he was, he was still a master teacher. The original "crazy wizdom" adept in the West, alcoholic, and womaniser, Trungpa was a brilliant teacher, but also a classic ambigious / Intermediate Zone guru. Like other such gurus, he was totally lacking in self-control and was swallowed up by his own obsession for self-indulgence.
But he was an excellent translator to the Western world. Beware, however, lest you or Trungpa, get stuck in what is called The Intermediate Zone.

The Course in Miracles helps us go beyond the sensory world by teaching us how to reverse our thinking and unlearn our mistakes. Forgiveness is the great learning aid in bringing this thought reversal about. However, the Course has its own definition of what forgiveness really is, just as it defines the world in its own way.

Gary Renard's book, The Disappearance of The Universe,Straight Talk About Illusions, Past Lives, Religion, Sex, Politics, and the Miracles of Forgiveness ...explains the Course in a way that makes it easy to understand. Cheat a little. 
" Seth is a multidimensional personality, of great humour and wisdom, who was channeled by psychic Jane Roberts in the early sixties."  Seth Speaks... 

SETH was the beginning of loosening up people's locked minds to other informational channels. When you have a little time, listen to these 13 short YouTube Videos reading Seth Speaks to get a feel for the material. It's the way most of us  started learning about other realms back in the 70's and Seth is 
timeless info. 

"There are many that say it was the Seth material that sparked the birth of the New Age. This, we can not say for sure, but we do know that Seth touched many with the knowledge he brought to us. And all those he touched reached out and touched others. Most noted New Age authors, teachers, channelers, etc, attribute the beginning of their journey to Seth." The Seth Material   

(It's true for me as well. It was the Seth Material in the 70's that first cracked through my programming. Potent information with which to begin your search into metaphysics.)

     This is the trailer:
 Then watch LEAP, The Movie.  
In the 1930s, Wilhelm Reich, M.D.—an Austrian psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and scientist discovered a powerful, new biological energy in all living matter that he called “orgone,”, and for the next two decades devoted his life to the investigation of its laws and properties. Reich confirmed the existenceof this energy in the human body, verified its presence in the atmosphere, developed instrumentation to observe and collect it, and harnessed it for a variety of purposes from cancer treatment to motor power to weather experimentation. He was truly an amazing man. Visit the Reich museum in Rangeley, Maine.


From their website: "The Monroe Institute in Virginia serves as the core of a research affiliation investigating the evolution of human consciousness and making related information available to the public. The Monroe Institute also provides experiential education programs facilitating the personal exploration of human consciousness. Over the last 30+ years, thousands of people have attended the Institute’s residential and outreach programs, and millions have benefited from our educational materials."

Here is their PROGRAM BROCHURE in pdf file

Alan Stacker from Australia has a spiritual "cutting edge transformational resources new energy site" called Points of Power. 
It will help you catch you up in record time. 

He says: The Points of Power website has been expressly designed as a teaching and support vehicle for the ever increasing number of people on the most difficult and most sacred path of all, the spiritual awakening path of unprecedented change and transition into the New Energy. In this respect it is rightfully and justifiably significant... relatively small and intentionally unadorned, simple and user-friendly, and with nothing to join, no membership demands, no pecuniary agendas, no creeds or doctrines to follow, no vast organization or hierarchy, nobody to worship or fawn upon and nobody inviting you to abandon your power of choice and discernment*... but like all True New Energy sites, significant.

*On the contrary, with the plethora of half-truths and conjecture now being brought forth to humanity (along with all the old economic, political and religious delusions that people have bought into),you are invited to embrace the attribute of discernment as never before - to now take only what resonates deep within and trust only what is in some way mirrored within your own experience.

As one of many examples of the fabulous work that is our there,  these folks have been working with the truth of "the Heart" for 16 years. It's time now to grasp that we can change our daily lives on all levels, for we cannot thrive without this expanded vision.  We talk about it, but we don't really grasp it. To thrive, we must get it FAST.

In CMR-Cellular Memory Release, we have a lot of information about how to heal this human phenomenon Eckhart Tolle calls the pain body.

A paradigm is a set of assumptions upon which we humans operate our lives and we have to have a New Paradigm because the old one is killing us. We've been talking about it publicly for 40 years, but now it's imperative.  (Where is Marilyn Ferguson when we need her? The Aquarian Conspiracy would be a good read if you haven't....) That's what people are all about. EVOLVING. We have to give ourselves what we need to keep going and have the energy to improve at the same time.  

It's here and it's real... this Universal Oneness, this New Paradigm. It is real and necessary...and absorbing it as a "way of life" is the core issue for our "thriving" in these shifting times. 

We are so tightly brainwashed into a materialistic world view that the concept of "remembering who we are" must be repeated over a span of time in order to create the internal shift we so desperately need. 

There are ways, however, to speed up the process. We are moving en masse now,  from "belief" in what we have been taught, to a "knowing" within our own selves that there has to be more..As this new awareness replaces the fear-based thinking that has ruled humanity for millennium, we will no longer attach to the unimportant issues that consume our time with trivia that means very little in our road to being fully human.  We become a truly different person over time if we so choose this route.



Beyond the unified field theory and quantum mechanics, after we have learned to tap the power of energy,  we can find the power of love as an emergetic form.  ( Love Energy IS REAL. As real as a creative force you believe in, like electricity. I've had some pretty amazing experiences with its power, and I'm not talking about romantic love! SK)

The Mindshift Institute is devoted to introducing life-positive knowledge - from new science and other crucial ways of knowing - that has the power to transform fundamentally how we see reality and how we live our lives. Our goal is to help expand our definition of reality by exploring ideas outside of the dominant worldview and assist people in waking up from what we call "The Trance State," an unconscious but profound detachment from inner and outer reality. 

