The Nantucket Bagg is a perfect DownSize to Thrive product suggestion because it simplifies, organizes and its foundation rests on "creativity".   It's multi-purpose, well made and reasonably priced.  It organizes a woodworker, gardener, artist, dancer,  craftsperson,  the avid knitter, scrapbooking, or a mom with a multipurpose life!  Both sizes have straps that can be resized for carrying, or for wearing the bag in backpack mode.

The Nantucket Bagg is convertible AND reversible, constructed of heavy-duty canvas duck with a durable zipper and double-head pull, and is extremely durable. The canvas bag stands about 16" tall by 12" wide, making it a perfect size to transport your supplies. Turn it inside out, zip it up, and the tool pockets are now on the outside of the bag.

There’s bright colors in the smaller polyester version and a popular black as well.  Sturdy and compact, from the thick rope on the canvas bag to the high quality rigid canvas and tough poly, this is a bag(g) that is well-conceived and meticulously crafted. It is MORE than easily worth its price tag. 
The Nantucket Bagg 
   Useful, Creative & MORE than Affordable
Enjoy the video of Charlie 
transforming his creation.

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 I did it!    My brainchild is: "The only bag in the world that zips open so you can find what's inside." 

        " It's PERSPICACITY! "

At last, here is magnesium that circumvents the digestive system, giving direct relief to the body's many cravings for this vital mineral. Over 300 body functions depend upon magnesium.  First read this article and then order from the website listed at the bottom of this box. Magnesium is a GENIUS and we all ALL DEPLEATED.   

Here is the short story of this great product: DermaMag™ is created from magnesium chloride from the ancient Zechstein Sea. Their proprietary formula dramatically improves the transdermal magnesium absorption. No daily drinks for take. This is an ultra-pure magnesium lotion that far surpasses any other type of Zechstein magnesium product available today.

DermaMag™ magnesium oil is a revolutionary daily magnesium supplement absorbed through the skin. It is the highest quality magnesium chloride oil available today. One hundred percent natural and contaminant free, it can be sprayed on the skin, or used in a bath to deliver high doses of magnesium for rapid absorption.
DermaMag™ magnesium oil solves the problems that riddle most magnesium supplements available today: poor absorption and unhealthy contaminants.

Click here or on the magazine to read a great article about magnesium and this fantastic product in particular.
"Medicinal mushrooms are on the horizon of major medical breakthroughs. Health articles around the globe state that recent testing is confirming what has been long known by Traditional Chinese Medicine, that medicinal mushrooms contain powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, and some even anti-tumor and anti-cancer compounds. The National Health Institute is even funding some of the screening."
Newsweek Magazine in an article titled "The Magic of Mushrooms" 

Siberian Chaga is one of natures oldest medicinal herbs. As with many potent natural products, some have touted it as "The Medicinal King of Herbs".  Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have used Chaga for centuries for general health, longevity and beauty and as a remedy for many serious health conditions. 

Chaga Mushroom draws its nutrients from  living birch trees, since it grows directly on the trunk of the trees. Read more about the amazing properties of Chaga mushrooms here.

Siberian Chaga contains an extraordinary amount of SOD (Super oxide dismutase) antioxidants that absorb free radicals and neutralize them before they can damage body tissue cells. Chaga contains 25-50 times more SOD antioxidants than other medicinal mushrooms.
"CHAGA BRAND"  by Drs. Jacobs
                 CHAGA Mushrooms ... "The Magic of Mushrooms" 
Lilac and Dark Purple
Cream and Navy 
Midnight Black
Robin's Egg Blue and Sunshine
Dark Chocolate and Coffee
Pink and Lime
(See bagg colors below)
              (from left to right)
Lilac and Dark Purple
Cream and Navy 
Midnight Black
Robin's Egg Blue and Sunshine
Dark Chocolate and Coffee
Pink and Lime   
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This is the canvas bagg with 36 pockets
These are the waterproof polyester baggs with 30 pockets

Dr. Dattenberg's 
Maine Bluebird Condos 
Invite bluebirds to nest near your home using these Dr. Dattenberg beauties.

Dr. Dattenberg's Maine birdhouses are so "cunning" (that's a Maine expression)  that we had to bring them to you.  Dr. Dattenberg is a master at fashioning freeforms for our feathered friends. These darling houses are enticing for bluebirds to roost in your yard. Their one-of-a-kind nature-based designs cater specifically to bluebirds, offering a convenient roost and significant overhangs to shield the home from rain.  A 1.5" diameter entrance hole is the specific size required and the roost spacing prevents predators from reaching into the entrance hole from the roof.  

The natural wood construction and durable hardware will withstand many years of weathering. Each house has an trap door opening in the back for cleaning and holes for easy hanging. Individual homes will vary in appearance in terms of shape, knots, grain, and color. These are what make the Dattenberg houses so special and the variations do not effect the usage or structural integrity of the home.   Let us know what style you prefer and we will come as close as possible when filling your order.  Each Dattenberg condo is priced at only $29.95 plus 8.95 USPS shipping. Their website will be us soon. I'll keep you posted.
Fat Boy
La Femme
          NOTE:  WHEN YOU ORDER ON THEIR WEBSITE please don't forget to put 
DownSize to Thrive in the appropriate referral box. They have a referral program and if I get an extra bottle,  I give to seniors who can't afford them..... so this "magnesium gifting" depends upon how many of you order your liquid magnesium using the DownSize to Thrive name . Since magnesium is VITAL and this magnesium product is revolutionary, we all "win", especially the growing number of people who can't afford expensive "natural health substances".  Drop me a quick note when you order on their site.  [email protected] 
CliDr. Jacobs' Super Antioxidant Soap has been gathered and made in Maine from start to finish and contains naturally occurring medicinal compounds that are much higher in antioxidants than 99% of the well known antioxidant drinks and skin care products. The compounds in this soap are also great at fighting bacteria. Dr. Jacobs is a real person and he not only harvested the ingredients in the woods of Maine, he also manufactured this soap himself. This is the real deal. We recommend that you try the soap on your hands before using it on your face. Like with any skin care product there is an unlikely chance that your skin is sensitive to the ingredients. If you would like to order this powerful yet gentle soap or ask a question, email  Dr. Max and let him know Downsize to Thrive sent you.[email protected]here to add text.
                          MAGNESIUM - Governs 300 Body Functions
Dr. Max on Chaga Safari

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Dr. Max
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