They also have conferences and bring speakers together on a yearly basis called Cosmos and Consciousness. Come to Maine Sept. '09. 

The Arica school was a precursor to the more well known personality indicator called the  ENNEAGRAM (see below). The Arica school, however,  is a serious system of inner work created by The Bolivian scholar Oscar Ichazo. It is vast, interwoven, and sometimes complex body of teachings on psychology, cosmology, metaphysics, spirituality, and so forth, combined with various practices to bring about transformations of human consciousness. 

from an interview with Oscar Ichazo: "The first enlightenment is to be completely aware that the entire game of our life is consciousness. That is kensho - when you are aware that consciousness is the thing to focus on and not the mind. 

While the mind is composed of thoughts, feelings and sensations, consciousness has no components at all. Our consciousness is the source of the mind. If the consciousness is unclear or is suffering, our mind is going to be unclear and suffer. We do not control our mind until we have our consciousness clear.." 

The real way is to live a totally normal life at the same time you are living a divine life. That is, consecrate every act you do so that you are not doing for yourself, but you are doing with an extra purpose which is beyond yourself, transcendental to yourself. Then it's going to have real value. 

By going beyond ourselves we can evolve our internal structures. We cannot do that if first we are not clear about our physical being and how it works. Our physical being is structured for covering outside needs, not inside needs. So the inside needs are something we have to work for. 

The Arica School presents a detailed map of the human psyche that aims to serve as a guide for discovering the basis of one's ego process, enabling individuals to transcend that process into a higher state of consciousness that is found in and available to every person. This state of being is seen as our true essential self, experienced as an internal state of great happiness, light, and liberation.  The Arica School provides a method of enlightenment. What makes the Arica School different from the ancient schools is that it provides a contemporary method of enlightenment, employing biology, psychology and physics in order to clarify human consciousness with modern knowledge, producing freedom and liberation.

by Gary Goldschneider

Understand yourself and everyone you know more deeply instantly....Go to Gary's site and order the book(s) "The Secret Language of Birthdays" by Gary Goldschneider. Everyone will love it and it will crack their brain open.  It's about 90% amazingly accurate. Once in a great while there will be one person whose birthday doesn't seem to fit. It's rare,...but the few times it has happened in my use of this book over the last 15 years... the persons were not living honestly.... they were shut down to who they really are and it was obvious.

 The Secret Language of Birthdays : Personology Profiles for Each Day of the Year by Gary Goldschneider, Aron Goldschneider (Editor), Joost Elffers (Contributor)

"A unique blend of astrology, numerology, psychic intuition, and personal observation combine to make up this handsome, illuminating volume. Each day of the year is covered in an elegant two-page spread, in which icons and illustrations complement a detailed description of personality traits for people born on that day. Includes famous people who share the birthday.

Offering a two-page spread on every day of the year, a one-of-a-kind combination of astrology and numerology presents an abundance of information, including personality profiles, illustrations, meditation suggestions, and more for each day."


The Enlightened Yogi of Yoga.

ENLIGHTEN UP, the movie

A filmmaker is determined to prove that yoga can transform anyone. Her plan: select a subject, immerse him in yoga and follow him until he finds a practice that transforms him. Her subject: Nick Rosen a skeptical, 29 year-old journalist living in New York City. Before he can say OM, Nick finds himself twisted up like a pretzel surrounded by celebrity yogis, true believers, kooks and entrepreneurs. The more he investigates yoga the more contradictions he discovers, straying further from Kate's plan. They circle the globe talking to mystics, gurus, mad men and saints searching for the true meaning of yoga, encountering things they never could have imagined. They don't find the answers to their questions, they find much more. 

What are we talking about? 
 ......."Awareness.... enlightenment is something which comes in several stages and degrees. It means to feel consciousness as being the root of our life, our existence, ....." Arica Training 
In Search of the Future....
What Do the Wise Ones Know?  
"Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies." Nietzsche 
THE PURPOSE  of  the "Your True Self" 

Living Dialogues with Duncan Campbell features pioneers in new paradigm thinking in a broad variety of fields. "Each show provides a different facet of the vision emerging from the work of many to transform our individual lives—and our planet. In his interviews, Duncan weaves together compelling perspectives on our shared experience. Living Dialogues provides programming that enriches the body, mind, soul and spirit.  It is a fire-keeping space where together, we can ignite each other's unique creative spark to bring forth our individual transformation and the evolution of our planetary community."  ...some of the people he has interviewed are:
Brian Weiss,  Byron Katie,  Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, George Lakoff, Marianne Williamson, Paul Hawken, Stanislav Grof and lots of others.
Living Dialogues 
with Duncan Campbell
The Right Use of Will

Jim Self has taken all the buzz words for the process of dimensional awareness and has created a program where he is willing to give a lot of information away (which is always fun).... and he offers seminars. Jim's process addresses the emotions and HOW to make the shift. Some people really like Jim's work.See what you think.
(I think most of our changes come from being honest with ourselves in our day to day relationships but be aware of what Self talks about in relationships to SUMULTANEOUS TIME. Everything does exist simultaneously and we are merely walking through events. It helps to get a perspective and be able to laugh at ourselves  very quickly.)

Info from the site Mastering Alchemy: To step out of the third dimensional reality into a higher dimension, a change in possibility must also occur. One choice is to transform our concept of linear time into the possibility of Simultaneous Time.

Simultaneous Time
Within Simultaneous Time, all events and possibilities occur in the same place at the same moment. Simultaneous Time is not a difficult experience to have, but it is an impossible experience to have within the third dimension.

In order to experience Simultaneous Time, one must become consciously aware of the structures and limitations of the third dimension, and then step beyond these restrictions to discover and allow new choices.

Within Simultaneous Time, a doorway to a Higher Consciousness opens, creating an opportunity to observe all possibilities and then purposely choose the possibility that most successfully fulfills our intentions.

Consider for a moment the possibility that you could step outside of time and rearrange any event you have experienced, thus clearing the disharmonic threads of your past and integrating the skills, knowledge and wisdom of your future.

Alchemy is accomplished by changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter and applying the elements of Love to create the desired result. Alchemy is first recognizing all that is possible, then transforming one possibility into another.  Jim Self
Points of Power
"cutting edge transformational resources new energy site"
The Institute of HeartMath 
Empowering heart-based living. 

The Arica School
The SETH Material
A Course in Miracles
Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism 
Chogyam Trungpa
The Secret Language of Birthdays
Dedicated to the Exploration of Consciousness
What is the true nature of the Universe?
The Mindshift Institute
 POWERFUL INTENT On-Line COMMUNITYAlso here is an on-line community of people with Intentions to heal. If you are interested, they would love to hear from you.
Check out the GAIA COMMUNITY 
for an understanding of  Ho'oponopono.
Here are some of the CD programs that promote  themselves as teachers of  Manifestation.  My opinion is that most of this is just Repackaged- Feel- Good- Hype. Useful tools for changing thoughts but very limited in its transformational capabilities,Joe Vitale -   THE 5 EASY STEPS TO MANIFESTING YOUR DESIRES:
The Masters of the Secret - a page of MP3 FREE files from teachers.
Mentor's Channel -  Teachers for 30 years, here are well known names offering Mentorship programs. 

Terence McKenna (1946—2000) studied the ontological foundations of Shamanism and the Ethnopharmacology of spiritual transformation for over a quarter of a century. An innovative theoretician and spellbinding orator, Terence emerged as a powerful voice for the psychedelic movement and the emergent societal tendency he calls The Archaic Revival. One of McKenna's ideas is known as novelty theory. It predicts the ebb and flow of novelty in the universe as an inherent quality of time. McKenna developed the theory in the mid-1970s after his experiences in the Amazon at La Chorrera led him to closely study the King Wen sequence of the I-Ching. Novelty theory involves ontology, extropy, and eschatology.
   When you have been caught in the world of perception
             are caught in a dream.
From the website Enneagram Central:

The fundamental premise of the Enneagram is that each of us has one dominant (not exclusive) energy that drives us in everything we do. This dominant energy is our greatest gift so we use it too much and it becomes our chief fault - or sin. This energy, like a prevailing wind that bends a tree permanently, sculpts our inner terrain and shapes our entire life.

The Enneagram map depicts what model of the universe each of nine different kinds of people have. This map, like all maps, describes some things and leaves out others. It characterizes the thoughts we think all day, it calibrates the energy levels we have for some things and lesser energies we have for other things. The Enneagram portrays our biggest problem in life and our greatest gift, and remarkably they are the same.
Here is a free Enneagram Test 
....and a longer free test
......and a shorter one



An easy to follow process for Emotional and Physical Healing
Cellular Memory Release
The CMR process teaches you how to transform any negative habit or pattern in your life. This includes addictions, compulsions, negative emotions that keep coming back, or any behavioral pattern that is no longer serving you. By developing the ability to process out negative emotions, you can let go of what's holding you back from your maximum potential and living the fullest, most abundant life possible.  Check it out and see what you think.
    Eckhart Tolle asks:  
Ken Wilber is a mental giant and a controversial scholar. It would be an easy start to read about him on Wikipedia and get an overview.  Some people think he is one of the smartest men alive and others see his ego and criticize his complex mind as too paradoxical or "objectifying". He's all of the above and more, in my humble estimation, and he sure the hell is interesting. Until you butt up against his confusions about life. He's human.
("What Does It Take To Make Us Happy" ?)
"The project is one of the longest-running—and probably the most exhaustive  —longitudinal studies of mental and physical well-being in history. Begun in 1937 as a study of healthy, well-adjusted Harvard sophomores (all male), it has followed its subjects for more than 70 years."

The Near Death Experiene is explained in detail on this website.
You could stay here for a long time! Here is the site map. Extensive information for sure since the webmaster's goal is, "My goal is to transform this website into the "Grand Central Station of NDEs." My mission is to help connect people with information and resources concerning NDEs and NDE research for the purpose of understanding death and thereby understanding life in a way that brings tremendous joy and love.'

To quickly understand the common characteristics of a Near Death Experience, here is one synthesized page is the comments of Dr. Ring so if you don't have time to peruse the whole site, start with Dr. Ring. 

Here is one of the more interesting near-death experiences sine MELLEN-THOMAS BENEDICT has gone on to Omega to spred the information to those who are fascinated. The 

Mellen-Thomas Benedict had a near death experience (NDE) in 1982 while suffering from brain cancer. This experience, explained on his official website is now one of the most studied NDE cases in the literature. His extraordinary experience has an effect on our own less dramatic but deeply personal answers to life’s biggest questions. Mellen shares his direct access to universal intelligence with us. You can read Mellen-Thomas Benedict's near-death cosmic experience on his website.


​                      Nothing is as it seems.
        "What's Underneath" is always the real issue. 

The true causes of human unhappiness are hidden in the subconscious and act out without our awareness. Even the press is talking the talk.  From  New York Times article: "More fundamentally, the new studies reveal a subconscious brain that is
 far more active, purposeful and independent than previously known. “Well, we’re 
finding that we have these unconscious behavioral guidance systems that are continually furnishing suggestions through the day about what to do next, and the brain is considering and often acting on those, all before conscious awareness.”Dr. Bargh added: “Sometimes those goals are in line with our conscious intentions and purposes, and sometimes they’re not.” 

The good news is that we now realize after many years of help from the cutting 
edge thinkers of the world, that people's misery and destructive actions are 
symptoms of hidden, deeper issues and dis-eases in their lives. We finally understand the subconscious domination factor, but working through their issues for true "change" still seems to necessitate pain to motivate most people. Until there is enough misery, most people don't DO anything about their issues. Today's vast problems are
 changing that dynamic, making consciousness a vital function of our survival.
The continuing process of anesthetizing painful emotions with one drug or another simply doesn't work long term.  For those who are "stuck", every day is painfully similar to the last, with no new ideas about finding creative ways to change. Relational and spiritual deficits remain unaddressed. 

We are talking here about the fact that it is NOT "New Age woowoo" to understand that we ARE living in an expanded Universe. That kind of thinking is quantum physics. Shake your head and let it in: 

We really ARE energy beings and Natural Laws DO Exist. 
Most people accept the limited worldview taught by our institutions and don't make the effort to “remember our true Greatness” . We are enslaved by our senses and don't understand how to welcome an expanded view of ourselves. More than ever, we have to add this to our lives now.

Our constant limiting self-identification keeps us small and frightened and we deny our enormous capabilities. The whole damn Universe is energy and we are not separate or isolated from it. In fact we ARE the energy that created us and our amazing world(s). The range of our eyes' ability to see is very small. We can't see our essence, our light body, but it's there. We can't see gamma rays or radio waves but they are there.. It's like a dog hearing a high pitch. We can't hear it, but it's there. 

The evolution of materialism through our technological advancement has separated the head from the heart but indigenous people never lost touch with the heart of Nature.

The ancient shamanic way of seeing the world mirrors the last 45 years of scientific information gleaned from quantum physics, and both have both brought us to the same place.  Still, most people have turned a deaf ear to the amazing possibilities available for us. Throughout history the great thinkers of each time have had epiphanies, coming  forward to guide us into understanding what is possible.... for they can see it, feel it, and they know it is real. But of course they have not been understood. A plethora of visionaries have preceded us, yet we still don’t believe them...all the while holding them in high esteem. It's nutz, really.

People are looking for signs that humanity will succeed at this higher level. Choosing the wide vision of life is an individual decision and since we live in a private world, it's a slow process... so we seek guidance to be able to emerge, one by one,  from our fear-based world view. When we do choose this direction, we can then see with great clarity,  the immense value of the many amazing people who have gone beyond our limited vision and replaced it with another set of laws that shows us what is possible..
THIS BOOK  HAS BEEN A FAVORITE OF MINE FOR 15 YEARS. The book is in tatters, it's been used so much by everyone! It's FABULOUS!

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One of the personal treasures of doing this website is meeting people from all over the world. It's a perk of great value, not the least of which is the opportunity for fantastic input. So, instead of blogging, I will feature information sent to DownSize to Thrive by the people I meet from all over the world. If you send me valuable info, I will gladly check it out and if it we connect in that manner, I'll make your own section. If you want your own contact info listed, that would be great.

GwBaker is a delightful Canadian teacher/painter living in Taiwan's second largest city, Kaohsiung, a famous coastal port. Here's a message to us from a fellow traveler. July 2017

​"People like to talk about transformation and especially within the New Age arena which is rife with charlatans, frauds and disinformation. Millions of dollars are generated by people trying to “teach, heal, guide” followers this process and it is not a clear path to navigate by any means. There are a plethora of false Gurus out there happy to let you sit at their feet while they spoon feed you “truth” that “only they” have discovered or formulated. This is a huge red flag. When someone suggests they have the truth while never suggesting other equally relevant sources of wisdom and insight, or do so only in a passive way while keeping themselves front and center- steer clear! If it feels like an ego is talking, it likely IS an ego, so be aware. It is not always easy to discern as there are plenty of soft spoken egos as well. At the same time, there are some meaningful teachers worth learning from, while my suggestion is to not put all your eggs in one basket, but to glean from a spectrum of writers and begin to formulate your own view of the world within and without. Trusting your intuition and learning to listen to you deeper inner self is important. 

So where does that process begin? It is sometimes hard to know without looking back to “connect the dots” to quote Steve Jobs. But beginning where you are is likely best. From the view of ancient wisdom traditions until today, the keys to spiritual and psychological development within ourselves as individuals and in our relationship to the world at large lies within objectively self-observing as we try to enter into an authentic communique with our higher-selves. True self- awareness. There is no other way, path, road or short-cut that humans can take to become fully real and closest to our own truth. To awaken from the dream of life that is propagated in the mainstream world and how we live day to day is our most noble path if we can find it. While on this path we are faced with the perils of all the lies we told and continue to tell ourselves, the projections we spotlight onto others and the hard facts of our existence which might be difficult or impossible to fully understand. Most people can never do this, rather choosing to avoid anything remotely uncomfortable and hiding within a materialist bubble or some form of experiential escapism, including “spiritual” escapism. One of the greatest New Age fallacies is the idea of avoiding anything negative at all cost while only embracing the positive. This is a toxic brew of “reality creation” or “manifesting” which confuses the true purpose of the ancient wisdom and purpose of Mentalism and Cause and Effect as they are described by Hermetics (Natural Law). That is why few fully awaken, change or grow very much past their twenty or thirty-something selves in the expression of their persona. Their purpose is focused on a self-gain through spiritual methods and not a service to others mindset. They never integrate their own shadows in the Jungian sense of the term, and they remain within a subjective lens onto themselves and the world around them. 

Knowledge of paramount ideals and frameworks that exist and how they synthesis together with our own self-knowledge and awareness is an essential a stepping stone to finding out who we are in reality and not merely the artificial appearance we live and show to the world on a daily basis. The next step is to look within. Really looking hard to begin to see what is true and what is false. 

It is easy to confuse a state or peak experience with an actual stage of growth where we have reached a new level of permanent awareness. State experiences can come when we experience revelations, meditation or contemplation and, while they can be useful, they are the maps and not the destination. If we constantly chase after high state experiences we are frequently choosing escapism over reality. Sometimes so called spiritual work is mundane, depressing, or painful and we all have down days as well so thinking that it is all love and light is a sure fire way to become further deluded by your own ego. State experiences have their purpose and through practice such as meditation can play a role in moving us towards a higher stage of conscious awareness. At the same time, practicing daily mindfulness is equally important. These days we hear a lot about the marriage of East and West and the blending of mysticism with the great benefits of psychology. Peak experiences that many of us are lucky to have stand out as gems on our journey; however, it is equally important to do the self-work and see our emotional shadow responses to people and situations in order to begin working with our unconscious material. This can be done effectively though journaling our daily experiences internally (including dreams) and externally. Without the use of a journal to keep track of and sort through our experiences, it is possibly much slower to make real progress. In addition to the necessary self-examination process (looking for triggers to our emotions) observing how the world reacts to us and noticing our behavior from the outside is also important. 

Transformation is, for many people, a trial by fire as we are confronted with the illusions of our false selves and dream-like (un)reality. As we begin to dis-identify and dis-entangle our old belief systems (especially things regarding ourselves) and broader awareness emerges, our ego puts up a fight through unconscious shadows of our habits and attachments or we experience resistance from those around us. It's very tricky navigating at times and only begins to develop greater clarity with the commitment to keep focusing on honest self-work. There isn’t a short cut or quick fix and being prepared to confront the darkness within ourselves is essential. 

Books, writers, and sources that I have found useful in my own practice are as follows: The Kybalion , Bernhard Guenther , Tom Montalk (Matrix Video) , Paul Levy , Mark Passio , Carlos Castaneda (all books- especially The Active Side of Infinity) Rabindranath Tagore Sadhana: The Realization of Life (Caution disclaimer about Guru status, however useful information and knowledge can be gained here as well) Eckhart Tolle Ken Wilber , Robert Augustus Masters , Sri Aurobindo: Integral Yoga 

 GwBaker's Recommendations
Here is Wilber's personal website, but don't get lost and forget to come back to DownSize to Thrive. His site will take you to the major site he is promoting called INTEGRAL LIFE.

Ken Wilber and his friends have created this website as a collaborative. It's very modernistic and you have to pay to join.  For 10-15 dollars a month you get guidance to help you expand your consciousess/self-awareness. They go into great depth and intricacy.  INTEGRAL LIFE SITE MAP might just be what you're looking for if you want help winding your way through the maze. Ultimately, it's a "state of peace" you seek and each teacher has a different effect on your complex parts. That's really why we seek..... to find the ones who can explain ourselves to ourselves most clearly for us. Yet to "seek" is the opposite of peace. Conundrums galore. This group of teachers are basically intellectuals, which some of you may like and others not so much. They cover it all and it's a little nerve wracking to see how much there is to grasp, but that's why life is all about. That's what DownSize to Thrive feels like for some people too, but we don't use "flash" to zap the eyes. :-) 

Click picture to go to SITE MAP for Integral Life
 Quick list of DIVERSE  TEACHERS... and remember..... THEY ARE ALL JUST PEOPLE DOING THEIR THING and they are as full of bullshit on certain levels as the rest of us. Important to listen to their wisdom, however. Click on the links for their websites.

 Tim's site speak for itself. Go to the Source and enjoy the trip. 

"Can you be here As the Bringer of SPACE in any situation? 
When you think things really matter, can you remember that they are usuall opimions that can be changed? 
Holosync  is a sophisticated form of audio technology that induces the brain wave patterns of deep meditation. Users experience all the benefits of a traditional meditation practice, but in an accelerated time-frame.
An unforgettable man, Timothy Wyllie holds a beautiful thread of our evolutionary journey. His website will give you a feeling for the individualistic emanations that he has crafted by walking that enticing path we have termed  "consciousness raising."
It seems to me that one of the most basic human experiences, one that is genuinely universal and unites – or, more precisely, could unite – all of humanity, is the experience of transcendence in the broadest sense of the word. 
–Václav Havel, President, Czech Republic
 A writer and artist, Tim's book Dolphins, Extraterrestrials and Angels  was very popular during the expansive 80's. See his other books on his website.
In his words from Tim Wyllie's website: " If, through my work, I can help open a person's inner eyes and ears to the vast, populated and magnificent Multiverse in which we all find ourselves, then it all will have been worthwhile. 

"The Helianx Proposition"
 ... a cosmic fable, a creation myth that floated down to me one late night in 1979 in an unbroken six-hour stretch of writing."  He has taken his gift and put them into form in page after page of beautiful art and magnificent script. It is a truly delightful creation which you will enjoy.

Listen to a 5 part interview on You Tube from the late 80's on a program called "Beyond Reason". Solid work then and now.   
Dolphins Angels ETs & LSD: Timothy Wyllie
          Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.          Henry David Thoreau
This is an interesting woman. I'm not big on believing that many people are "enlightened" and I have no idea if Gangaji really is, nor do I care. She is a great teacher, holds the energy for others and that is a great way to spend your life.

Here is what the photographer who took this picture and knows her thinks of her (a good place to start is with others who are willing to speak about these gurus). Enjoy..... and if you are drawn to her light, enjoy her even more through her writings and satsangs.

   Here is Gangaji's Own Website 
I was angry for a long time at the hypocrisy of spiritual teachers, naively expecting more from them....but at this point I have finally given up expecting people not to be just people despite their talents.  Einstein said it clearly ..."Two things are infinite: The universe and human stupidity; And I'm not sure about the universe." -- Albert Einstein
...and understanding this helped me give up, take what comes, change what I can and not be too surprised or deeply wounded by the insanities people do each other. It sucks and I don't "accept it lovingly", but we must keep on the ups and downs of our own evolutionary path and not lose the joy of exploration of Self's many gifts. SK
Sadhguru is doing a bang up job with his INNER ENGINEERING courses. It you watch him on a zillions videos on Youtube, you will see why. He's a man of our times, full of common sense and he's damn good at getting the basics we have lost across. Detractors? Sure. But who cares. We're all hypocrites so we have to accept it and learn everywhere and from everything. Sadhguru is a fabulous and entertaining teacher. (His English is stellar, but wait until you hear the cute way he says "thorns".)

Welcome GW Baker
Move over, "Inner Search" 
Here's a deep field whose time has MORE than come.

Not enough evolutionary time has passed for us to have developed the specifics of our hominoid qualities. We've had help!   It's not really a big stretch to consider that we were genetically manipulated to become the creatures we are! 
 I have had personal experiences that connected me to ancient myths. Instead of telling you my own stories of why I see human life on Earth through this filter, I'm going to let those who have spent massive time researching these subjects speak.  They have pulled together all the info that I read about for 35 years. This makes it EASY for you to catch up in a very short time if you are really interested. You can't fathom how lucky you are to have this info at your fingertips, so USE IT! Spread the word. Talk about these issues around the H2O fountain. Don't end up "living lives of quiet desperation", as the old saying goes. 

The Truth Behind the Scenes   
Here is a clear overview of all things Alien and UFO on a super website 
dedicated to giving you key info quickly and succinctly.

The Ancient Alien TV Series 
This History Channel 2 series in its third season is a gift to you if you have an inquiring mind and a bold spirit (and find 60 BILLION galaxies enough to blow your mind open).  The consulting producer for the Ancient Alienseries is the creative and personable Giorgio Tsoukalos  (who is my favorite). His energy and delight about the subjects are palpable. Look, you get a chance to learn this detailed field(s) the easy and fun way. You wouldn't have read all the books so how lucky you are to be able to learn through videos.  
The way the society of today explains almost everything is just plain constrained by the societal need to stop freedom of thought. Our true intrigue with who we really are would cause the churches and banks to crack at the seams. But come on!  Religious "beiefs" are more wacky than anything alien theorists proport.  

Ancient Aliens will give you an overview of what schools don't touch. These folks have spent their whole lives opening doorways you will never find in the text books. Besides, it's FASCINATING and your life probably needs a lot more diversity to optomize your starseed, stardust genetic code.


We're all sleeping-slaves REPEATEDLY trying to WAKE UP  (since we fall back to sleep without awareness and only wake up sporatically and momentarily).   Because of our present condition, a slave-beginning makes a lot of sense to me.   Since the Milky Way Galaxy has 200 to 400 billion stars and the entire Universe may have upwards of 500 billion galaxies ...each of which has hundreds of billions of stars..... can't you accept that we know nothing!! Come on. Get a grip on reality. We're a tiny bit of stardust and just at the beginning of understanding what that means.  So get excited and stop worrying about your everyday bullshit. Just fix it and MOVE ON to greater world views. 

Modern day UFO information brings the past into the present..... and their footprint is everywhere.....

Roswell ... and more depth work about Roswell   

AREA 51 
another good site about  Area 51
Hanger 18 at AREA 51

WRIGHT FIELD (now renamed Wright-Patterson).

Above Top Secret  

Bob Lazar and the endless possibilities for Area 51.

All the links on the two side bars, this entire page and the two pages below, will give you an overwhelming amount of evidence to unravel the endless mystery of 

DMT - the Spirt Molecule  
Read HERE    and HERE    and HERE

and at long last, New Age uncovered...
Giorgio Tsoukalos from the Ancient Alien TV Series in its Third Season now. He's a high  energy and potent force behind the series.
Zecharia Sitchen whose unique focus on the Ancient Sumarians and the Annunaki, brought interest to this field. .....his books have been translated into 25 languages.

Alieneight is all about aliens and UFOs. They do a good job covering all aspects of alien encounters... which stories could be true.... and which are just plain imagination. 
Click here to add text.
WATCH this amazing TV show on the BIO Channel on Sunday nights.   Or watch it on line here:   CLICK HERE
and their effect on/relationship to humans

They actually did a great job on this subject. Click HERE
                  UFO's (up to date Aliens/Time Travelers)
Erich von Daniken   In the United States, Erich von Däniken won instant fame as a result of the television special "In Search of Ancient Astronauts," based upon his 1993 book.
THE LATEST ANCIENT ALIEN SERIES includes. "Aliens and the Creation of Man"  An hour of catching up with 50,000 years.
If you're honest with yourself, this makes sense. It may be wrong, but it makes more sense than the official story of rapie evolution from our ape cousins. There have always been GIANT holes in all the explanations we have been given for the Creation Stories from the Bible/Koran/mythologies all over the world. What do they REALLY MEAN?  This will answer some of your questions and put the puzzle together if you want to know. Dump the old confusions and reorient yourself to sensible learnings.
Ancient Alien Series 
Watch the whole series at Watch TV On Line
The only problem with a site like this is they want you to make them your default browser and search engine. 
I don't know about that. I think Youtube will have to do.
Any way you do it, don't miss any of them... especially "The Time Travelers".
Aliens and the Creation of Man 
The Greys
FULL Episode-The Return
Captured Alien Being Interviewed
Secret Leaked Documents of Roswell Entity
 2012 The Big Picture:
From this site:

"Most people won't believe any of this, I'm sure. It seems too incredible.  No "reasonable" person would ever believe a word of it. However, it only seems "incredible" to an IS-BE whose memory has ben erased an replace with false information inside the electronically controlled illusion of a prison planet. We must not allow the apparent incredibility of our situation to prevent us from confronting the reality of it.
In 1947 the Army Revealed that it found a Flying Disk on a Ranch in New Mexico- Click HERE to see newspaper article.
Get the book on this site:  CLICK HERE
Here's the BOOK
I  can give my teachings in brief;   I can teach in detail;    It is those who understand that are hard to find .        ...The Buddah
The Christopher Bledsoe Sr.'s story came to my attention on tv a few years ago and I liked him immediately. A good old southern boy from Fayetteville, N.C.(who had no reason to make anything up to get publicity he didn't want), Christopher immediately got my personal vote as one of the most credible, charming and genuine abductees to come forward with their story. He didn't feel like an ego-centered, publicity seeking delusional.   His heart has been cracked open by his experiencer and his whole family's lives have been changed.... deepened..... on levels it's not easy to explain to those who shy away from such life-altering awarenesses. But if you are reading this, it would make sense that you are already on a quest for "truths" greater than the lies we are fed in this twisted reality they call "real life".
Christopher Bledsoe came to Gorham, Maine to speak at an Experiencers Speak full day conference on Sept. 8, 2012. The speakers were intelligent, varied and very interesting. Bledsoe, however, was (for me), the most compelling and emotionally satisfying. His story is fascinating and he tells it well. He is still deeply moved by an experience which occurred in 2003. The energy is still vibrant.  So thank you, Chris, for coming up to meet us and share your deep humanity. Your experiences are an inspiration for all who meet you and your life has only just begun to expand..

If forces don't grab you and change you like an alien experience does, you get messages guidance and meet the right people to change your life anyway. There are as many roads as there are beings. Each is varied.  This beautiful young woman shows one of them straight up. These are the types of experiences that the forces of societal oppression want to keep hidden from us. They want Nature's pharmacy for themselves. These are the drugs they want to use for their own type of mind control. If we all did our own forms of exploration with Nature as our guide, (besides freeing young and old alike), we wouldn't need their pharma drugs . Less money and power for them. A beautiful life for us. 
Ayahuasca 1st Experience Explained
Ayahuasca Changed My Life
Here are example of  Retrerats with native shamas in authentic  Ayahuasca Experiences

For me, this is the most exciting site on the net. 

It's truly amazing because the biblioteca pleyades takes the esoteric elements that I briefly link on this website and they go deeply, profoundly and also broadly into each of the elements. You want to know who you are???? Spend some time on this Italian-created library that pulls together thousands of pages of the depth issues of our expanded view of the Universe and our place(s) in it.  (This fabulous site is in English and Spanish with some Italian translations.) 
This is the MISSION STATEMENT.  Look on the right side of the page for English. 
This is the INDEX. Click on a field of interest and keep going deeper and deeper. Amazing work.
If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you; but if you really make them think, they'll hate you. 
Don Marquis

 A scientist has investigated UFO's etc. for 30 years.

 UFO Crash Retrievals
by Linda Moulton Howe
 Linda Moulton Howe's
 “This is as super secret a situation as the Manhattan Project was.
Nobody is supposed to know this place even exists. ...This thing is some
kind of power generator and it’s thousands of years old, it’s made out of
stone like a pyramid. They don’t know where it came from, who made it
or how it works. But it can generate enough power to power the whole
North Slope, all of Alaska, and probably the whole country of Canada!”

- USAF Huey pilot to Bruce Pearson's father
A pyramid twice the size of Cheops--buried near Mount McKinley in Alaska. Read the original source

Read about this on Whitley and Anne Strieber's website

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"... What was said was that culture is the shockwave of eschatology. Nothing is unannounced. This is like a weird quality of experience, you can't learn this from physics or economics (maybe you ca learn it from economics.) Nothing is unannounced. Everything is preceded by the shockwave of its coming. So somehow the spreading zaniness of reality is part of the boundary-dissolving qualities that are going to make up this new cultural mix of disembodied human beings, nanotechnologically-maintained environments dissolving self-definitions people living at many levels at the same time; intelligence as a kind of free-flowing nonlocal resource that comes and goes as needed; prosthesis, implant, boundary dissolution -- these things are usually presented as fairly terrifying. But in fact I think behind it all lurks, you know,  the demons who do calisthenics in the angles of every room on this planet to keep it all from collapsing into a flat line." -- Terrance McKenna (1946 - 2000)
Click here to add text.

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Terrance McKenna
Culture is Your Operating System -  A few minutes of Terrance.
The question comes down to: How do you upgrade your own OS?  Some easy downloads that will run the new software are psilocybin, ayahuasca, DMT... to name just a few.  Listen to Terrance explain the flaws of our current Operating System and give those of you who are on the fence a vision of why this bugged OS we live with just won't do. Goodness knows I've yammered about this enough. Terrance might kick your doors open if they are ajar, creaky, sticky or rusted.
Listen to ALAN WATTS on DEATH, 
The VOID, and MORE about The "Real You".

     Supporting Document to read HERE
 June Crain talks about Roswell. She was an office manager 
 and knew many details that she could not have known had she not been there.
AMMA - the Hugging Saint
Just check this out and if your         responds, go get a hug. Amma comes to North America 2 times a year. Here is her 2013 SCHEDULE.
When asked, in 2002, to what extent she thought her embraces helped the ills of the world, Amritanandamayi replied, "I don’t say I can do it 100 percent. Attempting to change the world [completely] is like trying to straighten the curly tail of a dog. But society takes birth from people. So by affecting individuals, you can make changes in the society and, through it, in the world. You cannot change it, but you can make changes. The fight in individual minds is responsible for the wars. So if you can touch people, you can touch the world.
Look at what happened in one short year. 
In addition to his busy life,Giorgio met the beautiful and charming Lexi, got married... and came to Monsterpalooza.  It was great seeing both of them!

PDF of the 
“Those who pretend to be the experts in their own field of expertise 
are often the least knowledgeable on the subject.”
DownSize to Thrive
This series of books will not be the the first choice for most people in their path toward understanding their "true selves". They are only for the few  who find themselves drawn to reading them because it's a totally different take on "reality". Supposedly written to get past your mind and into your emotions, the writing is nerve-wracking for those of us who focus on style, grammar and syntax. I have included these books because they have deeply affected thousands of people all over the world who are drawn to this alternative story of Creation. These folks use them as the basis for changing their lives for the better, even though it seems to take them as long as it takes anyone else to move through their "stuff".  There is no clear methodology in these books to help the devotees understand HOW to really do the work of consciousness raising. Other channelers and transpersonal psychologist are working with "The Books" to help the devotees learn what to do to use the information. One such website is The God Channel

The basis of The 8 Books of The Right Use of Will are explained in brief here....The first book is about Healing the Emotions by Releasing Judgments and learning to take full responsibility for reengaging with yourself, with honesty, devotion to the truth and ultimately getting back to the self love we abandoned through the metaprogramming of our world. It's a very different read, designed to circumvent the programming, but happily, the channel herself has written a book which may very well help explain HOW to do the work. Here is the info on her book: 
Written by Ceanne DeRohan, Feelings Matter, is not 
channeled like the Right Use of Will Series. From the 
website about the book: "Although Feelings Matter 
is not part of the Right Use of Will series, it contains the 
same basic concepts applied to our brain development, 
our health and our ability to function in our daily lives.
Anyone you wanted to give a copy of Right Use of Will, 
but didn't think they would accept the information, can
 read this, because the same basic concepts are all 
backed up now with science. so read about Ceanne's  book here.
True freedom from within that will sustain you during difficult times necessitates remembering that NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS..If you can relate to this perspective of Life as "Liberation", then you can release yourself from being bound by judgments, comparisons or opinions. You can be free. It's up to you to work through your programming.

From Arica Training, Oscar Ichazo says:......
...(what) a student feels is the reversing of the attitude about his world. What we call the waking state becomes the dream state and what we call the dream state becomes the waking state. A student becomes aware of different spaces and different realities which are more real than this reality. and remember... enlightenment is something which comes in several stages and degrees. It means to feel consciousness as being the root of our life, our existence, everything. 

Expanding your consciousness allows for rapid learning and will give you peace very quickly in almost any situation. Try on this opposite: 
A.)You are the only person who exists on the entire Planet. Certainly the only one whom you can truly change.
B.)At the same time, we are ALL ONE BEING and totally interconnected, so when one person changes, everything else changes energetically as well.

On an energetic level (which is all there really is), you can affect the Whole only by changing your Own Self. That is where the power resides. 
 Let the Wise Ones remaining tell us their story: In Search of the Future. What Do the Wise Ones Know?  


As we realize, often quite sadly:The tremendous value of  "Knowing Who We Really Are" doesn't fully compensate for the need to pay bills IF we aren't fully off the grid. (Unless you are a bretharian, of course. ) For me, it's "either move to the land,  till the soil and live in a yurt....or keep up this website."  I have chosen the latter as my job in the physical world this time around. So thank you very much for your support and for spreading the word about DownSize to Thrive.
Mark Passio cuts through the shams on all levels.
His work is focused on helping us DO THE WORK.
​Listen to Mark Passio talk about 'force'  for the truth, for the "Great Work"..... how to  break through the resistance of peoples' own willful ignorance. 
All of LOBSANG RAMPA's BOOKS on line for FREE
Bone up on your esoteric possibilities with Rampa.
KUNDALINI - A Modern View.  Great site!
Since there are few materialistic "carrots" coming down the road to sustain the old free-spending lifestyle, "simplicity" has taken on new meaning. "Finding oneself" has become a necessity and raising your consciousness has now become a survival imperative. When under real pressure, the human alters his awareness to match the conditions for survival. Perception is reality. This is what the author, Dan Millman, has to say about our state of happiness:   I think enlightenment is as enlightenment does.  It’s not some subjective internal state of feeling good all the time and feeling free. It’s how you behave and that’s our human maturity.”
The fundamental issue of YOUR TRUE SELF  is: Are you ready
 to strive for a higher level of awareness as a Way of Life?
Visionary writers have come forward for thousands of years, seeing what is possible and telling us about it.
10 Simple Principles of 
Spiritual Awakening....
THE GLASS BEAD GAME - dedicated to Hesse
Read the BOOK by Hermann Hesse too.
Wilhelm Reich knew: LOVE, WORK & KNOWLEDGE.  He knew the formula but since he was lover of Truth, they jailed him for living correctly.